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What say you? Are we steadily approaching what this analysis foretold back in 2009?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ARE WE PAST THE POINT OF RESCUE? (updated) (original article)

By Alan Peters  ©

This foretelling analysis is not really an exaggeration. Oba-Hussein is doing to America what Ayatollah Khomeini did to Iran .

Step by step by step. Out of the same Soviet playbook used by Aayatollah Khomeini!

The only difference is that the street bloodshed that happened in Iran and the ruthless Khomeini executions are still a few huddles away on the American playing field as the still standing patriotic players will not stand for the same kind of murderous slaughter.

But the parallels are there as Obama implements his "change"!

Violence in the USA becomes more likely with every new restriction/regulation imposed on our freedoms;

By power shifted to labor unions and Islamic  activists he has put into policy positions in the White House and into national security positions and bolstered with pro-Sharia regulations, which make them immune to our Consititution;

As Obama discloses his "change activities" our ability to communicate and share information, specially on the Internet, our ability to grow our own food without “health” permits for our backyards;

Our ability to speak frankly and criticise our government or demonstrate against it in public without getting arrested (legislation/executive order already in place to do this!);

All adding to the frustration and unhappiness we are beginning to feel as a nation.

All the above restrictions and more are in the works in the Democratically controlled Senate and Congress. Luckily delayed by the 2010 change in Congress where NON-Obambots have a majority and some control of purse strings but sstill only one third of the power structure.

Even less when weird, radical, unelected, unratified , unconfirmed White House selected "czars" govern in a parallel unregulated status over EVERY single one of our daily life activities!

There will come a time, sooner than later, when the Administration uses force (armed one million man CIVIL SECURITY FORCE with budget and arms equal to the military or newly trained martial law forces as Obama demands to bring about) to implement/impose their Marxist-Islamist policies on an unwilling and by then absolutely miserable American people.

The dollar (getting there) will have virtually collapsed to pretty much useless/worthless green “cloth material” you cannot eat nor use to buy food, shelter, clothing or even materials needed for industrial manufacturing. So no industries and no jobs - anywhere of any kind. (prophetic analysis?)

All gone except for a while with jobs in Obama's government suppression forces as found in Islamic Iran, which Oba-Hussein appears to be studying (and strongly supporting) for his own purposes. Even that will fade away as payment methods disintegrate and all end up without any value.

And for those rushing to buy gold or silver (yes, it has risen in value right now) they will end up at that time with bits of valueless, yellow or grey metal that nobody can, nor will want to buy or possess it when food, warm clothing and similar needs are paramount.

You cannot eat gold or silver, nor  within a short time frame, will it have any more value than other malleable metal. Remember, no manufacturing means no industrial uses and jewelry will not figure high on any list of essential needs.

To survive, you will need goods and services to use as barter, not financial bits of paper like stocks and bonds. They are not nutritiously edible either.

In World War II, someone who had married a Czech national and lived there, survived by knitting sweaters to exchange for her family's needs like bread, eggs and milk for her young daughter.

She was herself the daughter of a Prime Minister (not England ) who was unable to help her in that chaotic time and her husband could not find any work. Her knitting skills and barter saved the family unit till they could escape to rejoin her father in a neutral country.

If you have seen (or for me heard from an older person) the details of this, you can foresee how things not only CAN be similar here in the USA but already were that way elsewhere because of circumstances similar to those the Oba-Hussein administration is bringing into play in the USA.

We are already bankrupted by his administration for generations, by misuse of national treasure as did the Mullahs in Iran by sending money to HAMAS, Hezbollah and other terror groups while Iranians died of malnutrition, HIV and drug addiction - and unlike the previous USA Great Recession, there will be NOBODY to provide food kitchens for the “suddenly very poor everyone" who cannot flee the new USSA (United Socialist States of America).

And flee to where? The financial crash of the dollar and USA economy will crash more or less all economies worldwide. Third world, agricultural societies will fare/survive the best.

And predictably death from starvation, suicide, murder suicide in destitute families will hit us in the hundreds of thousands - more likely in millions in about two to three years after the Obama Apocalypse crash.

Who do you think can feed a suddenly starving, out of work, out of money populace of at least 250 million people in America . (Out of our 300 million or so).

The other 50 million, living in rural areas and growing their own food, will survive more easily. They will be armed to repel marauders attacking them from the cities or less well supplied neighbors. And have items to  barter.

Inside cities, armed neighborhoods will block off areas or neighborhoods to protect whatever supplies they have in their territory. Brute strength in numbers and individual physique will rule.

After local supplies fade out, these persons will turn into marauders themselves and kill or be killed.

Also remember that vehicle fuel (cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles etc. - heating fuel or anything that runs on these - will no longer be easily operational for very long. So to get around people will soon have to resort to horses.

Commerce or barter of any kind will soon be reduced from regional to local as transportation of products or produce becomes next to impossible. Back to old wagon trains and highway robbers.

Even farming will fall back on age old methods of using animals for ploughing. Milking will be by hand again. Lifestyles will revert to Amish type conditions.

No, this is not a fantasy movie scenario, though it could be, it is a hard look at where we are being pushed under Obama’s bus. Few of us have had to deal with either the Khomeini type of power grab or bloody revolution or encountered/faced the type of catastrophes that Katrina brought or flooding in the Philippines or earthquakes in Indonesia. You have?

Then deal in THIS MAJOR DIFFERENCE! There will be nobody anywhere in the USA nor in the whole world to come to your help/rescue. As happens now in a major crisis.

The above catastrophes will be Great Recession multiplied a THOUSAND OR TEN THOUSAND times and will drown any government still willing to assist their populace. Watch what is going on in Europe, specially Greece, Spain or Italy, already hurtling downhill. As America is beginning to descend into our own Obama Apocalypse abyss also.

The saddest part of this is that the author of all this Oba-Hussein-Khomeini will flee to Kenya and cousin Odinga and his ruthless mobs to protect them, where the agricultural economy will be usurped to their needs and of their inner families. Repeat, inner families.

Millionaire Oba-Hussein, whose paternal brother lives in the slums of Nairobi on less than $20 a year has not received even a single $100 bill directly from the man who spends Trillions of YOUR money but not a penny of his own.

All of this sounds incredible in our present social and cultural circumstances and mindsets till you apply the “nobody capable of coming to the rescue” to the formula. And our hurtling into a Socialist/Communist environment/idelogically espoused by Obama. Then you will be able to envision the reality of this.

A disaster CERTAINTY if we fail to see the danger to us and the world in re-electing Obama! Those who suckle at his teats of public money he abuses to keep them on his side blindly ignore that this source will rapidly dry up and the support they want will disappear, leaving them worse off than others who became aware of the danger and DID NOT vote for him.

Denial will not alter reality.

The old and young will perish from starvation first , lack of medical care and the infection of unburied bodies, next. Tens of thousand of corpses at one time once hunger and disease take hold.

Who among the already sick, malnourished and dying or still healthy and strong people, trying to survive at any cost, will take the time to bury so many bodies?

In those circumstances can any city or regional or State or federal organization still function?

Can the Obamabots who consider voting for him seriously promise us this will NOT happen under the Obama policies? Really?
You may wish to challenge or reject the “in these circumstances” premise/facet of this analysis. Why? Because it does not match your experience? You cannot imagine it can actually happen?

Did you imagine the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini Apocalypse could happen in America? Really? But it did.

Think outside the limits of your personal experience and extrapolate what we face now if matters continue down the slippery slope Oba-Hussein has placed under our feet.

It is so horrible our minds refuse to come to grips with it. Yet unless Judge David Carter* decides to take the eligibility case to trial on its merits and Oba-Hussein proves to not be eligible to be where he is, this is the future you face, I face and if they survive our children face.

*Judge  Carter flaked out since this was originally written and dismissed the case, which after all the damage he could have saved all of us, is now reappearing in our courts, hopefully ending the ability of Obama to hurt us even more!

Think about it and think hard - not with denial and skepticism but by following the logical unfolding of what we are enduring till the ultimate unavoidable end as things now stand. (E(Even worse as matters stand three years later!)

We need CHANGE from his CHANGE if our country and our future is to survive. Sadly it may even already be too late and as Hal Ketchum sings, we may be "past the point of rescue."

My heart bleeds for our country and this song says it well!
Love is love. For another or for a country.

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