Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ayatollahs Present THEIR Choice of Books to St. Andrews University

Kudos to Roxan, write your own protest letters.

October 11, 2006 9:59 PM


Subject: My response to St. Andrews

Dear Sir Menzies:

We appreciate St. Andrews’ transparency regarding the receipt of 27,000 books form the Iranian ambassador in France in the amount of 100,000.00 Pounds in order to form the new Center for Iranian Studies at your University.

This will surely allow Mr. Ansari and his cohorts inside the Islamic republic to meddle in the contents of studies and curriculum.

This donation would have in no way been possible without the approval of the “Supreme Guide” Mr. Khameneii.Its motivation is nothing but political like their motivation to supply and contribute to the coffers of the Hezbollah.

It is a shame that while the government of the United Kingdom has recognized the Islamic Republic as a terrorist regime that such a reputable institution has chosen to accept the sponsorship of the same terrorist regime and honor one of its key players.

As St. Andrews University stands to be the first University, in the free western democracies , to honor a former High Official of that fascist regime in our country, in such an extraordinary dignified way it is the public's right to delve into and to find out the true motivations for that.

It is also the right of those of us who have lost so many of our innocent compatriots throughout those 28 years.

Freedom of information, which is one of the bulwarks of the British legal system, permits us and the citizens of the United Kingdom to be kept informed fully, from now on, about whatever contributions the regime in Iran makes, directly or indirectly, under the cover of contributions by associations or individuals, related to it, in cash or in kind, to the St. Andrews University or specific projects undertaken by it such as the Center for Iranian Studies.


Roxanne Ganji

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