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107 WIVES - 185 KIDS

By Robyn Dixon

Bello Maasaba, 87 ... definitely the marrying kind of man. Photo: Robyn Dixon

He fell in love with his first wife because she was sincere and eager to please.

His second wife, a cousin, was irresistible because she did everything he wished and nothing he didn't.

"That alone made me love her."

Advertisement: Story continues below His third wife won him because she submitted to his every request.

"I saw her, I liked her. I went to her parents and asked for her hand in marriage."

Wife No. 4 was very obedient.

So was wife No. 5.

Wife No. 6, the same.

As were wives 7 and 8 and 9 and ...

Well, by then - it was the late 1980s - things had taken off for Bello Maasaba, an Islamic faith healer from this city in Niger state.

He went from a wedding every few months to one every few weeks.

All told, the 87-year-old has married 107 women, which, even in a society with a tradition of polygamy, is on the high side.

The Nigerian government is not amused.

Neither are Islamic authorities in the state.

But he's still marrying, every time Miss Right comes along.

He now has 86 wives, the youngest 19 and the oldest 64.

Nine have died and 12 he divorced (for disobedience).

But how on earth does he ... ?

To ask the delicate question about how a man with so many wives, well, manages, one first has to cross a dusty street in this hot city in northern Nigeria where the sun bleaches the colour from the street.

Droning Chinese motorcycles belch choking fumes. Women in flowing garments sit under umbrellas in the market, selling fruit and vegetables.

A looming four-storey house with 89 rooms and a broad verandah supported by gold columns overlooks the street with an air of faded grandeur.

But its view is inauspicious: an open gutter running from a bank of rickety street toilets, their wooden doors askew.

On the porch, dozens of men are seated - some relations, some followers.

They rustle in excitement at the approach of guests. Choruses of "You are welcome" echo like bells as visitors are seated on a red couch beside a large, patterned red rug. The carpet, an island in the sea of Maasaba's followers, lies bare but for one white pillow and one white facecloth.

The pillow awaits. Suddenly, the crowd of men leap up, bursting into a traditional song of praise.

He is coming.

At the doorway, his long, pointy white shoes are removed by aides and placed in an empty plastic shoe rack tacked high on the wall. Then he rustles in, enveloped by a tumble of shiny white cloth, which the aides spring forward to arrange whenever he stands or sits.

He ignores the pillow and sits beside it. He wears a tall white hat, and smiles a crooked-toothed smile. The pouches under his eyes give him a mournful air. But there's barely a wrinkle on his forehead, and he professes to have no worries.

An aide proffers a microphone hooked up to speakers on every floor of the house so his wives and children can listen. Questions are blasted through speakers over the street so his followers (and anyone happening by) can hear.

Which makes it a little awkward to ask that delicate one.

He begins with his family history, almost singing the story of his roots.

After school, he led an ordinary life for 21 years, involved in the clothing business and later working for a sugar company, keeping just two wives.

Life was normal until a religious "vision" in the 1970s, which he says involved a visit from the archangel Gabriel.

He fell deeply ill, unable to eat or sleep for days, and all the medicine the doctors gave him only made him worse.

He gave up work and became a traditional faith healer who eschewed medicine. The angel also instructed him to take wife after wife after wife.

"I get a revelation from God telling me any woman I'm going to marry. If it wasn't from God, I wouldn't have gone beyond two," he explains in a wispy, singsong voice.

Maasaba has to pause to remember the number of children he has - an ever growing figure, with the youngest just one month old.

He has fathered 185, and 133 are still living.

He has acquired an extended family of some 5000 people, many who live in the sprawling compound in the block surrounding his house.

It takes three enormous sacks of rice a day and prodigious quantities of meat and vegetables to feed his enormous clan.

He's rich because of the handsome fees paid by those who come to be healed.

Maasaba's many marriages underscore the gulf between modern urban Nigeria and traditional rural towns, where women often have few choices.

Aishetu Ndayako, about 57 years old, clocked in at wife No. 40 or so.

She had heard Maasaba was a good man who looked after his wives and solved all the problems of the family.

She was a widow with six children and no means of support when she married him, leaving her children living in her late husband's house.

"There were no problems between the wives. They were all very peaceful. Honestly, we never had a quarrel, not even once," she says.

"He loved me. The food was good. He slaughtered a cow so many times. He gave enough money to each of the wives.

"I was always happy in his house. I understood the man. I felt he was sent by God."

But after five years, her children demanded that she return.

"They said no one was with them, and they were lonely," she says. "They asked me, and I felt I should go because of my love for them."

After leaving Maasaba's house, she never saw him again.

"I really miss him," she says.

Three years ago, Islamic authorities in Niger, a majority Muslim state with Shariah, or Islamic law, ordered that Maasaba divorce 82 of his wives, keeping four.

He refused and was ordered by the Shariah court to leave town. (Muslim scholars generally agree that the Quran allows up to four wives, provided each gets equal treatment.)

Police raided Maasaba's house at 3:45 a.m. on September 15, 2008. He was taken away to jail.

Disobedience, the trait intolerable in a wife, was his own sin.

"In prison they asked me what was my offence. I said they hate me because I won't do what they want me to do."

Refused bail, Maasaba spent 22 days behind bars, while his wives (11 of them pregnant) demonstrated for his release.

In the end, a group of civil rights lawyers came to Maasaba's rescue and had him freed on bail.

That November, at the High Court in the capital, Abuja, the lawyers called in his wives and their parents, one by one, to testify that they had agreed to marriage.

At wife No. 57, the court told the lawyers to stop, and ordered Maasaba freed.

Some of the wives, wearing bright costumes of pink and blue, gold and yellow, meet visitors to the house in a white-tiled entry room, chorusing hellos. Others, surrounded by a clutch of children, cascade down a wooden staircase and peer curiously around a door.

As Maasaba talks, they are hidden within, listening to the squawking speakers, as the delicate question is finally posed. With so many wives, how does he meet their romantic needs?

He smiles. Everyone asks him that.

"In his wisdom, God has given me the power and strength to give them the sexual portion they need," he says. "If I didn't satisfy them, they would leave."

Then he stands up, and his aides rush to him, putting his white shoes on his feet and arranging his white costume, just so.

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BOOK REVUE  SUBVERSION INC. - Courtesy WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama's favorite advocacy organization, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), is part political group, part crime syndicate and part urban terrorist organization, according to a stunning new book, "Subversion Inc.," by award-winning investigative journalist Matthew Vadum.

Vadum, senior editor at Capital Research Center, a think tank that studies left-wing advocacy groups and their funders, has assembled the information from nearly three years of research and hundreds of interviews, in the project.

He documents how ACORN's sinister motives, however, never stopped Obama from supporting the organization.

Obama organized its voter drives, represented it in court, trained its activists, and mentored its leaders. In fact, ACORN was so important to Obama that during the 2008 presidential campaign he felt compelled to reassure ACORN officials that he was still a steadfast ally.

"I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drives in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work," he said at the time.

The book reveals that much of the time ACORN operates outside the legitimate political process, waging war against America's free institutions. The book explains that as ACORN is in the business of subverting the American system, what Americans saw on the celebrated undercover "pimp and pro" videos released in 2009, in which various ACORN operatives apparently aligned themselves with a purported pimp looking to set up a prostitution ring of underage girls, was just another day at the office at the nation's most infamous pressure group.

But the darkest side of ACORN has remained largely unexplored – until this book's arrival.

ACORN, which until it filed bankruptcy last year was America's largest poor people's group, was founded on political violence and intimidation, it explains.

The documentation reveals ACORN grew out of another notorious group called the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). NWRO was founded in 1966 – the same year Marxist academics Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven's seminal article "The Weight of the Poor" was published in the Nation magazine.

The book reports:

The so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy called for activists to double America's welfare rolls in order to destabilize the American system of government. Placing impossible demands on states and localities would force them to ask Congress for a guaranteed annual income scheme and set in motion the transformation of America into a socialist state.

NWRO grew out of the organizing efforts of Cloward, Piven, and Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky, the father of modern community organizing.

In the late 1960s Wade Rathke signed on as an organizer for NWRO's chapter in Springfield, Mass. A few months after arriving, Rathke had built up a local empire of activism. The chapter secured millions of dollars from the local welfare agency and encouraged hundreds of non-members to seek welfare benefits.

NWRO also was doing its best to swamp welfare departments nationwide. Between December 1960 and February 1969 the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) welfare program had grown 107 percent but in the 15-month period from February 1969 through October 1970 the program grew a staggering 55 percent as an extra 1.5 million families joined the rolls.

Rathke was arrested after he led an invasion of the Springfield welfare office with 250 or more women and students armed with signs reading "More for the poor, less for the war." The welfare director refused to give in to the crowd's demands for winter clothing, benefits to which they were not entitled.

But the book reveals that provoked two days of unrest in which millions of dollars of property was destroyed. The Soviet government used Rathke's riot as anti-American propaganda, publishing an article about it in Pravda. Rathke's experiences "reinforced his belief that one important resource for poor people was their ability to disrupt." He realized that despite the failure of the action to achieve its objective, his followers felt empowered by violence directed against the system.

This empowerment by rioting became a staple of ACORN's playbook.

Meanwhile, over time Rathke came to agree with Alinsky that single-issue organizations were doomed to fail. A multifaceted approach was needed to radically transform the nation. Rathke moved to Little Rock, Ark., and got down to work trying to turn the Natural State upside-down. ACORN was born with Rathke in place as its chief organizer, a position he was to hold for almost 40 years.

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By Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller

Talk about your proverbial can of worms. It is now clear that Barack Hussein Obama Sr.'s immigration file was the impetus for President Obama to release his "long form" last week. If he thought that release would put the matter to rest, it has had the opposite effect. It has all raised more questions than it answered, as does the release of shocking revelations in his father's immigration file.

The release of Barack Hussein Obama I's immigration file is stunning in what it reveals and the questions it poses. BHO I's visa expired Aug. 8, 1961 (Barack Junior was born Aug. 4, 1961) – is that why he married Obama's mother? Stanley Ann Dunham was a white girl in a family way with a mixed-race child, desperate for legitimacy in a culture that condemned such behavior as abject immorality, and Barack Obama Sr. was a con man from Kenya desperate to stay in the USA. Was the marriage merely a business arrangement (she was 17 when she got pregnant)? Is that why it was so important to place the ads in the Hawaiian papers announcing the birth of the future president – because his father was about to be deported?

Stanley Ann Dunham could not have been so savvy as to know that BHO I was a Muslim polygamist. Yet clearly, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was never divorced from his first wife in Kenya. The Immigration and Naturalization Service suspected that the elder Obama's marriage to Dunham was a sham, arranged strictly to secure immigration status for him. Despite the fact that BHO I had married Dunham, the government wasn't buying it: An INS official wrote in 1961 that the agency should "make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage."

Thoroughly researched for three years, the book that made Obama blink on birth certificate: Jerome Corsi's "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President"

And it bears mentioning that BHO I did not marry a different high-school minor whom he impregnated, according to these documents; most probably she went to London for an abortion. But he married Stanley Ann Dunham – why? Immigration status. Obama Sr. was a Kenyan citizen. Kenya was still under English law at this time. But if Barack Sr. was a Muslim polygamist, his "marriage" to Stanley Ann Dunham was invalid.

An INS investigator wrote on June 8, 1964: "They (Harvard officials) weren't very impressed with him and asked us to hold up action on his application until they decided what action they could take in order to get rid of him. They were apparently having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn't seem to figure out how many wives he had."

It is interesting to note that BHO I claims in the documents to have divorced first wife, Kezia, "verbally." According to the Shariah, a man can divorce his wife by repeating it three times. Further, when BHO I returned to Kenya, he apparently lived with his first Kenyan wife and his American third wife, suggesting that the "divorce" he ostensibly secured to marry Dunham was a transitory ruse.

That would make the president illegitimate. In 1787, illegitimate children had different rights. There is no way the founders of this great nation intended for an illegitimate child of a foreign bigamist to attain the highest, most powerful position in the new land.

All this means that President Barack Hussein Obama is not natural born. His father was not a U.S. citizen; he is, by that very fact, disqualified to serve as president of the United States. Those who believe that the "natural born" requirement is no longer relevant in our modern age are wrong. The Founding Fathers added this to the requirements for someone serving as president to make it difficult for a spy or traitor to attain the highest office in the land. Clearly, from Obama's performance, this is a considerable cause for concern.

For years, the media and the left have excoriated anyone who questioned the circumstances and events surrounding the birth of the president of the United States. The lack of transparency and honesty only gave rise to more suspicion. And rightly so. One doesn't hand over the reins of power to just anyone, particularly those with an unknown or sketchy past. The dearth of documentation and paperwork led to more speculation. The American people were like Helen Keller, and the Obama machine kept moving the furniture. Who is this man, and what is he hiding?

The birth-certificate issue became the rallying cry for those of us who questioned the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility for the Oval Office. Our media did not vet the president during his campaign. In fact, they took it upon themselves to destroy and smear those who did, or tried to. The Boston Globe got the immigration file in 2009; why did they sit on it?
Despite their best efforts, however, the story of Obama's questionable origins wouldn't die. And so last Wednesday, Barack Obama finally released what he said was the long form of his birth certificate. As more and more questionable features of this document have come out, it looks as if another exhaustive digital forensic examination is in order.

And so the question is: Why release an "abstract" document so obviously tampered with?

Obama Sr. had a British passport, as Kenya did not achieve independence until Dec. 12, 1963. The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service record clearly states on more than one occasion that BHO Sr. was "British," so the entry on his Hawaiian "birth certificate" that describes the father as "African" is highly suspicious for that – and because if race were the qualifier, he would have been described as "Negro."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As Obama continues to toy with and taunt the American people, you have to scratch your head and say, what took him so long to release this apparently innocuous document? And why? Why is Obama gas-lighting the American people? Why is Obama toying with, gaming the American people?

In the summer of 2009, I wrote this about the birth-certificate controversy: "I suspect that the administration has a hot little document that will wash away Obama's sins and make the concern about this issue look silly. … In what could be considered a psyop on the American people, the birth-certificate issue is being used to smear the Republicans in general as 'birthers,' conspiracy nuts who have given themselves over to right-wing nuttery."

In the aftermath of Wednesday's release of Obama's ostensible "long form," we have seen just that scenario unfolding.

If Obama had this "long form" document all along, why didn't he release it when the controversy first began? Back in June and July of 2008, I broke the story of how the first birth document Obama produced, the Certification of Live Birth that he posted to his farcically titled blog, "Fight the Smears," was an altered document. This was demonstrated by a digital forensic examination specialist, an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American College of Forensic Examiners, the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, the International Information Systems Forensics Association – the list goes on. He was also board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator and a licensed private investigator. He had been performing computer-based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet), and he had performed countless investigations since then.

He submitted his findings to my website, We welcomed peer review. No one would touch the story. I said then, as I say now, that I have no idea what is on Obama's genuine long form, but it is mighty peculiar that a president of the United States would hold out so long, refuse to release it for so long and then finally release such a questionable document. I mean, really.

The questions about Obama's birth certificate were real, as Obama has now tacitly admitted by releasing the new document. The American people have a right to know who and what is serving them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Every other president has released every document, school record, passport, military record, school transcript, ad infinitum. The media are not interested, but the American people need to know: Where are Obama's Occidental College records; his Columbia College records; his Columbia thesis paper; his Harvard records; his Selective Service registration; his medical records; his Illinois State Senate records; his Illinois State Senate schedule; his law practice client list; his Harvard Law Review articles that were published; his University of Chicago scholarly articles; and his baptismal record?

We owe Donald Trump a debt of gratitude.

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