Tuesday, July 17, 2007


[Gulf Times] PHILIPPINES - Manila military warns of ‘all-out war’ on militants
“Philippine military on Monday warned it could launch an “all-out war” against Islamic militants if they did not surrender those behind an ambush last week in which 14 marines were killed, and 10 later beheaded”

[AP] EGYPT - 2 Palestinians wounded in riots at Egyptian airport near Gaza
“About 100 Palestinians smashed doors and windows inside an airport building in this Egypt-Gaza Strip border town early Tuesday after being trapped there for more than a month since the border’s closure”

[Reuters] ALGERIA - Algerian army foils al Qaeda attack
“About 50 members of the al Qaeda Organisation in the Islamic Maghreb attacked two police stations in Yaourene village in Tizi Ouzou province”
“Before the attack, the group planted five bombs on a road leading to the stations targeting any reinforcements by government forces. Two of them exploded without causing casualties”

[Jerusalem Post] ISRAEL - Fake bomb left on Jerusalem - Ma’ale Adumim Road
“The object, which was composed of a bottle attached to a battery, had the word “Hamas” written on it in Arabic and the word “TNT” in English along with a swastika”

[PAKTRIBUNE] AFGHANISTAN - Taliban behead civilians

“The above incident(s) were located, qualified, and added to the incident map by asan approved partner of”
[AP] UKRAINE - Hundreds Evacuated After Train Crash Releases Toxic Cloud in Ukraine,2933,289569,00.html
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[Jurnalo] PAKISTAN - Pakistani police detain 39 suspects in failed attack on Musharraf “Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies have detained 39 people suspected of involvement in a failed attempt on the life of President Pervez Musharraf earlier this month”

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