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DEMOCRAT Congressman Facilitates Islamists


From CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) to Democrat Congressman's office:

For a detailed description of CAIR, view the video at this link on this site:

Congressman Joe Sestak employs staffer from Saudi funded front group for Hamas - Adeeba Al Zaman :

CAIR alters fundraising poster eliminates three of four speakers names

MIM: The callers to Joe Sestak's office protesting his slated appearence at the fundraising banquet for the Council on American Islamic Relations are in for a nasty surprise.

The staffer who could be anwering their call could be none other then CAIR Philly staffer and former communications director Adeeba Al Zaman.

The U.S. Congressman's employment of a CAIR staffer signifies another advance for "legal Islamism".

In his article "How the West Could Lose" Dr. Daniel Pipes issued this dire warning: "… Should Islamists get smart and avoid mass destruction, but instead stick to the lawful, political, non-violent route, and should their movement remain vital, it is difficult to see what will stop them…" (Alan Note: similar to Hezbollah's take over in Lebanon and to some degree Hamas within Palestinian territory)

MIM Note: Besides Edward Peck two other featured speakers were Parvez Ahmed CAIR National Director and Rafael Narbaez the director of the American Ansar Foundation.

A few hours after a journalist contacted Sestak's Philly office CAIR removed THREE of the four names which had previously appeared on the poster above. For background on the other speakers see: US Rep Joe Sestak to speak at CAIR Philly banquet with Edward Peck who met with terrorists on CNI "political pilgrimage" in '06

CAIR-PA's First Annual Banquet American Muslims: Connecting and Sharing Featured Speakers: Dr. Edward Peck, Congressman Joe Sestak, 7th District April 7, 2007 at 5:30 pm Hilton Philadelphia, 4200 City Avenue Download Banquet Flyer (85KB)


U.S. Representative Joe Sestak [D-Penn] Employes CAIR Staffer - Saudi Funded Front Group For Hamas Gains Access To Democrat Leadership

By Beila Rabinowitz - San Francisco, CA

Calling into question Representative Sestak's competence in addressing matters of national security, it seems he can't even adequately police his own turf, in that he has granted employment to a CAIR [the Saudi funded Wahhabist front for Hamas, the Council on American Islamic Relations] staffer, Adeeba Al Zaman.

Adeeba Al-Zaman was born in Houston, TX. She graduated in December 2004 from Rosemont College with a degree in political science. From April 2005 until September 2006, Adeeba was CAIR-PA's first full-time employee, Director of Communications.

She was hired to develop the organization from the ground-up.

Among other things, Adeeba presented CAIR-PA's 10-part course, "Understanding Islam and Muslims through History and Jurisprudence" at the Paoli Presbyterian Church.

Adeeba is currently a Congressional staffer for Congressman Joe Sestak of PA District 7.

She remains actively involved in various community and interfaith activities in the Philadelphia area." This close relationship between the Democrat Representative and the Islamist group explains why Mr. Sestak is listed as the featured speaker at CAIR's fundraising banquet in Philadelphia on April 7th 2007.

CAIR is a known quantity these days, their faux moderation a thing of the past.

Senator Barbara Boxer recently rescinded an award given to CAIR because of the group's "refusal to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah" and a "whole laundry list of things" including having their civil rights and communications director Ismail Randall Royer jailed for 20 years on terrorism charges.

Details of CAIR's "handshake-away" relationship with terror can be sourced here [Ghassan Elashi's Sentencing Proves CAIR's Terror Ties].

Inquiring about the matter, our call to Sestak's office yesterday was greeted by an irritated staffer who stated that they "had gotten a lot of calls about this" [the CAIR appearance] and who then abruptly terminated the conversation when we declined to provide an address.

CAIR is actively promoting the relationship with their "inside" guy.

Iftekhar Hussain the director of the CAIR Philadelphia office - and Adeeba Al Zaman's real boss - sent out an email asking Muslims to show support for Sestak's decision to speak at their fundraiser/banquet.

We therefore think it essential for Mr. Sestak to explain why he is employing a member of an organization whose very connection with the office of a U.S. Congressman raises serious questions of national security.

CAIR Philly director Iftekhar Hussain's email to Muslims to show support for Joe Sestak who is "taking heat from some anti - Muslim constituents".

From: "Iftekhar Hussain"

Subject: KINDLY CALL JOE SESTAK AT 610-892-8623 to THANK HIM

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 01:57:26

Dear Friend, Peace to you!

I am writing to ask for your support on an urgent issue.

Congressman Joe Sestak is taking heat from some anti-Muslim constituents for having accepted an invitation to CAIR-PA, Philadelphia Chapter's annual banquet on April 7, 2007.

Why should he support CAIR-PA? Check out CAIR-PA's website to learn more about the work that it does to build tolerance and understanding in Pennsylvania.

Don't let him walk away with the message that he shouldn't support some of the most urgent civil rights and interfaith work in the state!


Please follow these easy instructions: Make a two-minute phone call now: Contact Congressman Joe Sestak at 610-892-8623 and tell him

1. You are a voter If you are a voter in the 7th District, that is great but not necessary. [the 7th district contains the western and northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia. It is comprised of the majority of Delaware County (except for the City of Chester and some of the eastern boroughs), a portion of Chester County east of West Chester, and a portion of southern Montgomery County in the affluent Main Line area]

2. You understand that he has accepted an invitation to speak at CAIR-PA's annual banquet

3. You want to express your support and enthusiasm for his participation in this event, which demonstrates his support for one of the state's most important civil rights and interfaith organizations.

Thank you and Best Regards

Your friends, Iftekhar and Bushra

Iftekhar Hussain:


Iftekhar is the Chair of CAIR-PA. He is also currently serving as Secretary General of the American Muslim Society of the Tristate Area of PA, NJ & DE and on the advisory committee of the American Friends Service Committee, Middle East Peace Building Unit.

He is engaged in local interfaith educational initiatives with a focus on 'Islam and the Middle East' and 'US Foreign Policy and the Muslim world'.

On behalf of CAIR-PA, he has developed a 10-part course titled 'Understanding Islam and Muslims through History and Jurisprudence' and has taught it at churches, synagogues, mosques and local county night schools. He has presented this course at over 20 different venues over the past 6 years.

Iftekhar serves as Islamic Friday prayer service leader at suburban mosques in the Delaware Valley. He has started and volunteered for PA and TX Muslim community organizations at the board level and executive committee level.

He has also worked with national Muslim organizations as consultant for local work and representation and has represented local Muslim organizations at the national level.

Under contract, he has led a process improvement study and implemented a process improvement plan for an Islamic educational foundation in the Delaware Valley.

Iftekhar was born in Bangladesh, has lived in the Middle East and Europe and studied in Texas obtaining a Bachelors and a Masters at Texas A&M University and worked toward a PhD at Penn State University.

He works as a consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry, traveling in Asia Pacific and Europe on corporate business process re-engineering assignments.

Iftekhar is married to Bushra Kourani for the past 10 years and has three children Yousef (age 8), Omar (age 7) and Huda (age 3).


Congresman Paul Findley and visit with Khalaf Al Habtoor:

How CAIR fundraises abroad

An article by Shakir Husain, "Arabs urged to invest in image-building in US," in the Dubai-based Gulf News, provides a rare glimpse into two aspects of CAIR – its activities abroad and its finances.

Parvez Ahmad, CAIR chairman visited Dubai (with former congressman Paul Findley in tow) and held discussions with Khalaf Al Habtoor and other businessmen, seeking funds for a 5-year, $50-million public relations campaign CAIR has initiated.

Ahmad called it "the most ambitious public relations campaign anywhere in the world that the Muslims have thought about to change perceptions about Islam."

He warned the businessmen that donating is in their own interest, raising the DP World fiasco and arguing that "If the image of Islam and Muslims is not repaired in America, Muslim and Arab business interests will continue to be on a downward slide in the US.

Do not think about your contributions as donations. Think about it from the perspective of rate of return. The investment of $50 million will give you billions of dollars in return for 50 years."

He argued for dealing with the image problem in the United States because it will "remain a superpower and the largest economy in the world for at least the next 50 years."

As for the finances, the article states that CAIR plans to construct a seven-storey, $24-million office building.

It already has the land and is now raising funds for the edifice. Ahmad noted that "This building will provide CAIR $3 million per year in revenues. That will provide enough stability from an operational side."

Paul Sperry reports in "The CAIR-U.A.E. Connection" that the United Arab Emirates announced on its official government website that it has set up an endowment serving as a source of income for CAIR.

The amount of the funding is undisclosed, but sources say it will be enough to help CAIR finance the construction of a new $24 million office building and a planned $50 million public-relations campaign aimed at repairing Islam's—and the UAE's—image in America.

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