Monday, March 27, 2006

KHATAMI Accused of Treason

In another warning to the "old enclave" of Mullahs, President Amadi-Nejad has accused former President Khatami of treason, citing his recent trip to Germany and holding talks with the new German Chancellor as "spying for the enemy"!

Remember that Ahmadi-Nejad had already arrested former President Rafsanjani's son for involvement with "corrupt" oil deals. This short arrest of a couple of days was not publicized but was a warning shot across Rafsanjani's bows just after the elections to stay neutral, at worst, and not to oppose Ahmadi-Nejad.

Ahmadi-Nejad, with his Pasdaran commanders in every position of executive and military power has also warned Supreme Ruler Khamenei, dying of cancer with an estimated six months to live, to stay out of the way or die in prison for corruption and for dereliction of duty in upholding the tenets of Islam.

Mesbah Yazdi (a.k.a. The Crocodile)

The neo-Iran structure translates into a military take over by Ahmadi-Nejad with the clerical backing of looney tunes Mesbah Yazdi, who has also attacked the old guard ayatollah rulers by offering himself as candidate for the Supreme position and withdrawing his former support for Khamenei, stating that he was mistaked when he voted (one of only two ayatollahs to do so) to make Khamenei a "grand ayatollah" required for ascension to Supreme Ruler position.

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