Wednesday, January 21, 2009


While searching for something else, I came across this listing of nearly 4500 names of opponents to the islamic mullahs who were killed in 1988.

The mullahs executed some 30,000 of these Marxists-Islamists in the 1980's.

The Mojahedeen (MEK - Marxiats-Islamists) ), Fedayeen (Marxist-islamist Sacrificials) and Tudeh (Communist), Rahe Kargar (Workers Way - Communist), Melli ( Melli - Left wing nationalist Front), Vahdat (students Unity - various),

The MEK fought from inside Iraq, against islamic iran in the 8-year Iran-Iraq war and were hated and feared by the Mullahs, who have ever since intently focused on making them hated throughout Iran.

Many of the originals are trapped in Camp Ashraf in Iraq and others, centered in France, populate Western European countries but have devolved into a cult. One large section has been corrupted by the mullahs who pay them into divisive activity to weaken them.

They are still on the USA terrorist organization list while France and Britain have taken them of theirs and restored their confiscated funds.

While they would be almost bad as the Mullahs should they gain power in Iran yet are a good strike force and would eradicate the Mullahs in revenge for the tens of thousands of their murdered colleagues. And many have had military training, which few - if any - of the other anti-Mullah groups can claim in any similar number.

They still have about 100,000 supporters and family members inside Iran. None of whom have "MEK" branded on their foreheads and are simply another member of the populace - except for their political beliefs. And on-going hatred for the islamic regime.

I would call them a sandblasting machine to clean the country spotless of Mullahs.

Click on title above to view the names and affiliations of the executed ones.

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