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Alan note: NOT a single Arab country has accepted Palestinians as citizens, offered them a nationality OR even a passport. Singling out Lebanon is pure blarney propaganda by Al Qaeda and Syria.

May 25, 2007: Video from the Media Council of Al Qaeda in the Levant

A video statement from Al Qaeda of the Levant entitled “The CrusaderWarsare Back” was released Friday on the internet.

The media council of Al-Qaeda organization in the Levant presents
“The crusader wars are back”

The video shows a masked man wearing a red headdress (Kufieh) and anexplosive belt. The font addresses him as “The military official ofAl-Qaedaorganization in the Levant”

The video in Arabic can be downloaded/viewed here. A translation summary follows below:

Those who follow what our people are encountering in the camps inLebanonand from a long period of time, their hearts will burst with pain,sadnessand heartbreak .. From the first days, they were placed in a ...big prison . They encountered campaigns of neglect . After they were the intellectuals of the Arab world, they became the lowest ... One of the strangest things is that the Palestinians have no right for ownership; they cannot even own a cemetery for their dead.

Alan note: to prevent them having ANY claim at all inside any Arab nation. Nobody wants them because wherever they have gone - Arafart was asylumed in SEVEN countries - and tried to take down the government in each one till they threw him and his Palestinians out - or relegated them to the camps.

There is NO such thing as a Palestinian nation. The current "palestinians" are simply Arabs from all over, who have tried to revise history and claim descendency from the Philistine tribes. Only problem is : those tribes went EXTINCT some 3,000 years ago and left nobody behind to be palestinians, Philistinians or anything else!

Palestinian websites are VERY silent on their roots and mostly focus on posting information from the past 30-years as they are a MYTH.

(Summary) He talks about the major demographic changes in Lebanon ifthePalestinians are accepted in the Lebanese society because they areSunnis.This is why vehement war was waged against them. He talks how theShiiteAmal & the crusaders targeted them before. They took advantage of theapparent Sunni weakness in front of Shiite crusader supremacy, economicandmilitary. )

They returned again, a new Crusader march under the false pretext offighting terror. And they mean the movement of Fath Al-Islam. And thebeginning was from the city of the scholars and the Mujahedeen,Tripoli, theLevant where Nahr Al-Bared camp is. And the fiery crusader statementsstarted flowing on the television screens without any shame.

From the treacherous agent of the Jews, the leader of the LebaneseForcesand from the ally of the magus, the spiteful crusader and the greedy toruleLebanon, Michel Aoun, all of them inciting the annihilation of the NahrAl-Bared camp, and this was already accomplished for them. Hundreds ofhouses were demolished over the heads of their owners under a brutalnonesuch shelling and with all kinds of weapons that were never usednoteven once against the Jews.

We send a message to the head of Christianity in Lebanon, the cunning Maronite Sfeir (Patriarch), telling him, keep your dogs off our peopleandshut off the fires of your canons or there is no excuse for those who are warned. There will not be a safe haven for any crusader in Lebanon. And just like you strike, you will be struck. Our children and women are no less sanctified than your children and women. If you are not done, we will extract your hearts with booby-trapped devices and we will surround your places with bombs and we will target all the kinds of your business startingwith tourism and ending with anything else from the means of your rotten livelihoods. Since you already declared it a new Crusader war so I saywelcome to the fight. Don’t be fooled by the support of the apostateArabsor the fact that we didn’t pay attention to you in the past.

We are warning you and for the last time, and there will be nothingafterthat but seas of blood. What we want is that you order the LebaneseChristian head of the army to withdraw his men from allover thePalestiniancamps in general and the Nahr Al-Bared camp in particular, stop itsshellingand remove all the control checkpoints that are placed around it so gobackto your sanity because you O people of the Cross are in the midst of aSunnicircle that will drown you if you stayed on this course and didn’tacceptour advice.

And to our people in the camps in general, and Nahr Al-Bared inparticularwe tell you, by God we will not let you down and you will see from thepeople of the Sunnis in general and in Lebanon and Tripoli in particular what will please your eyes. God is great and glory is to Islam.

Alan note: "Reverse Crusade" in action, which is what the West is facing but refusing to acknowledge. This denial of the most fanatical tenets of Islam, now spreadiing like flesh eating bacteria in Europe and the USA and eating us up, may prove to be the enemy's strongest weapon. In addition to the mindless liberal press and media and liberal political parties like the Democrats in the USA giving them cover and obstructing action against what could likely kill us all.

(Signed) The military official of Al-Qaeda organization in the Levant

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