Sunday, March 04, 2012


by Orly Taitz

I counted to 40 attorneys who worked on Obama ForgeryGate and brought evidence, and corrupt judges and commissioners simply spat in their faces.

Some have attacked me and claimed that I didn’t do something right.

Most of the attackers were Obama’s operatives.

Some of the attackers claimed to be on our side. Among them was Dean Haskins, who promoted now defunct Birther summit, Bob Nelson (or Richard Garruth, not sure about the real name) of ORYR (ObamaReleaseYourRecords of BirtherReport, Helen Tansey, who runs Article2 SuperPack or Article2LegalFund, Arlen Williams and to some extent Sam Sewell.

They attacked me and claimed that we did not win in court until now because I did not do something right, because I did not do sufficient work as an attorney. They were telling people not to donate to my work and to donate to other attorneys. They were posting articles calling me names.

Now you can see that I was vindicated on many levels.

First, Arpaio confirmed all of the findings that I brought to court. My experts were saying the same things that Arpaio and his team are saying.

Malihi did not accept the testimony of my witnesses not because the witnesses were not competent to testify, but because Malihi is corrupt and dirty and belongs on the gallows for treason.

I flew at my own expense to HI. I spent thousands of dollars. Corrupt judges in HI disregarded a federal subpoena and disregarded clear provisions of law.

Later a gentleman by name Bill Wolf hired 2 attorneys with 40 years of experience and a corrupt judge simply sent them to hell.

Now people can see that I was not able to get the original birth certificate in Hawaii not because I did not do enough, but because corrupt judges like Nishimura (California), corrupt attorney General Luie, corrupt Deputy Attorney General Nagamine, Director of Health Fuddy, registrar Onaka are simply corrupt and treasonous and belong on the gallows for treason. I am owed an apology from all the people who attacked me and called me names.

You should go to all the people, who claim to be on our side and demand an apology issued for attacking me

Now a corrupt Fulton county judge Cynthia Wright rushed to dismiss 4 cases: mine, Irion’s, Hatfield’s. She did not even read the pleadings. She issued her prepared order within an hour or so of getting the opposition pleadings.

Just to read the opposition arguments and pleadings, to think them over, to write an unbiased opinion, responding to the argument in the opposition papers in 4 cases, takes several hours.

She sent to hell 3 attorneys, one of whom is an elected state representative, and rubber stamped complete garbage written by Obama.

She did it after Arpaio’s press conference, when he stated that Obama’s Papers are forged and there is no evidence of Obama being born in this country. This woman should be hanging from the gallows for high treason against the United States of America.

Same goes for corrupt judges Clay D. Land, Royce Lamberth, corrupt commissioners from the ballot law commission in New Hampshire, corrupt commissioners of the elections law commission in Indiana, corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder, corrupt director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, corrupt Congressmen, corrupt directors of news networks, who told their cameramen not to film the proceedings, not to report on high treason and forgery and fraud in the White House. (They absented themselves)

When you prepare your signs with pictures of all of those corrupt bureaucrats and judges for the April 15 rallies, think of slogans.

Please, send me ideas for slogans, I will publish them, please send me pictures of the corrupt media executives, bureaucrats and judges, who will be a part of our hall of shame.

We have to bring protesters in front of their homes, stand on public sidewalks and shame them. We need to remember their faces and their names, when it is time to try them for high treason.

Please, write open letters to every Attorney General of the state, district attorney, demand criminal charges for treason of corrupt judges and corrupt elected officials.

We need people going to the grand juries in Maricopa COUNTY AND GRAND JURY IN EVERY COUNTY, state and federal grand jury, seeking criminal charges for treason, aiding and abetting forgery and elections fraud. We need indictments around the nation.