Thursday, February 19, 2009


By Alan Peters

Analysis usually relies on past events but sometimes, specially with me it becomes projectional, based on extrapolation of available facts.

FACT ONE: His Highness Prince Reza Pahlavi has suddenly launched a flurry of activity after some decades of very quiet profile. He has opened an office in Paris, plans one for London and also apparently one on the USA West Coast, probably in Los Angeles.

FACT TWO: The BBC has added TV broadcasts in Persian to their Persian Radio broadcasts. These appear to be coming from across the Persian Gulf. The broadcasts provide videos and audio of Prince Reza Pahlavi's

This resembles the kind of activity BBC (without the TV at that time) used to incite pro-Khomeini advocates against the monarchy.

Note: Her Majesty the Queen of England CONGRATULATED the islamic mullahs of iran on the anniversary of the Khomeini revolution, proving how far along England has gone to become Londonistan. I do not recall this happening before, or I missed it if it did or was done very quietly and privately.

FACT THREE: Israel has just held elections and islamic iran will be "electing" a new President in a couple of months.

Israel's Foreign Minister Livni was refusing to form a coalition government with Netanyahu but has received strong suggestions from the USA to go ahead and work with Netanyahu, who is strongly against Iran.

Islamic iran's election will create possibly violent power struggles. Ahmadi-Nejad has already warned/threatened former "reformist" President Khatami that he risks assassination if he continues his bid for the Presidency.

Supreme ruler has his daughter's (or is it his son's) father-in-law Adel Haddad in mind for the presidency but will find opposition to this hardliner.

FACT FOUR: It has always been clear, and a major problem and consideration, that the Monarchy cannot take over and rule for long if the young Shah spills lots of blood to return to the throne.

FACT FIVE: Obama's support for islamic iran, Syria, Hamas palestinians and terrorists in general but Israel's direct enemies in particular, is forcing Israel into taking uniliteral action against iranian nuclear weapon capability.

BUT what happens after the Israelis bomb islamic iran and wipe out the Mullah regime command and control? Let's assume that the populace rises up against the bloodthirsty clerics and decimates them.

Then what? Who will govern? Who will be able to lend some form of stability to the New Iran? And CHANGE from the suppressive, oppressive rule the Mullahs have plagued on the Iranian populace.

Here the best and most viable candidate is the Monarchy. Not as a dictatorial direct ruler but as an umbrella catalytic authority under which political parties can function without the need for bloodshed. The monarchy acts as an umpire and overarching arbiter.

So, with this in mind and the remark by the young Shah to a former Communist, who has joined his cause, who asked if they were likely to be in Iran by the end of a year, Prince Reza firmly stated that he would be back in Iran within the next six months.

A very telling event and statement for a usually very reticent and cautious man.

So, Israel justifiably spills the blood the Monarchy cannot afford to and the Monarchy, already working for a while to get staffed and ready, will be there to lead the New Iran hopefully like a Phoenix from the ashes and rubble left (justifiably) by the Israelis in a self-defense raid to wipe out islamic iran's nuclear capability which the clerics have sworn to aim at Israel.

America can then turn to dealing with the terrorists that Obama-Khomeini will have imported into the USA, without the fear of a hostile Iran.

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