Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saudi Forums News Briefs

Capture, Torture of US Soldiers in Iraq Called For

An Internet poster suggests capturing American soldiers in Iraq, torturing them, and videotaping the scenes so that media coverage of these acts in the United states will affect public opinion and lead to a demand for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

The scene of soldiers groaning from inflicted pain has more influence than dozens of scenes of exploding tanks and troop carriers, and that should be sufficient to make the American administration tremble" says the posting.

All posted comments supported the idea as one participant said "It's better to tape them playing the role of barking dogs."

Riyadh Book Fair Provokes Criticism

A posting strongly criticizes the Riyadh Book Fair for banning "books of monotheism" and allowing books about sex, Sufism, atheism, and for publishing the Torah and the Bible in Arabic. A posting about the Ministry of Information's pretext for banning books by Shaykhs Qutb, Al-Fawzan, and Al-Tarifi says "It is the [same] claim by Bush and Blair: Fighting terrorism and resisting extremism."

The participant posted the cover image from the DVD of the film Sex, Lies, and Videotape and the cover of the book An Idiot's Guide To Sex, which he claims he found at the expo as well as a list and images of some reportedly banned books which included: Allegiance & Disavowal by Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan [no picture shown]

In the Shadows of the Koran [Interpretation of the Koran] by Egyptian Shaykh Qutb.

Informing Through Explaining the Invalidators of Islam by Shaykh abd-al-Aziz al-Tarifi

Unifying the Word Over the Word of Monotheism by Shaykh abd-al-Aziz al-Tarifi Koranic Studies by Shaykh Qutb Battle Of Traditions by Shaykh Qutb

Ban on Searching Cell Phones Applauded

Posters hail the decision of the head of the religious police, Ibrahim al-Ghayt, to ban the search or confiscation of cell phones of those arrested except in limited situations.

"It is a wise decision and we expect similar decisions to limit the authority of al-Hisba's [the religious police's] men with or without a reason," said one participant. Another participant said "a wise decision that needs strict monitoring and follow-up of those who intrude on people's privacy in the name of religion."

Read more on the ban

Speculation on US Envoy's Visit To al-Qasim Region

Posters wonder about the reasons behind a visit by the US Ambassador, his wife, and another US diplomat to the prince of al-Qasim Region, Faysal Bin-Bandar bin-abd-al-Aziz.

"What's the reason behind the Ambassador's visit to a region dear to our hearts? God knows best! Is this a courtesy visit or was he invited by the region's Prince? The issue is no doubt political" says one participant.

Crown Prince's Beard Debated As Sign of Devotion, Fashion Participants discuss why Prince Fahd Bin-Sultan grew his beard. While some think it's a sign of being more religious and following the Salafist tradition, others think it is just an attempt by the prince to keep up with fashion.

Names of Saudis Said Killed in Iraq Posted

A posting compiles a list with the names of 24 Saudi young men reportedly killed in Iraq. The posting details the circumstances surrounding the death of every one of them along with the names of their hometowns.

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