Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Revenge Rape Call

Global Islamic Media Front Urges: Avenge Rape, Strike US, Iraq Interests Originally published on 2/23/2007 by Jihadist Websites

-- OSC Summary in Arabic Terrorism:

Global Islamic Media Front Urged Muslims to Attack American, Iraqi Interests Anywhere in The World

On 23 February, a jihadist website posted a statement issued by the Global Islamic Media Media Front in which the group called on "jihad abstainers" [those refusing to join jihad] to join the mujahidin and avenge the rape of Sabrin Al-Janabi.

In an attempt to further mobilize and motivate people, the statement was written in prose and poetry. Many other jihadist groups have denounced the rape of Sabrin and called for revenge. In its response to the rape of Sabrin Al-Janabi in Iraq, written both in prose and poetry, the Global Islamic Media Front seized the opportunity to address those who abstain from jihad and urged them to react and attack Iraqi and Western interests anywhere in the world:

"most of us have cried, some of us were angered, and some of us denounced the collaborating government and prayed against the rejectionists."

"Others have called on the mujahidin to take revenge against those filthy people, as if the mujahidin have opened an information and services office."

Then the statement rhetorically asked: "Who among us thought of avenging this sister and hundreds of other Muslim women, whose honor has been violated."

Still addressing the abstainers, the statement went on to suggest ways and methods of avenging the rape of Sabrin and other Muslim women: "I will simplify the task for you and show you the best way for revenge:

Killing the crusaders' collaborator, the traitor Tariq Al-Hashimi

Killing the crusaders' agent, the rejectionist safawid Nuri Al-Maliki

Killing the rejectionist agents of the crusaders, Abd-al-Aziz Al-Hakim and Muqtada Al-Sadr

Blowing up an American or Iraqi embassy anywhere in the world.

Killing crusader or Iraqi diplomats anywhere in the world.

Targeting the offices of the Iraqi parties of apostasy in the Islamic world."

The statement concluded by calling on the mujahidin to name each of their operations "Revenge Attack for Muslim Honor."

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