Monday, October 27, 2008


On November 4, 2008, America will begin its long decline.

The nation's autopsy will show that the cause of death was the illegal alien invasion, the welfare state, and black revanchism.

First, illegal alien freeriders have invaded this country so they can take advantage of benefits that the government has created for Americans: public schools, school lunches, school breakfasts, public housing, food stamps, and more.

Although illegal aliens can't vote, their American-born offspring can.

These offspring want to vote for the party that keeps the spigot open: the Democratic Party. Like the barbarian Germanic tribes who sacked Rome in 476, the illegal aliens and their children are about to sack Washington.

Second, the welfare state had created a generation of welfare addicts, and the Democrats are the welfare dealers.

The Democrats have reduced even middle class Americans to crippling dependency on government programs like Social Security and Medicare by overtaxing them while they're in the workforce.

They don't call these programs "entitlements" for nothing.

As a result, Americans have developed a powerful sense of entitlement. Like the French, who demand 30-hour work weeks and retirement at 50, Americans have become lazy and selfish.

Now the Democrats hope to take this dependency into the stratosphere by creating universal health care and universal preschool. If the Democrats succeed in creating these programs, they will have a permanent lock on power.

Such programs will all but foreclose the possibility of even modest future tax cuts. At the same time, the masses of asses who have been reduced to crippling dependency on government will demand ever more tax increases on "the rich" - or what's left of them - like junkies demanding another hit.

Third, blacks are hungering for revenge against "whitey" for every imaginary slight against blacks: the death penalty, the Jena 6, and Hurricane Katrina, to name but a few.

Although Barack Obama might be cut from a different cloth than the Congressional Black Caucus, let there be no doubt that it will be the Black Caucus that rules the roost.

The soon-to-be enfeebled Obama - if you believe Joe Biden's prediction that this nation's enemies will soon test Obama and that "it will not always be apparent that he's right" - will be but silly putty for the likes of Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.

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