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1. Chicago: Suspended Chicago Police Officer Arrested for Planning Murder-For-Hire of Fellow Officer
Jerome Finnigan was arrested for allegedly planning the murder-for-hire of a former fellow police officer, a potential witness against him in an ongoing federal investigation as well as a pending state criminal prosecution.

2. Newark: Guttenberg Mayor and His Wife Indicted on Charges of Mail Fraud and Extortion
Guttenberg Mayor David Delle Donna and his wife, Anna Della Donna, were indicted for conspiring to divert campaign contributions from various campaign committees. The defendants were also charged with extorting cash contributions and other payments.

3. Dallas: 14 Current and Former Public Officials Charged In Bribery and Extortion Scheme
A 31-count indictment charged 14 current and former public officials and their associates with bribery and extortion involving affordable housing developments. The alleged conspiracy and fraud included under-reporting federal income taxes and money laundering.

4. Cincinnati: Three Zanesville Area Police Officers Arrested on Federal Charges
Police officers, Sean Beck and Trevor Fusner, and Genesis Health Care System Police Officer, Chad Mills, were arrested for conspiring to steal cocaine from a narcotics dealer and to sell the cocaine using a third party. Beck was also charged with extortion.

6. Kansas City: Federal Racketeering Charges Filed Against Crips Gang Members in Wichita
Twenty-eight members of the Crips Gang were charged in two indictments in the first federal racketeering case filed in Kansas. “The indictments describe a criminal enterprise in which murder, drive-by shootings, robbery, and drug-trafficking crimes were treated as tools for doing business,” said US Attorney Eric Melgren.

5. Detroit: High-Ranking Immigration Official Charged With Bribery, Extortion, and Conspiracy
Assistant District Director of the Detroit office of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), Roy M. Bailey, was charged with accepting large sums of money and other property in return for granting immigration benefits, including the release of several individuals who were in custody of ICE. Four other individuals were also charged in the case.

6. Los Angeles: Former Attorney Charged in $19 Million Ponzi Scheme
Mark Forrest Cohn, a former California lawyer, was charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. Cohn’s company, Four Star Financial Services, raised approximately $45 million from investors.

7. Baltimore: Former CEO Pleads Guilty to Bribing a Government Official for $130 Million In Federal Contracts Michael B. Holiday pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion in connection with a scheme involving three federal contracts worth over $130 million which were awarded to his company. Holiday also pleaded guilty to transporting child pornography by computer.

8. National Security Higher Education Advisory Board Confirms Seven New Members
The National Security Higher Education Advisory Board (NSHEAB) was designed by Director Mueller as a forum for discussion of national security issues. The mission of the NSHEAD also includes the promotion of the understanding of the unique culture, traditions, and practices of higher education.

9. Sacramento: Indictment and Arrest for Computer Hacking
Greg King was charged with four counts of transmission of codes to cause damage to protected computers. King was charged with using a “botnet” to attack computer servers.

10. New York: Texas Oilman Pleaded Guilty to Charges of Conspiring to Make Illegal Payments to the Former Government of Iraq

Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr., nearly four weeks into his trial, pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme to pay illegal surcharges to the former government of Iraq in connection with the purchase of crude oil in the UN Oil-for-Food Program.

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