Saturday, September 25, 2010


By David Gardner

These are the maps that show the racial breakdown of America’s biggest cities.
Using information from the latest U.S. census results, the maps show the extent to which America has blended together the races in the nation’s 40 largest cities.

With one dot equalling 25 people, digital cartographer Eric Fischer then colour-coded them based on race, with whites represented by pink, blacks by blue, Hispanic by orange and Asians by green.

The resulting maps may not represent what many might expect Barack Obama’s integrated rainbow nation to look like, as many cities have clear racial dividing lines.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


An Open Letter Opposing the Pledge for America, by Barack Obama
The Looking Spoon ^ | 9-23-10 | Jared H. McAndersen

What if....


Dear America,

I write to you today to urge you to reject the Republican's Pledge for America. First off, whats this "for America" garbage? That's not very it? What gives? Where's the self worship? Did they not learn anything from me? I put the ME in Amercia!

There's also no personality behind it. For crying out loud I made women swoon for CHANGE (they didn't know I actually meant bus fare, but whatever).

That said here are a few reasons you need to reject the Pledge for America.

First off, it's only 21 pages long, how do you fit change into 21 freakin' pages? My health care bill totally kicks its ass. I swear its like the only thing wimpier in paper than the this pledge is that Declaration of Independence

They want to stop TARP? What the hell is TARP? I thought we called it TARD...

I think its really wrong to try to put caps on spending after all government reports have already said I'm going to take the debt to $20 trillion. Think about all of the people who worked hard to prepare those reports....we're going to make liars out of them. (Take it from me, nobody likes a liar)

Why should laws need constitutional authority? Why should a constitution have anything to do with the laws we write? Furthermore, what is a constitution anyway?

There's nothing about absorbing terrorist attacks, at least I have a dang sponge.<----(psst!)

I'm pretty sure they'll get us all killed if they impose harsh sanctions on Iran? Besides, we can't even get a grip on stopping Fox News.

Do we really have to take 3 days to read a bill? Pssh! It took more time to print my copy of ObamaCare

Speaking of ObamaCare they'll repeal that over my death paneled body.

So there you have it America. I strongly suggest you consider these reasons, and by "strongly" I mean "don't make me get all Orwell up in here!" (Michelle came up with that one)


President Barack Obama

Oh yeah and God Bless Americcccccaaaaaa...GREAT! I just gacked all over my brand new golf balls. Thanks a lot America!


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Interesting scenarios! 

The self-styled "bearded Communist" Democrat Candidate for Senate from Delaware has been given a pass for his background but Republican  candidate Christine O'Donnell gets slammed by everyohe for a brief dalliance with school friends - when she was 17-years old - and explored witchcraft. Without ever joining a coven (group of witches).

But they give their witch in chief - no not Pelosi - a pass by not mentioning something which was posted on this site back in March this year but similarly to 20-years of listening to Reverend Wright and never hearing him say anything bad about America:

Obama Mom-In-Law Practicing Witchcraft?

"For someone, who till a dozen days or so ago had a pagan New Orleans Voodon adherent on his staff and whose mother-in-law allegedly practises some similar religion/rites in the family quarters, he should know full well the powerful call of spilled innocent blood for revenge.

 As if it were news to him, Obama, the Moslem - BlackLiberty "Christian"  -  Communist Atheist - under fire on every aspect of his spiritual beliefs suddenly "finds out" his wife's mother is a Santeria/Voodoon practitioner.

Marian Robinson (MIchelle's mother)

Barack Obama is reportedly steaming mad after learning that his mother-in-law is openly practicing Santeria in the White House.

72-year-old Marian Robinson, who lives in the White House and looks after Obama brats Sasha and Malia, began practicing the Afro-Hispanic witchcraft in the late 1980′s to help her ailing husband, who was crippled from multiple sclerosis.

Robinson took him “to ceremonies where they did spells and trances, and sacrificed animals, chickens and goats,” which upset Michelle, a close friend reports. “But Marian was desperate and kept going anyway, even when her husband was to sick to go with her.” Michelle never brought up the incidents after her father passed away in 1993.

The friend says Robinson is now afraid for her health and recently invited an old friend with whom she practiced Santeria to the White House. Michelle is said to have “flipped” when she saw the woman.

Michelle & Mom
Obama “is quite upset about this on two different levels. First, he is a committed Christian, no matter what his critics say about Reverend Wright. He is adamant that Sasha and Malia be raised with Christian influences. He does not want them to be involved with African voodoo. And secondly, he is worried about the political fallout if his enemies get wind of this. Rev. Wright was bad enough, but this would be political suicide,” a close friend of Michelle’s confided.

Obama reportedly has told Michelle that her mother will have to go back to Chicago if she does not “stop this witchcraft mumbo-jumbo immediately” and ordered the Secret Service to not allow Marian’s friend to return to the White House.

Hurts his standing with devout Moslems!

Thursday, September 16, 2010



Very interesting -- the University is standing by their professor and not bowing down to special interest groups!
Professor Wichman E-mail
Claim: A Michigan professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country.
Status: True.

The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indred Wichman.

Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association.

The e-mail was in response to the students' protest of the Danish cartoons that portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist.

The group had complained the cartoons were 'hate speech.'

Enter Professor Wichman.
In his e-mail, he said the following:

Dear Muslim Association,

As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest.

I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like:
beheadings of civilians,
cowardly attacks on public buildings,
suicide murders,
murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey),
burnings of Christian churches,
the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt,
the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims,
the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women (called 'whores' in your culture),
the murder of film directors in Holland,
and the rioting and looting in Paris France.

This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and many, many of my colleagues.

I counsel you dissatisfied, aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Muslims to be very aware of this as you proceed with your infantile 'protests.'

If you do not like the values of the West - see the First Amendment - you are free to leave.

I hope for God's sake that most of you choose that option.

Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.

I. S. Wichman
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

As you can imagine, the Muslim group at the university didn't like this too well.

They're demanding that Wichman be reprimanded, that the university impose mandatory diversity training for faculty, and mandate a seminar on hate and discrimination for all freshmen.

Now, the local chapter of CAIR has jumped into the fray.

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, apparently doesn't believe that the good professor had the right to express his opinion.
For its part, the university is standing its ground in support of Professor Wichman, saying the e-mail was private, and they don't intend to publicly condemn his remarks.
Send this to your friends, and ask them to do the same. Tell them to keep passing it around until the whole country gets it. We are in a war.

This political correctness crap is getting old and killing us.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Parsing even worse than Bill Clinton on "depends on what 'is' is.... Obama insists we are not at war with Islam but with Al Qaeda and those who distort Islam. What nonsense! The fact that all those "admitted" enemies are all Moslems is irrelevant? Just because al Qaeda is out to remove his Moslem King of Saudi Arabia, allows him to mislead and misdirect by tagging them but not other followers of violent Islam?

What  religion of peace!??

Imam Rauf: (paraphrased) Let me build my Ground Zero mosque, give me New York tax payer funds to do it or I will sic my hordes of evil lslamists at you. Here in America and around the world. Be afraid, be very afraid not to do as I demand. I do NOT care that 70% of New Yorkers or 68% of all Americans do NOT want this mosque built on Ground Zero.

Be afraid of defying me and Islam, for my fellow Moslems will rise and strike you  Americans down, burn and pillage your businesses around the world, kill as they did with the Mohammad cartoons - but even worse than that.

Don't you dare burn any Korans just because we burn your flag and your churches and your Christians alive inside them. Violent Jihad is a tenet of Islam so opposing it's violence is a hate crime and we want the USA to punish all who dare to do this.

How dare you disagree with  the clearly OFFENSIVE demands of Islam? Do so at your peril. You know we have millions of radicals, mostly superstitious, illiterate, who will cause you great pain for this impudence! Surrender and shut up. Or else! Who cares that Islamists killed so many people and Ground Zero has become sacred ground for America.

(Bloody splotches of people who jumped to their deaths on 9/11 certainly make this hallowed ground - below).

Here's some background that the piss-stream media will never tell you.

Courtesy BobP

Let's look overseas: Hamas, which is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has been formally designated a terrorist organization under our law for many years. According to its charter, Hamas's purpose is to create an Islamic Palestinian state by eliminating Israel through violent jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood explained in an internal memorandum that their work in the United States was as a 'grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.' The Brotherhood said its tactic would be to 'sabotage.'

The 1991 memorandum elaborates that every city should have an 'axis' and 'perimeter' from which this jihad-by-sabotage strategy is headquartered. That axis will be known as 'the Islamic Center.' Islamic centers are to become 'the 'base' for our rise, the memo says. They are to be the focal point of education, preparation, and the 'supply of our battalions.'

Battalions are small cells of fighters. In Muslim Brotherhood ideology it is assumed that, at a certain mature point, when Muslim forces are strong enough, violent jihad will be effective. And Islamists prepare for it. Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, has proclaimed that 'dawa', the stealth form of jihad, is the method by which Islam will 'conquer America' and 'conquer Europe.'

The Saudis have been underwriting the Brotherhood's dawa efforts for decades.

Islam has three sacred texts: Koran, Sira, and Hadith, or the Islamic Trilogy. The Sira is Mohammed's biography. The Hadith are his traditions -- what he did and said. Sira and Hadith form the Sunna, the perfect pattern of all Islamic behavior.

The Koran is the smallest of the three books, also called the Trilogy. It is only 16% of the Trilogy text. The Sunna is 84%. Most of the Islamic doctrine is about Mohammed, not Allah (religion?). The Koran says 91 different times that Mohammed's is the perfect pattern of life. It is easy to understand a biography about a man. To know Islam, know Mohammed.

It turns out that jihad occurs in large proportion in all three texts. The Sira devotes 67% of its text to jihad. Mohammed averaged an event of violence every six weeks for the last nine years of his life. Jihad was what made Mohammed successful.

Mohammed was a preacher of religion, Islam grew at the rate of ten new Muslims per year. But when he turned to jihad, Islam grew at an average rate of ten thousand per year.

All the details of how to wage jihad are recorded in great detail. The Koran gives the great vision of jihad -- world conquest by the political process. The Sira is a strategic manual, and the Hadith is a tactical manual, of jihad.

When we count the magnitude of words devoted to political violence, we have 327,547 words in the Trilogy and 34,039 words in the Hebrew Bible. The Trilogy has 9.6 times as much wordage devoted to political violence as the Hebrew Bible.

The political violence of the Koran is eternal and universal. The political violence of the Bible was for that particular historical time and place. This is the vast difference between Islam and other ideologies.

The violence remains a constant threat to all non-Islamic cultures, now and into the future. Islam is not analogous to Christianity and Judaism in any practical way. Beyond the one-god doctrine, Islam is unique unto itself.


Thursday, September 09, 2010


By Abigail Klein Leichman

The same bacteria that make your sweaty socks smell are responsible for some 1.7 million hospital-associated infections in the US alone. An Israeli antibacterial fabric may offer a solution.

In hospitals, fabric bred bacteria gain a foothold through wounds or catheters.
What makes sweaty socks smell? It's not the moisture; it's the bacteria that grow in the damp fabric. If you could alter or banish those microbes, you could wear sweaty socks for a week without offending anyone.

Israeli Prof. Aharon Gedanken's success with antibacterial socks, a product intended for Israeli soldiers that never made it to market, may hold the key to addressing what is actually a global healthcare concern.

The fact is, fabric-bred bacteria aren't just a smelly problem. They are also responsible for hospital-acquired infections affecting nearly nine percent of patients in both developed and resource-poor countries, according to the World Health Organization. That translates to some 1.7 million hospital-associated infections in the United States - causing or contributing to 99,000 deaths each year - and 25,000 infection-related deaths in European hospitals. Most often, the bacteria gain a foothold through wounds or foreign bodies such as catheters.

Locking-in the antibacterial nanoparticles

A multinational consortium headed by Gedanken recently won a 12 million-euro grant from the European Union (EU) for manufacturing machines in Europe that will more quickly roll out fabric impregnated with zinc oxide nanoparticles to make antibacterial hospital sheets, curtains, gowns, towels - anything that is made of textiles for hospital use.

"This is a novelty, and we are negotiating with some big companies," says Gedanken, director of the Kanbar Laboratory for Nanomaterials at the Bar-Ilan University Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) Gedanken created an innovative chemical process that reduces zinc oxide, a gentle but effective natural substance often used to combat diaper rash, into microscopic nanoparticles.

He is coordinating a four-year consortium of 17 textile manufacturers, universities, and government agencies in England, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland working to perfect a technique to coat and mass produce antibacterial fabric.

"Many others have tried to coat textiles with antibacterial materials, but after washing, everything is removed," Gedanken explains to ISRAEL21c. "Our technique deposits the nanoparticles in such a way that you can wash the textiles in a hospital washing machine in keeping with regulations about temperature and number of cycles, and they still retain the particles."

Two machines are now under construction, one in France to install in Italy, and one in Russia to install in Romania. According to the terms of the EU grant, all partners meet periodically to discuss their progress and plan the next steps.

Cures for viruses, fungi and acne

"We started with a patent for the coating process," says Gedanken, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry and did post-doctoral work at the University of Southern California. "Ultrasonic waves go through the [zinc oxide] solution, and the bubbles created in the liquid collapse and form microjets that move at very high speed. These microjets take the newly created nanoparticles and swirl them onto the fabric at such a high speed that they are embedded so strongly you cannot remove them by washing. I guarantee that nanoparticles will not get into the waste water."

Tests performed using a small prototype machine made by Gedanken show that the nanoparticles remain embedded after 70 cycles of washing in a hospital washer.

"A billion-dollar US corporation is interested in our project," he reveals: "Over the years, they had about 20 [inventors] claiming to have a material that would kill bacteria and not wash out, but they all failed the test. This company is now examining our samples."

Gedanken, a 1965 graduate of Bar-Ilan, has published more than 550 scientific papers, was awarded a Minerva Fellowship, and was a visiting scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories for several years during the 1980s and at the US National Institutes of Health in the summers of 1989, 1990, and 1991. In 2009, he won the Edwards Prize of the Israel Vacuum Society for excellence in scientific research.

His 30-person laboratory at BINA has a number of grant-funded projects underway, ranging from novel ways to produce biodiesel to new treatments for acne. His research in nanoparticles also includes identifying anti-viral and anti-fungal substances.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


For Immediate Release: - 09/04/2010
For Further Information Contact:
Philip J. Berg, Esquire
555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
Cell (610) 662-3005
(610) 825-3134
(800) 993-PHIL [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659

The Obama Birth Certificate / Eligibility / ObamaCare Rally in Washington will be

Saturday, October 23, 2010
U.S. Capitol – West Front

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 09/04/10) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States stated that “WE THE PEOPLE” by and through Philip J. Berg and is sponsoring the OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE / ELIGIBILITY/ OBAMACARE Rally in Washington on Saturday, October 23, 2010 – 12 Noon to 4:00 p.m. at U.S. Capitol – West Front.

Berg was at the Glen Beck Rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, August 28th for the purpose of handing out flyers regarding his October 23rd Obama Rally. Berg said, “I was overwhelmed at the number of people who recognized me, coming over to me and thanking me for my efforts in leading to expose Obama/Soetoro for the imposter he is and the biggest ‘Hoax’ in the history of our country, over 234 years. And it was amazing the positive response I received when people were grabbing at the flyers I was handing out when I said, ‘Obama, not a natural born citizen and Constitutionally ineligible to be President.’ I personally gave out 3,000 flyers in two [2] hours, while other volunteers also gave out flyers.”

The OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE / ELIGIBILITY/ OBAMACARE Rally in Washington, D.C. is for the purpose of exposing Soetoro/Obama and demanding that he proves that he is “Constitutionally eligible” to be President, or for the benefit of the 308 million citizens of the United States, to resign from office.

All individuals participating are requested to bring a copy of their Birth Certificate so all can hold them in the air while Obama/Soetoro who recently said he cannot keep wearing his Birth Certificate on his forehead when responding to a question by NBC Brian Williams, although Obama/Soetoro has spent over $1.6 million in fighting all lawsuits regarding his status and not producing his Birth Certificate.

The crucial issues regarding Obama, the “IMPOSTER”, continue to grow. However, the most important issue is Obama not being Constitutionally eligible to be President: 1) not being “natural born” being born in Mombasa, Kenya; and 2) even more important the fact that Obama was “adopted” or legally “acknowledged” by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and his school record in Indonesia indicates the “Imposter’s” name is “Barry Soetoro”, his nationality being “Indonesia” and his religion being “Islam”. Obama, the Imposter’s legal name is “Barry Soetoro”. Obama must be stopped ! WE THE PEOPLE can, by way of the largest rally ever in Washington, DC, have a “Peaceful Revolution” and force Obama to prove he is “Constitutionally eligible” or resign from office. YES WE CAN !

The cost of the Rally in Washington is expensive. We must raise Fifty Thousand [$50,000.00] Dollars to cover the cost of the Rally including advertising this important event.

Donate today to help cover the expenses of this Rally and defend our Constitution.

An updated flyer regarding our Rally is attached. Please spread the word to as many people as you can and stay tuned to

For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to:

Friday, September 03, 2010


By Thom Redmond

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin (not permitted BY MILITARY to use ESSENTIAL exculpatory evidence AT TRIAL)

FT. MEADE, Md. – A career officer in the U.S. Army acting as a judge in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin today ruled that the military is no place for Barack Obama's presidential eligibility to be evaluated.

Army Col. Denise R. Lind today ruled in a hearing regarding the evidence to be allowed in the scheduled October court-martial of Lakin that he will be denied access to any of Obama's records as well as any testimony from those who may have access to the records.

With her decision, Lind mirrored a number of federal judges who have ruled on civil lawsuits over Obama's eligibility. They have without exception denied the plaintiffs' access to any requested documentation regarding the president's eligibility.

Lind ruled that it was "not relevant" for the military to be considering such claims, that the laws allegedly violated by Lakin were legitimate on their face and that the chain of command led up to the Pentagon, and that should have been sufficient for Lakin. (why?)

Paul Rolf Jensen, Lakin's civilian attorney, said the case would continue. But he said the courts now have denied his client the opportunity to present his defense.

Jensen had argued that under U.S.C. Rule 46, a defendant put on court martial has the right to call any and all witnesses and obtain any evidence in his or her defense.

Lind, who took 40 minutes to read her decision to the court, disagreed.

She said opening up such evidence could be an "embarrassment" to the president, and it's up to Congress to call for impeachment of a sitting president.

Alan Note: An officer may go to prison because a military judge prevents him from "embarrassing" our President?

WHY IS IT EMBARRASSING IF THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE. And if there is then it is potentially exculpatory and needs to be viewed and adjudicated!!!

The decision came just days after a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general who commanded forces armed with nuclear weapons said the disclosure of Obama's documentation is not just critical to Lakin's defense, but to the preservation of the nation itself.

The vehement statements came in an affidavit from retired Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, a Fox News military analyst, that was disclosed by an organization generating support for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.

Lakin had invited his own court-martial because he is unable to follow orders under the chain of command with Obama at its head unless the president's eligibility is documented. (It never has been!)

McInerney, who retired in 1994 after serving as vice commander in chief of USAF forces in Europe, commander of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing and assistant vice chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, among other positions, said the chain of command issue is critical, since officers are obligated both to follow orders and to disobey illegal orders.