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Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama - FACTS!!! by Benton Bain

Anybody, along with Sen. Barack Obama can seek the presidency of the United States of America, but may not qualify.

Fact 1. Constitution Article II, Section II sets forth the qualifications for presidential candidates: ""No person except a NATURAL BORN Citizen", or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and have been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

Fact 2. Just because you are a US Citizen or have a US birth certificate, does NOT mean that your are a "NATURAL BORN" Citizen of the USA!!!

Fact 3. A Birth Certificate or documentation of a birth in a hospital should include at least: a number referring to the document, the name of the hospital, the mothers and fathers birthplace and ages, and with the attending doctor's signature.

Fact 4. The state of Hawaii issues a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) for those born: inside the State of Hawaii, outside of the State of Hawaii, and even outside the country if the parents, or one of the parents, are natives of, or residents in, the State of Hawaii. They also allow Late Registration.

Every illegal alien born in Hawaii gets a Hawaiian COLB!!! The questionable*(see notes below) Certification of Live Birth (with a rev. 11/01 printed by a computer on a 2001 form for someone supposedly born in 1961) submitted on the web page of Barack Obama indicates that Barack Hussein Obama II was born on Aug. 4, 1961 to the mother Stanley Ann Dunham and father Barack Hussein Obama.

Fact 5. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, was not a US citizen, he was a bureaucrat Muslim in the communist government of Kenya. Under the British Nationality Act of 1948 he was a citizen of the United Kingdom and its Colonies.

Under this Act, IF he was married to Stanley Ann Dunham and IF he acknowledged Barack Hussein Obama, Jr, as his son, or IF they were not married and he still acknowledged the boy, and IF he filed the correct paperwork with the British Colonial Authorities in Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II, was born as a British Colonial Citizen and possesses a Birth Certificate which should still exist on file in Kenya and, presumably, London, England.

Under Chapter VI. Section 87, of The Constitution of Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. became a Kenyan citizen on December 12th 1963. If Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, filed the correct papers with the British Colonial Authorities and with the Kenyan Government Barack Hussein Obama II also became a Kenyan citizen on December 12th 1963 under Section 97. of the Kenyan Constitution and still remains a Kenyan Citizen.

Fact 6. Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo a Muslim Indonesian citizen.

Fact 7. Under Indonesian Law you can not adopt a child over the age of five, even abroad, if you are an Indonesian Citizen.

In “Dreams from my Father”, Obama says he lived with his step-father in Indonesia for five years and that by the time he and his mother arrived in Indonesia she and Lolo had been married for over a year before Lolo returned to Indonesia.

Five years + one year = 6 years and when Barack Hussein Obama II returned to Hawaii prior to September of 1971 because he was enrolled in his Prep School in Hawaii to start the Fifth Grade he was 10 years old so he was probably shy of 4 years old when Dunham married Soetoro and arrived in Indonesia about the time of his fifth Birthday (1966).

Fact 8. Indonesian Law says: “Foreign persons under age of five who are adopted by Indonesian Citizens obtain Indonesian Citizenship following legalization of adoption process by District Court of general jurisdiction with jurisdiction over the adoptive parents [Id at Art. 2 (1)]“ “It is stipulated that an adopted child has the same status as a natural child, and that his or her relationship to the birth parents is severed by adoption”.

Fact 9. The only Legal Relationship he would have to his mother is that she was married to his Legal Father Lolo Soetoro, under Indonesian Law. He would be an Indonesian Citizen with an Indonesian Passport and an entry in Lolo’s KK documents.

Fact 10. Indonesian Law prior to August 1966 would be Indonesian Law 62/1958 and other prior Indonesian Laws. Indonesian Law does not accept Dual Nationality/Citizenship, so Barack Hussein Obama II would no longer be a US Citizen according to Indonesian Law, in fact he would be considered never to have been one at all.

Fact 11. Lolo Soetoro would be his guardian, next of Kin and father. His Religion would be Legally Listed and Registered as Islam because children have the Religion of their Father under Indonesian Law and can have no other. His Surname would become Soetoro, in full, Soetoro Mangunharjo with Barry as his given name at the choosing by his father Lolo.

Fact 12. Barry Soetoro was enrolled on January 1st 1968, given Serial No 203 and placed in Class 1 B. His Religion is given as Islam, his Nationality Indonesian, his Father’s Name as L Soetoro Ma., his Father’s Occupation as Official, Director General’s Office TNI [Topography Division Indonesian Army] and his Name as Barry Soetoro.

Fact 13. Only citizen Indonesian children were enrolled in Indonesian Schools in 1968, SD Asisi was a Roman Catholic School within the Indonesian State System, it was not an International School. Therefore, if he attended this school and subsequently SDN Menteng 1, State Elementary School, and every source agrees that this is the case, he would have to have been enrolled as an Indonesian Citizen.

Fact 14. All records show that Lolo Soetoro Ma. is described as his father and that no mention is made of his mother.

Fact 15. Indonesia in the sixties was a Police State! Everybody, even babes, had Identity Documents of some sort, possibly including Passports.

Everybody was registered with the Government, one way or another. The head of each family, usually the father, but in rare cases a widowed, or divorced, mother has an Official Document called a Kartu Keluarga (Family Card). This lists every household/family member and gives their details in the same way as their individual KTPs or KITAS visas would.

Fact 16. An adopted, child called a WNI, warga negara Indonesia, has the same KK entry as any other Indonesian child. When a child enrolls in School their details are taken down from their KK Entry, as presented by the father (who is also required, at that time, to produce his KTP to verify the details on the KK). They are then given their Student KTP. KKs, like KTPs, are issued by the Government and cross checked by the National Police and Immigration Service.

Fact 17. Everything on Barry Soetoro record's at SD Asisi matches what would be true if he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro before he arrived in Indonesia. Schools are subject to periodical checks by both the Police and Immigration Officers as well as School Inspectors; this includes the teachers as well as the students.

Fact 18. Under Indonesian Law Barry Soetoro was an Indonesian Citizen and he could not Renounce that Citizenship until he was between the ages of 18 and 21, after 21 possibly he could not renounce it at all.

Fact 19. Dual nationals owe allegiance to both countries and are required to obey the laws of both countries. Either country has the right to enforce its laws, particularly if that person later travels there. Most U.S. citizens, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country.

Fact 20. Somehow Stanley Ann Dunham got the necessary letter of permission from her husband so Barry Soetoro could go to Hawaii. An Indonesian Citizen called Barry Soetoro left Jakarta on an Indonesian Passport with both a US Visa and also an Indonesian Exit Visa. But an American Citizen called Barack Obama landed in Hawaii.

Fact 21. The US law states for a "NATURAL BORN" US Citizen for the time Barack Hussein Obama II was born between December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986: If, at the time of your birth, both your parents were U.S. citizens and at least one had a prior residence in the United States, you automatically acquired U.S. citizenship with no conditions for retaining it. If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.

Fact 22. Obama's mother was only 18 years old at his birth, NOT the 16 + 5 = 21 required because his father was not a US citizen. Therefore Barack Hussein Obama II is NOT a "NATURAL BORN" US Citizen as required to become the President of the USA!!!

Fact 23. There must be a paper trail in Hawaii, US State Dept., and other Federal and Foreign Government Records to prove, or disprove the above facts and if there is not then somebody has removed the trail.

If that is the case there has been a criminal conspiracy and all these moles involved need to go to prison!!! At the State Dept. Obama's records have been breached 3 times by employees of a company that the CEO is an adviser to Sen. Obama!!!

Fact 24. We had an Indonesian Barry Soetoro with an Indonesian passport leaving Indonesia but upon the arrival in Hawaii we had the same person Barack Hussein Obama II now magically a US citizen.

Fact 25. All of Barry's classmates throughout all of his school years knew him as Barry until he started college whereupon he was Barack Obama when he left the island of Hawaii to the mainland.

Fact 26. It is the responsibility of the presidential candidate to prove that they meet the qualifications of the Constitution, not the voters.

So let Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama II supply copies of all the original documents that would prove he is a "NATURAL BORN Citizen of the United States of America" as defined and required by the US Constitution to become the President & Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and he has no allegiance to another country!!!

Additional Comments and Concerns:

1. Where is the original 1961 Birth Certificate that was issued at the time of birth of Obama II with the signature of the attending doctor? There were 2 hospitals in Honolulu at that time, but by phone I was denied my request to find out if they had Obama's documents. The document in 1961 would have been black & white!!!

Obama claimed in the first chapter of his book Dreams From My Father: "I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school." Time wise this would be before 1980, so why is he trying to pawn off on us a COLB that was made after 2001?

2. Dunham by an application for SSN 535-40-8522 stating she was born Nov. 29, 1942, so if Barack was born on Aug. 4, 1961 Dunham was 18 years old.

3. From US immigration, exactly when starting in 1961 did Dunham, Obama Sr., Barack Hussein Obama II, &/or Barry Soetoro depart Hawaii?

Were there any other reentries or exits (with full details) before the final entry of Barack Hussein Obama II at age 10 when he started school in Sept. 1971 in Hawaii?

4. Sen. Obama's own Kenyan paternal grandmother, half-brother and half-sister have also claimed that Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to little Barack in Kenya and subsequently flew to Hawaii to register the birth.

5. Did Obama Sr. document his son with the Kenyan government? If so Obama II is probably still a citizen of Kenya &/or the UK.

6. How did Dunham legally enter an Indonesia citizen named Barry Soetoro into Hawaii with the name of Barack Obama???

7. Where are the legal papers that show Barry Soetoro's name was changed to Barack Hussein Obama II?

8. Did Barry Soetoro formally renounce Indonesian Citizenship between the ages of 18 and 21 and if so where are the documents? If Barry did not renounce then he is still an Indonesian citizen and Indonesian Law would prevail.

9. Senator Obama was an Indonesian Citizen as a boy but probably still is one legally.

Perhaps this explains Julia Suryakusuma's view that Obama could run for President of Indonesia as expressed in her article in "The Jakarta Post" on 29th November 2006. Julia Suryakusuma was one of Stanley Ann Dunham's best friends.

10. Did Barack Hussein Obama II upon the age of 18 comply with all the requirements of the Selective Service Registration until he reached the age of 26: Defense Authorization Act established Title 5, U.S. Code, Section 3328? If so what is his Selective Service number? Have him release all of these records.

11. The State Department should know what kind of passport and name Obama used on his journey to visit his mother in Pakistan, in 1981.

Alan note: The Pakistani military government at that time did NOT ALLOW entry to Americans with American passports into Pakistan)

12. See FACT 4. Hawaii issue of CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH (COLB) with a revision for the year 2001 for someone born in 1961 means absolutely nothing because Barack Hussein Obama II could have been born outside of the USA and still received this document since his mother was a resident of the state.

13. * - This document looks as flaky as: the forged Bush documents that DAN RATHER touted on ABC that got him fired; and John Kerry's DD214 which was not issued until peanuts Carter gave amnesty to the traitors & draft dodgers of his time.

You do not need to be a computer expert to question this Certification of Live Birth:

A. The certification number is blocked out (probably by Photoshop), at the bottom of the certificate it says "any alterations invalidates this certificate".

B. The birth supposed to have happened in 1961 but the COLB was printed by a laser printer (non-existent in 1961) on a form revised in 2001.

C. There is no space between ,1 on August 8,1961 as there is between 4, 1 on the August 4, 1961.

D. In 1961 the Birth Certificates were black & white!!!

E. In 1961 Dunham, the mother's race would have been listed as WHITE, not Caucasian.

F. In 1961 Obama, the father's race would have been listed as BLACK or NEGRO, not African.

G. All that Sen. Obama needs to do to clarify the COLB & other facts, questions, notes, and comments made above is to authorize the release of all his original records where ever they maybe found. (Something that John Kerry has never authorized with all of his military records, FBI records, or CIA records!!!)

Alan Note: Obama's first action was to sign an Executive Order of the Presidency preventing anyone accessing any of his background comuments, specially his brith certificate. Now he is passing a simliar bill to make it a law of the land that not his nor any of his Administration can be questioned or have documents about them viewed.

14. Barack Obama lied to the Illinois Supreme Court when asked to provide former names, according to his attorney registration it just lists Barack Hussein Obama as full name, but his birth certificate on his web page has Barack Hussein Obama II, and his years in Indonesia he was legally Barry Soetoro.

15. Senator Barack Hussein Obama II needs to be also investigated for breaking the Logan Act for both his World Tour trip and his trip to Kenya where Obama has involved himself in Kenyan Internal Politics where he has actively campaigned for Prime Minister Odinga’s Party, the ODM, by making speeches in Kenya.

16. Concerning Obama's allegiance there is at a movie of Barack Hussein Obama II not standing at attention & putting his right hand over his heart during the National Anthem, instead he has his hands over his crotch while rocking back & forth.

As Obama would say: "YES WE CAN". Does Obama's allegiance belong with: UK; Kenya; Indonesia; or Obama's communist mentor from the age of 10 to 18 was "Frank" from Obama's book "Dreams from My Father" which was the sex deviate negroid Frank Marshall Davis who had sex with a 13 year old girl with his wife and Davis' espionage against the USA as a member of the Communist Party of United States in Hawaii & ties in Chicago that the FBI has 601 pages documented.

Or Obama's connection to the same kind of people in Chicago are:

racist hating Dr. Rev. "God damn America" Wright that made an unauthorized trip to Cuba to consult with Comrade Castro and that taught Black Liberation Theology to the Obama's for more than 20 years so Obama thinks he can claim that he is a Christian;

his buddies that provided most of Obama's security during the primaries from The Nation of Islam & Louis Farrakhan; the Weather Underground terrorists & Communist the unrepentant William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn where Obama launched his political career at their home;

and/or his political financial buddies convicted felon billionaire George Soros & convicted felon Syrian national Tony Rezko???

This is the Obama's "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN"!!!

Or view next to Obama's photo a Cuban flag with Che Guevara’s portrait in his Texas campaign office: or as he claims he is not or never was a Muslim check on: and or his ties to Saudi billionaire Dr. Khalid al-Mansour the financial backer of the Black Panthers and that helped Obama at Harvard:

17. So exactly who is this guy that wants to be our US Commander in Chief of Armed Forces that says: "----we'll make the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons a central element in our nuclear policy"???

He doesn't want to spend any money on new weaponry technology while we constantly have terrorist threats. The suicidal Mullahs in Iran are on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons but Obama will give us universal health care, do we also get a Geiger counter and iodine tablets???

When Russia invaded democratically elected government of Georgia, Obama called on Georgia to show restraint.

Then Comrade Obama's solution was to call on the U.N. Security Council where Russia has veto power, then goes body surfing!!! Do we want the commander in chief to pass the mantle of U.S. leadership to the corrupt U.N.???

18. We are wondering why Obama is not living or running for some communist government office in China after he praises the superior Communist Chinese's infrastructures:

"Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly the superior to us now..."

"Beijing looks like a pretty good option." After making comments like this he gets mad because we question his patriotism to the USA.

19. Right from the mouth of a cocaine user Sen. Obama in his memoir "Dreams from My Father," on his drug use "Pot had helped, and booze, maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack though."

He was deterred by the image "of an air bubble, shiny and round like a pearl, rolling quietly through my vein and stopping my heart," he says.

"Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man." And he even explains how he has gotten away with avoiding discussions of his drug use and the technique he used to deceive his mother when she confronted him:

"I had given her a reassuring smile and patted her hand and told her not to worry, I wouldn't do anything stupid. It was usually an effective tactic, another of those tricks I had learned:

People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves." As long as he does not deviate from his teleprompter speech and does not make in sudden moves or thoughts he does not put his foot in his mouth.

20. Senator Barack Hussein Obama II said on CNBC television about his World Tour on July 25: "It has also allowed me to send a message to the American people that the judgments I have made and the judgments I will make are ones that are going to result in them being safer."

Do you feel safer now with Obama's judgments, his associations, his friends that he has made, and that he represents the Democrat's candidate for the President of the USA???

Monday, May 18, 2009


By Gerald Warner - Daily Telegraph

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself.

Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people - not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is.

To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution.

Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail.

That is why he opened Pandora's Box by publishing the Justice Department's legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrogation techniques. He cynically subordinated the national interest to his partisan desire to embarrass the Republicans.

Then he had to rush to Langley, Virginia to try to reassure a demoralised CIA that had just discovered the President of the United States was an even more formidable foe than al-Qaeda.

"Don't be discouraged by what's happened the last few weeks," he told intelligence officers. Is he kidding?

Thanks to him, al-Qaeda knows the private interrogation techniques available to the US intelligence agencies and can train its operatives to withstand them - or would do so, if they had not already been outlawed.

So, next time a senior al-Qaeda hood is captured, all the CIA can do is ask him nicely if he would care to reveal when a major population centre is due to be hit by a terror spectacular, or which American city is about to be irradiated by a dirty bomb.

Your view of this situation will be dictated by one simple criterion: whether or not you watched the people jumping from the twin towers...

President Pantywaist's recent world tour, cosying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America's enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners.

His only enemies are fellow Americans.

Which prompts the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It Is Getting Very Serious Now

By Chuck Baldwin
May 12, 2009
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First, it was a Missouri Analysis and Information Center (MIAC) report; thenit was a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report; now it is a New Yorkcongressman's bill. Each of these items, taken on their own, is problematicenough; taken together they portend "a clear and present danger" to the liberties of the American people.

It is getting very serious now.

As readers may recall, the MIAC report profiled certain people as being potential violence-prone "militia members": including people who supported Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and myself. In addition, anyone who opposed one or more of the following were also included in the list:

the New World Order,

the U.N., gun control,

the violation of Posse Comitatus,

the Federal Reserve,

the Income Tax,

the Ammunition Accountability Act,

a possible Constitutional Convention,

the North American Union,

the Universal Service Program,

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID),

abortion on demand,

or illegal immigration.

The MIAC report prompted a firestorm of protest, and was eventually rescinded, with the man responsible for its distribution being dismissed from his position.

The DHS report profiled many of the same people included in the MIAC report, and added returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans as potentially dangerous "extremists."

As I have said before, it is very likely that when all of the opinions and views of the above lists are counted, 75% or more of the American people would be included.

Yet, these government reports would have law enforcement personnel to believe we are all dangerous extremists that need to be watched and guarded against. If this was not bad enough, a New York congressman has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to deny Second Amendment rights to everyone listed above.

According to World Net Daily, May 9, 2009, "A new gun law being considered in Congress, if aligned with Department of Homeland Security memos labeling everyday Americans a potential 'threats,' could potentially deny firearms to pro-lifers, gun-rights advocates, tax protesters, animal rights activists,and a host of others -- any already on the expansive DHS watch list for potential 'extremism.'

"Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored H.R. 2159, the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, which permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any 'known or suspected dangerous terrorist.' The bill requires only that the potential firearm transferee is 'appropriately suspected' of preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general 'has a reasonable belief' that the gun might be used in connection with terrorism."

Gun rights advocates, however, object to the bill's language, arguing that it enables the federal government to suspend a person's Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon suspicion of being 'dangerous.'"

WND quotes Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt as saying,"By [DHS] standards, I'm one of [DHS Secretary] Janet Napolitano's terrorists. This bill would enable the attorney general to put all of the people who voted against Obama on no-gun lists, because according to the DHS, they're all potential terrorists.

Actually, we could rename this bill the Janet Napolitano Frenzied Fantasy Implementation Act of 2009." Pratt was also quoted as saying, "Unbeknownst to us, some bureaucrat in the bowels of democracy can put your name on a list, and your Second Amendment rights are toast."

He went on to say, "This such an anti-American bill, this is something King George III would have done."

Now that DHS has established both a list and a lexicon for "extremists," it looks to Congress to confer upon it police-state-style powers through which these individuals may be disarmed and eventually done away with.

Rep. Peter King is accommodating this goal with H.R. 2159.

Let me ask a reasonable question: how long does anyone think it would be, after being profiled by DHS and denied the lawful purchase of firearms, that those same people would be subjected to gun confiscation? And how long do you think it would be before DHS began profiling more and more groups of people, thus subjecting them to gun confiscation?

This was exactly the strategy employed by Adolf Hitler. The Jews were the first people denied their civil rights--especially the right to own and possess firearms. Of course, after disarming Jews, the rest of the German citizenry was likewise disarmed. And we all know where that led.

I'm not sure how many of the American people realize that it was the attempted confiscation of the colonialists' cache of arms in Concord, Massachusetts, that started America's War for Independence. Yes, my friends,it was attempted gun confiscation that triggered (pun intended) the "shot heard 'round the world."

And now it would appear that, once again, a central government is on the verge of trying to deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms.

I am told that as of 2004, 50% of the adults in the United States own one or more firearms, totaling some 270 million privately owned firearms nationwide. I would venture to say that the vast majority of these gun owners would find themselves matching the DHS profile of a potential "extremist."

I wonder how many gun owners realize the way they are now being targeted by their government, and just how serious--and how close--the threat of gun confiscation has become?

If one doubts the intention of the elitists in government today to deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms, consider what former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is purported to have said just a couple of weeks ago.

Kissinger attended a high-level meeting with Russian President Medvedev that also included former Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz; former Secretary of Defense William Perry; and former Senator Sam Nunn.

Included in the discussions was Kissinger's assertion that the American people were now ready to accept a "New Global Order."

He is also reported to have told Medvedev, "By September we'll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn't matter what we do, we'll still bein charge."

(Even though the national news media has not reported this statement, the Internet is abuzz with Kissinger having said it. Whether Kissinger actually made that statement or not, he, and rest of his ilk, have repeatedly called for a New World Order, in which there will be no constitutional protection for the right to keep and bear arms.)

This leads to a very serious question: how many of America's gun owners would allow their government to deny them gun ownership? Further, how many would passively sit back and allow their guns to be confiscated?

As humbly and meekly as I know how to say it: as for me and my house, gun confiscation is the one act of tyranny that crosses the line; debate, discourse, discussion, and peaceful dissent cease and desist at that point.

I say again, it is getting very serious now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Obama to Cut Slain Officer’s Benefits in Half
Warner Todd Huston Bio

By Warner Todd Huston Saturday, May 9, 2009

In a fit of hypocrisy sure to outrage, just as Attorney General Eric Holder makes ready to attend a ceremony to honor fallen police officers, the Obama administration is proposing to cut almost in half a program that provides benefits to the future families left behind.

So much for the more loving, more caring president “we’ve been waiting for.” So, wouldn’t you think the Old Media would be braying at the hypocrisy here? Wouldn’t you rather think that the Old Media would be up in arms about this one? Isn’t this typically the type of story that would get them motivated to get their high dudgeon on? Guess not because it is nearly invisible in the media today.

Of the very few reporting on this, the Associated Press reported on May 7 that the president’s proposed budget calls for cuts in the Public Safety Officer’s Death Benefits Program. Obama wants to cut $50 million from the program, the budget to fall from $110 million to $60 million.

Apparently Obama imagines that his ascension to the White House will heal the tortured minds those criminal miscreants and cop-killers that might be lurking around out there because according to the reasoning offered to cut program funds, Obama claims that the number of on-the-job police killings is supposed to drop.

Justice Department budget documents say the reduction is being made because “claims are anticipated to decrease” because the number of officers killed in the line of duty has been decreasing.

The director of a police survivors group begs to differ, however. They have found that police officers killed on duty have gone up 21 percent over last year’s numbers already.

But, let’s consider how this story would be reported if it were Bush proposing to cut survivor’s benefits like this. Who cannot imagine that the media would be falling all over itself to scold Bush if he should have been the one to propose such steep cuts to benefits for the families of our fallen police officers?

It would have been ginned up into a firestorm of outrage against a president Bush, wouldn’t it?

Yet, for Obama, mums the word.

Imagine that?

AND.... Oba-Hussein continues to disarm America for our enemies - cutting billions from the military budget in the name of budget reductions. Nearly 50% of the "savings" of discretionary spending is this huge cut in the military appropriation.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


At the TEA PARTY, a black man, Dr. Donald May, delivered this message from the courthouse steps in Lubbock.

He electrified the audience like I haven't seen in a long time. His delivery was masterful. I am sorry you could not see him in action. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy his words.

The news media was there, but not one word of this man's appearance ever appeared on TV or in print, even though he completely dominated the scene.

This is A Time For Courage April 15, 2009 – 11:49 pm

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is a Time For Courage. We are gathered here today on the Plains of West Texas in common purpose. We are here to remind our government that this is our country, We the People are still in charge, and our government is still our servant and not our master.

Our Nation’s founding document is The Declaration of Independence. It tells us that our rights come from God and not from a small group of Elite men and women.

Our Constitution starts with the words “We the People.”

Our Constitution was written for ordinary Americans like you and me.

Our Constitution protects us from our government and from the politicians.

Our President has complained that our Constitution gives ordinary people too much protection. He has ridiculed us for the high value we place on our Bibles, our guns, our personal property, and our Liberty.

He tells us we do not deserve to keep the money we have earned.

We are told freedom has not worked. Personal responsibility, free enterprise, and Liberty have not been effective.

Our government will now make more of our decisions for us.

Other than our military, I can think of not one government agency I have ever found to be helpful. And speaking of our military, how about those Navy Seals blowing the heads off those three terrorist pirates? Don’t you just wish our entire government would function with such efficiency, professionalism, andcourage?

We watch in disbelief as our beloved United States is weakened economically, militarily, and morally by a Radical President and his eager accomplices.

What has taken generations to build is systematically destroyed and replaced with the same Socialist Evil that brought poverty, destruction, and despair to untold hundreds of millions (around the globe).

The problems we face today have occurred because we have not defended our Nation from Socialism. For too long we have allowed the wrong people to make the worst possible decisions. The Bible warns us of class hatred.

The Radical leadership of our government daily fans the evil flames of class envy.

Our European and Canadian friends beg us to not make the same Socialist mistakes they did.

The President of the European Union warned our President that his Socialist economic plans are taking the World down the “road to Hell.”

The path to power for Socialists includes taking God and guns from the citizens. Without spiritual and physical protection, people cannot defend themselves and their Liberty.

They soon become slaves.

We are angered that our President apologizes for the exceptionalism and heroism of the United States of America .

We are deeply troubled he told others the United States is not a Christian nation.

We are angered that we have been called cowards and racists because we oppose Socialism.

Socialism is not racial. Socialism is an equal opportunity destroyer. We are angered that a recent Department of Homeland Security report has singled out our military men and women who are returning home as being radical threats.

The report also characterizes you and me as right-wing extremists and radicals because we favor smaller government and lower taxes.

You and I are average citizens who believe - just as most of our fellow Americans do. We want our government to leave us alone and to keep its hands off our money, our religion, our guns, our private property, and our lives.

We demand that our government stop spending money it does not have.

Stop confiscating our money and private property.

Stop printing money.

Stop subsidizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the other failed financial institutions and companies.

Mr. President, stop appointing tax cheats to positions of power and influence.

Mr. President, secure our borders.

Mr. President, do not divert money from our missile defense, F-22 Raptors, and other vital military equipment. This gives encouragement, aid, and comfort to our enemies. Protecting us is your number one job. (Not being our #1 enemy).

Mr. President, do not give voting rights to millions of illegal aliens and felons. You have no more right to create new voters for your benefit than you do to use our money to buy the 2010 and 2012 Elections.

We gather peacefully here today because there is a growing concern for what our government is doing to us and to our future.

We fear for the very survival of our Republic.

Yet there is much to make us hopeful and to fill our hearts with optimism and courage. This is still our country!

The Constitution of theUnites States belongs to We the People. Our Constitution still protects us from our government. Call every possible elected official, including our President, Vice President,and the Speaker of the House.

Demand that they stop stealing our money and giving it to ACORN and their other political supporters in order to buy votes.

Call Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, and Representative Neugebauer. Thank them. Urge them to do much more. Remind them now is a time for action and not for campaigning.

Volunteer to work on our 2010 Census. Confront ACORN. Keep our Census honest. We must not allow our President to take control of our Census for his political advantage.

We must replace as much of our Far Left Congress as possible in 2010. Get involved. Do not let ACORN and some FIVE BILLION DOLLARS funding provided by Obama, for this purpose , control our 2010 Election.

Talk with someone every day who does not understand our nation’s history and our great heritage. Tell them why the United States is a good andprosperous nation. It still remains that brightly lit city on the hill. It still is the best hope for all mankind.

Talk with all of the young people you can find. They are our future. Many do not understand what they have and that their future is being destroyed.

Encourage your elected State officials to pass legislation that will protect us from our Federal government.

Governor Rick Perry and others are doing that right now for Texas . Thank them and pray for them. This is a time for strong peaceful action. Let us pray that We the People can quickly return our government to its Constitutional responsibilities.

Our President and Congress were elected to be our servants and not our masters.

May God help our President and Congress to quickly realize the error of their ways and stop their reckless and unwarranted spending, cut our taxes, and reduce the size of our Federal bureaucracy. If they do not, may God grant us the courage and determination to vote them out of power next year.

May God richly bless and protect each of you, and our Constitution, as together we pursue Liberty !

Delivered at the Lubbock, Texas, TEA Party by Dr. Donald May Tax Day, 15 April 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009



Obama’s “Christian” Grandmother to Perform Pilgrimage to Mecca [Reader Post]
Posted By Alec Rawls On May 4, 2009 @ 4:12 pm In Barack Obama, Islam

Sarah Hussein Obama, 2008
USA Today [1]:

Sarah Hussein Obama, grandmother of U.S. senator Barack Obama, when asked on Wednesday about recent attacks on her grandson that include the spreading of rumors that he is secretly a Muslim:

“Untruths are told that don’t have anything to do with what Barack is about,” she said in the local Luo language … “In the world of today, children have different religions from their parents,” she said. She, too, is a Christian.

Sarah Hussein Obama, 2009

From Pakistani Daily Times [2] today:

US President Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, Sara Obama, will perform haj this year along with her son Syed Obama … performing haj is one of the most desired wishes of the US president’s grandmother.

Sarah Hussein Obama 2008
From USA Today:

Matt Drudge said that he was e-mailed a widely circulated picture [3] of Obama in a turban and robe by the Clinton campaign.

“Bringing such pictures that are trying to imply that not only is he a foreigner, he is a Muslim is wrong, because that is not what he is,” scolded Sarah Obama.

“Christian” Barack Hussein Obama, 2009:

Obama’s head-down bow to Saudi King Abdullah, and no, this is NOT a two handed handshake, as an Obama aide [4] tried to claim:

Obama’s left hand is draped across his left leg, which is braced forward to support his deep bow. Notice how high Abdullah’s and Obama’s hands are (both pictures). Obama is practically kissing Abdullah’s hand.

Figure it out people. Islam does not just permit lying about religion (Koran verse 16:106 [5]), but actively calls for it when such deception can advance the cause of Islamic conquest. See the hadiths of Tabari 8:23 [6] (scroll to bottom), and Sahih Muslim, book 19, 4436 [7].
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7 Comments To "Obama’s “Christian” Grandmother to Perform Pilgrimage to Mecca [Reader Post]"

#1 Comment By bill-tb On May 4, 2009 @ 4:26 pm

Can Christians even go to Mecca? (SEE PHOTO AT TOP FOR ANSWER)

#2 Comment By eaglewingz08 On May 4, 2009 @ 4:28 pm

Yep because as a devout Christian the Saudis would roll out the carpet to allow you to travel to Mecca and Medina, cause that’s just how broadminded our Saudi friends are. I mean I must have read in Matthew’s Gospel how performing haj to the Kaaba was something to be most desired by Christians.

Maybe we should write to the newspaper’s ombudsman to make a correction.

But I believe I have just as much chance winning megamillions as I do that some libtard omnbudsman will actually make such correction about a brazen lie about Mr. Obama’s spiritual heritage.

#3 Comment By Cato On May 4, 2009 @ 4:31 pm

The short answer is “no” - though it has been done by people disguised as Muslims.

Sir Richard Francis Burton (famed among other things for his translation of the Arabian Nights) did it in the 19th century.

#4 Comment By Aaron On May 4, 2009 @ 4:36 pm

A picture’s worth a thousand words: [8]

#5 Comment By Mike’s America On May 4, 2009 @ 4:38 pm

I can’t say whether Obama is a Muslim or not. Though he was born a Muslim he claims to be a Christian. And, after all, did he not attend Rev. Wright’s (hate America) church for 20 years where he claims never to have heard a sermon?

One thing I do know about Obama is that he is a LIAR. Whether that means he is lying about being a Christian I do not know.

#6 Comment By luva the scissors On May 4, 2009 @ 5:16 pm

looks like a duck walks like a duck and talks like a duck doesn’t mean he is a christian. he is a pretty much where his loyalties lie and muslim, we pretty much can all see and it isn’t with a christian church. we also can see it isn’t with this nation.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Obama Wants Hamas as a Partner, US trains Jihadi Soldiers 'Founders of 'Palestinian State'

Pamella Geller

Looks like all that jihadi blood money paid off.

The Mohammedan Oba-Hussein-Khomeini president is aligned with the terror force.

If your father and step-father were Muslims, were raised in a Muslim country, were taught at a Madrassah, studied the Quran (a doctrine rife with Jew hatred and calls for the annihilation of the Jews) and thought the "Muslim call to prayer at sunset was the prettiest thing you ever heard" as Obama has said -- this is expected.

Catastrophic but expected.

During the campaign, terrorists were campaigning for Obama. Jihad dollars contributed to Obama's coffers from a Hamas controlled Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, along with al qaeda linked terrorists and phone banks in Gaza for Obama.

Move sparks outrage among Israel supporters.

(As it should for every American.)

The Obama administration is laying the groundwork for dialogue with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday. According to the LA Times, the administration has asked Congress to amend US law so as to enable continued financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority even if Hamas becomes part of a future unity government.

US law requires the PA to adhere to three conditions in order to be eligible for aid: Recognizing Israel, renouncing violence and accepting past agreements. Hamas, as an organization, does not meet these conditions.

(How many times do they have to tell us they will NOT recognize Israel before this Muslim thug in the Obama House believes them? )

According to the proposed change, if the rival Palestinian factions reach a power-sharing agreement, the US would like to provide aid as long as the government members backed by Hamas meet the administration’s criteria.

This new initiative, reported the LA Times, signals a break from the policy of the Bush administration, which opposed a unity government.

The move has already sparked anger among Israel supporters in Congress.

Rep. Mark Steven Kirk told Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a House hearing last week that the administration’s proposal is akin to agreeing to support a government that “only has a few Nazis in it.”

Further developments. Ruth King sent me this latest disaster: "what happened to a "demilitarized" west bank?....Those bastards are being trained by us to attack Israel ...this is so sickening."

US General: Fatah Soldiers are 'Founders of Palestinian State'

Palestinian Authority special forces were praised by an American general this week for becoming the founders of a new Arab country within Israel's current borders."

As I look at you, I couldn't be more proud of the fact that you stepped up to be the founders of a Palestinian state," U.S. Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton told a battalion in his speech to the troops Monday in Tulkarm.

Dayton is responsible for the military training of the PA special forces. The statement was reported by the Reuters news service.

The American government has spent tens of millions of dollars outfitting the PA troops, which it calls “special forces,” possibly in order to avoid contradicting the Oslo Accords that limit military activities of the PA.

Dayton has been overseeing their training, which takes place in Jordan and at a base built in Jericho with U.S. funds. Weapons for the “special forces” are provided by Arab countries, with Israeli approval.

The Olmert administration also approved a gift of armored personnel carriers from Russia with the stipulation that they be unarmed. In addition, Russia had wanted to hand over two helicopters to the PA as well.

Dayton told Reuters that the Oba-Hussein administration plans to expand the training program for 1,500 more PA troops, creating three more battalions, in the next 12 months.

Dayton already has supervised the training of 1,600 troops, most of whom are deployed in large PA-controlled Arab cities, including Jenin, Shechem and Hevron.

Despite their presence, the IDF continues to carry out the task of arresting terrorists, particularly at night when the PA forces do not operate."If it goes the way the administration has asked for, we will accelerate dramatically what we are doing here in terms of training and equipment, and filling in the gaps in between," Dayton said during his visit in Tulkarm, located almost adjacent to the Judea-Samaria separation barrier and only a few miles east of Netanya.

The additional training program requires approval from Congress for more funding that would allow the construction for more PA military bases in Judea and Samaria. Without defining the cost of the additional training and construction, Dayton stated it will entail “more financial support than we have ever had before.”

"Palestinian" aka Fakestinian Islamic Terror, Obama: Lethal for Israel, President Hussein


May 1, 2009
New Obama Administration Muslim Appointee Echoes Muslim Brotherhood Positions
Islam Online, the Internet news portal associated with global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi, has interviewed Dalia Mogahed, one of two U.S. Muslims recently appointed to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. In the interview, Ms. Mogahed repeats claims often made by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. When asked how she saw her role as “an adviser on Islam,” for example, Ms. Mogahed replied:

“I would not say I am an advisor on Islam. I would say that it is my role to convey the facts about what Muslims think and feel. I see my role as offering the voices of the silenced majority of Muslims in America and around the world to the council so that our deliberations are informed by their ideas and wisdom. I believe that I was chosen because the administration cares about what Muslims think and wants to listen.”

Positing various plots and conspiracies to “silence” U.S. Muslims is a standard tactic of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

When asked what she thought of “rising Islamphobia in America,” Ms. Mogahed chose to center her response around “racism” comparing the situation to 1956 when Americans disapproved of interracial marriages:

“Islamphobia in America is very real. Gallup finds that Muslims are among the most unfavorably viewed groups in the US and only a little over a third of Americans say they have no prejudice against Muslims. This presents a grave danger to America as a whole.
The disease of racism, by definition, is a bias in judgment. This means that racism clouds sound judgment and leads people to make irrational decisions. It also divides a nation and prevents the full utilization of its intellectual and cultural resources.
Racism is wasteful. Racism is a strategic disadvantage. I am very proud of the progress America has made in fighting this problem as it relates to the relationship between blacks and whites. In 1956 only 4% of Americans approved of a marriage between whites and blacks. The marriage that produced our president was illegal in Virginia when he was born.
Today 80% of Americans approve of marriage between blacks and whites. Last year, Barack Obama became the first Democratic Presidential candidate in decades to carry Virginia. We are a stronger and smarter nation because of this growth. Our next growth spurt will be in ridding our society of anti-Muslim prejudice.”

A recent poll by Gallup, however, found that:

…when comparing percentage of “thriving” Muslim Americans with Muslims in other Western societies as well as those in predominantly Muslim countries, Muslim Americans are among the groups with the largest percentage of respondents who say they are thriving. (Of the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, only Saudi Arabia’s population has a similarly high proportion of thriving individuals.)

It is telling that Ms. Mogahed chose to focus on U.S. “racism” directed against Muslims rather than the more balanced results presented by Gallup despite the fact that Ms. Mogahed heads the Gallup unit that carried out this poll.
U.S. Brotherhood organizations and their leaders have consistently suggested that they would make the best U.S. “goodwill ambassadors” to the larger Muslim world yet often portray the U.S. treatment of Muslims in an unfavorable light.

Responding to another question on what advice she would give to President Obama about how to improve relations with U.S. and foreign Muslims, Mr.s. Mogahed invokes the notion of “legitimate grievances”:

“I would advise him to listen first and foremost. Many have claimed that terrorists have ‘hijacked Islam.’ I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world. What the terrorists have been allowed to take over are Muslim grievances.
Muslim concerns over injustice have been largely dismissed by the previous administration leaving a vacuum exploited by extremists. This is a dangerous reality for all of us. Instead, the US must hear mainstream Muslim concerns even if America does not agree with their perceptions. These issues can no longer be ignored or left and the extremists to monopolize.”

As noted in a post discussing Muslim Brotherhood rhetorical tactics, defending the violence carried out by Islamist groups is part of the Brotherhood strategy:

Having staked out the positions that Islam is not violent and that Jihad is not connected with violence, the Brotherhood is left with the task of defending the violence carried out by Islamist groups. Since according to the Brotherhood these groups cannot, by definition, be motivated by Islamic ideology, there can be only one answer- they are fighting because of “legitimate grievances” and hence are “freedom fighters.”

In the interview, Ms. Mogahed describes her background as follows:

“I have been tremendously blessed, Alhamdulillah. I feel that mine is a uniquely American story. I grew up in an educated middle class home, but with no special connections or privilege. By excelling in school, I was able to attend a top university and helped pay my way by working during the summer as an engineering intern.
My summer job was at a paper factory in a small Wisconsin town. I was only 19 years old. Managing technicians often reminded me that they’ve been working on the machine longer than I’ve been on Earth. Many also told me that I was the first Muslim they’d ever met. Very few women worked in the factory, so I was already a minority just as a female, but I was also the only hijab-wearing woman in the entire town and the only Muslim in the factory.
All of this of course presented a challenge, but one that taught me a great deal. Once people got to know me I became a professional to them, not a woman in hijab. I took this experience with me to my permanent job after college and to my graduate work. These situations taught me that living according to your conscience was more important than comfortably conforming to your surroundings. I think this simple lesson of life is one that has helped me succeed and given me the courage to face the most difficult and daunting situations.”

However, Ms. Mogahed makes no mention of the part of her background suggesting strong ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood.
Ms. Mogahed, who was born in Egypt and lived in the U.S. since the age of 5, is the daughter of Elsayed Mogahed, an Egyptian immigrant who is a former engineering scientist at the University of Wisconsin and director of the Islamic Center of Madison (ICM).
The website of the ICM links mainly to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations and Souheil Ghannouchi, the President of the Muslim American Society (MAS), was ICM Imam and President for several years.
The MAS is part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closest to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood . In 2003, Ms. Mogahed was identified in 2003 as the Outreach Coordinator for the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) whose co-founder recently lost a DOE security clearance and whose Imam will probably be deported on immigration violations.

Ms. Mogahed is currently the executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies that also includes Georgetown University academic Dr. John Esposito and she also co-authored a book with Dr. Esposito suggesting that majority of the world’s Muslims support some form of democracy.
Dr. Esposito, in turn, is a long-time supporter of the global Muslim Brotherhood , has espoused views consistent with Brotherhood doctrine, and has at least a dozen past or present affiliations with global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organizations. Also part of the Gallup Center is Ahmed Younis, previously a National Director for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.