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Obama Wants Hamas as a Partner, US trains Jihadi Soldiers 'Founders of 'Palestinian State'

Pamella Geller

Looks like all that jihadi blood money paid off.

The Mohammedan Oba-Hussein-Khomeini president is aligned with the terror force.

If your father and step-father were Muslims, were raised in a Muslim country, were taught at a Madrassah, studied the Quran (a doctrine rife with Jew hatred and calls for the annihilation of the Jews) and thought the "Muslim call to prayer at sunset was the prettiest thing you ever heard" as Obama has said -- this is expected.

Catastrophic but expected.

During the campaign, terrorists were campaigning for Obama. Jihad dollars contributed to Obama's coffers from a Hamas controlled Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, along with al qaeda linked terrorists and phone banks in Gaza for Obama.

Move sparks outrage among Israel supporters.

(As it should for every American.)

The Obama administration is laying the groundwork for dialogue with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday. According to the LA Times, the administration has asked Congress to amend US law so as to enable continued financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority even if Hamas becomes part of a future unity government.

US law requires the PA to adhere to three conditions in order to be eligible for aid: Recognizing Israel, renouncing violence and accepting past agreements. Hamas, as an organization, does not meet these conditions.

(How many times do they have to tell us they will NOT recognize Israel before this Muslim thug in the Obama House believes them? )

According to the proposed change, if the rival Palestinian factions reach a power-sharing agreement, the US would like to provide aid as long as the government members backed by Hamas meet the administration’s criteria.

This new initiative, reported the LA Times, signals a break from the policy of the Bush administration, which opposed a unity government.

The move has already sparked anger among Israel supporters in Congress.

Rep. Mark Steven Kirk told Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a House hearing last week that the administration’s proposal is akin to agreeing to support a government that “only has a few Nazis in it.”

Further developments. Ruth King sent me this latest disaster: "what happened to a "demilitarized" west bank?....Those bastards are being trained by us to attack Israel ...this is so sickening."

US General: Fatah Soldiers are 'Founders of Palestinian State'

Palestinian Authority special forces were praised by an American general this week for becoming the founders of a new Arab country within Israel's current borders."

As I look at you, I couldn't be more proud of the fact that you stepped up to be the founders of a Palestinian state," U.S. Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton told a battalion in his speech to the troops Monday in Tulkarm.

Dayton is responsible for the military training of the PA special forces. The statement was reported by the Reuters news service.

The American government has spent tens of millions of dollars outfitting the PA troops, which it calls “special forces,” possibly in order to avoid contradicting the Oslo Accords that limit military activities of the PA.

Dayton has been overseeing their training, which takes place in Jordan and at a base built in Jericho with U.S. funds. Weapons for the “special forces” are provided by Arab countries, with Israeli approval.

The Olmert administration also approved a gift of armored personnel carriers from Russia with the stipulation that they be unarmed. In addition, Russia had wanted to hand over two helicopters to the PA as well.

Dayton told Reuters that the Oba-Hussein administration plans to expand the training program for 1,500 more PA troops, creating three more battalions, in the next 12 months.

Dayton already has supervised the training of 1,600 troops, most of whom are deployed in large PA-controlled Arab cities, including Jenin, Shechem and Hevron.

Despite their presence, the IDF continues to carry out the task of arresting terrorists, particularly at night when the PA forces do not operate."If it goes the way the administration has asked for, we will accelerate dramatically what we are doing here in terms of training and equipment, and filling in the gaps in between," Dayton said during his visit in Tulkarm, located almost adjacent to the Judea-Samaria separation barrier and only a few miles east of Netanya.

The additional training program requires approval from Congress for more funding that would allow the construction for more PA military bases in Judea and Samaria. Without defining the cost of the additional training and construction, Dayton stated it will entail “more financial support than we have ever had before.”

"Palestinian" aka Fakestinian Islamic Terror, Obama: Lethal for Israel, President Hussein

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