Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is the ethnic break down of B. Hussein Obama - a more complete analysis link below the video:

50% White

43.75 % Arab

6.25 % Black

Only one of his maternal great-grandparents was an African.

Federal law requires that to claim a minority status, you must be at least 1/8th of the descriptor. Thus you must be at least 12.5% of the racial component you claim for minority status.

Obama, claiming to be African-American, is only HALF way to the legal threshold.

The question no one wants to answer - particularly Mr. Obama and his supporters, is, "Why do you think he has an Arabic name?

Why does his father have an Arabic name? Why does every ancestor on his father's side have an Arabic name?"

The answer is obvious: They have Arabic names because his father's side of the family tree is Arabic. Need proof? Research the Kenyan records for yourself. You will find that his father was officially classified as "Arab African" by the Kenyan government.

He is LEGALLY an ARAB-American and are we ready for an Arab President of the USA so soon after 9/11 and with a war on Terror increasingly heating up?

Having said all this, I would choose Obama over the Clintons any day. While Obama has an Arab heritage, Hillary has an Al Qaeda connected Girl Friday (love interest?) at her side and has had since being in th eWhite House. Who? Huma Abedin!

Sanity demands we choose neither if we want America to survive and stand a chance of winning the war on terror!

Now listen to his Church Pastor preaching about the world and wonder how Obama will handle things if this Pator is really his spiritual guide.

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