Monday, June 18, 2012


Here are the top trending stories for the beginning of this week:

In Obama Ethics:  The lead story is also featured on the Drudge Report: An attempt to stifle information at Google, followed closely by the administration's white washing of their attempt to give us the Dream Act by decree.

In the Gunwalker Scandal, Holder is squirming, trying to reach a "Hudna" with Issa over his pending Contempt of Congress citation but is also getting lawsuits from Judicial Watch, and badmouthed by the Border Patrol itself.  I posted a Sipsey Street story last night about another revelation over Obama advisor Denis McDonough being up to his eyeballs in the Gunwalker affair.

The president of Mexico was well pleased with Obama-amnesty and sent El Presidente Hussein his personal thanks, while the former advisor to the _resident thinks he should apologize for dividing the country.

Obamsky's foreign policy skill remains unmatched by mere mortals as the Muslim Brotherhood consolidated its gains in Egypt and launched its first attack from Egypt on Israel from the Egyptian side of the Sinai since Egyptian accord with Israel.  Then moved tanks closer to the fence in the Sinai.  Peace is bustin' out all over.

Queen Michelle is on the campaign trail EVERYWHERE.  The links are below, and the site.

That is what is hot (or not) at the moment.  The website has all the links not covered here.  I will post more as the day progresses.

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