Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Times Online reported that Iran is seeking to import large consignments of bomb-making uranium from the African mining area that produced the Hiroshima bomb. A huge shipment of smuggled uranium 238, uncovered by customs officials in Tanzania destined for the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. (For peaceful purposes of course!)

Iranian dissident Mohammadi's funeral.

SOSIran published a translation of a report on the condition of the body of the Iranian dissident. Graphic language.

Iran Press News published photos of the funeral of Iranian dissident Akbar Mohammadi.

Islamic Regime newspaper: "Open a corridor for the drug trade to Europe".

Iran Press News reported that the regime-run Kayhan newspaper is demanding that a transit for drug shipments from Iran into Europe be opened up.

Russians angry over US sanction on arms deal to Iran.

Mos News reported that Washington imposed sanctions on two of Russia’s leading arms firms over their links with Iran on Friday, a step Moscow said was a “clearly illegitimate” attempt to impose U.S. laws on foreigners.

Hezbollah's training program in Iran.

Iran Press News reported on an interview with Mullah Ali-Akbar Mohtashami-pour, known as "The Godfather" of Lebanon's Hezbollah and also known as one of the leaders of the defeated and now-marginalized band of ex-President Khatami Reformists.

He said: "while I was in Lebanon and Syria myself, we were able to organize at least 30 training sessions and each session was consistent of 300 trainees."

Iran Press News reported that Hezbollah forces are dispatched to Iran in order to receive training by the Islamic regime and are then returned to Lebanon. A 30-member group, who were on a recent training visit to Iran, was instructed on the operations of the “Fajr” Missiles 3 and 5, the Russian-made SAM (Surface-to-Air Missiles) 7 and the Chinese QW1.

US Congress remembers Iran's 100th anniversary of it constitutional revolution. (Alan's note: a revival of this could be used as a basis for a "Government in Exile" in Europe or Canada as a counterpoint to the Islamic Regime and an umbrella under which opposition groups could fucntion)

Yahoo News reported that the United States hailed Iran's constitutional revolution on its 100th anniversary as a defining but short-lived advance toward democracy, and voiced support for Iranians it said who still hoped for an open society.

Congressman Lantos meets with Iranian ambassador.

(Alan's note: The idea of not having diplomatic relations with Iran means NOT having relations with Iranian ambassadors, Mr. Santos. Like the New York Times you are deciding what is and what is not best for our country and disregarding what you should be doing by law. Your job in Congress is NOT to conduct foreign policy!)

TradeArabia News Service reported that Rep Tom Lantos, an influential lawmaker has met Iran's UN ambassador Javad Zarif at the envoy's New York home twice in 2006.

Iran Press News reported that August 2nd, over 50 workers and activists from the greater Tehran bus drivers Union gathered in front of the labor department in east Tehran and asked that their belated demands be investigated as promised.

Iran Press News reported that the publisher of the economic and cultural publication, Asia was sentenced to 6 months in prison charged with “propaganda for activist groups opposed to the Islamic Republic.”

Michael Ledeen, The Corner commented on our report, where Iran warned that should their nuclear dossier be voted for referral by the United Nations Security all political prisoners will be summarily executed, saying A regime that kills its own citizens will not hesitate to kill its external enemies.

Iran Press News reported that since the Islamic regime was taken off-guard by recent demonstrations and protests by the brave people of Tabriz, they have been displaying their Basiji mercenaries in the streets under the guise of conducting “maneuvers for confronting uprisings and unrest in the cities”, the terrorism-financing Islamic regime aims to strike fear in the hearts of the people.

A Graphic entitled: A love so beautiful...Putin & his Ahmadinejad.

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