Monday, August 24, 2009


I have taken First Amendment protected editorial liberty with Hussein Obama’s Ramadan address to the Islamic world:
Ramadan Kareem (White

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Ramadan Message
Washington, DC

On behalf of the American people (stupid Americans who believe in me) – including Muslim communities in all fifty states – I want to extend best (my, mine, anyways) wishes to Muslims in America and around the world. Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims believe the Koran (even though it wasn’t composed, or written down until two hundred years after Mohammed --may piss be upon him-- kicked the bucket) was revealed to the (invented by) (huckster and self proclaimed founder and incredibly jealous and Jesus wannabe) Prophet Muhammad, beginning with a simple word – iqra. It is therefore a time when Muslims reflect upon the (craziness) wisdom and guidance that comes with faith (in this dogmatic cult) , and the responsibility that human beings (I’m only referring to Moslems here, because non-Moslems are really pigs and apes) have to one another, and to God (allah, the moon god).
These (primitive) rituals remind us of the principles that we (Moslems, not real people) hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing (Islamic) justice, progress, (absolute in)tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings (remember, non Moslems are pigs and apes).
This summer, people across America have served in their communities – educating children, caring for the sick, and extending a hand to those who have fallen on hard times. Faith-based organizations, including many Islamic organizations, have been at the forefront in participating in this summer of service. And in these challenging times, this is a spirit of responsibility that we must sustain in the months and years to come (especially for Moslems as we strive to take over the world and impose hell-on-earth for non-Moslems).

All of these efforts are a part of America’s (mine, at least) commitment to engage Muslims and Muslim-majority nations on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect (but absolutely no respect for non-Moslems at all).. And at this time of renewal, I want to reiterate my commitment to a new beginning between (my Moslem) America and Muslims around the world.

As I said in Cairo, this new beginning (of Moslem domination) must be borne out in a sustained effort to listen to each other (but never, ever to a non-Moslem, remember, they ain‘t but apes and pigs), to learn from each other (the best ways to prevail over non-Moslems), to respect one another (Moslems only), and to seek common ground (in our quest to conquer the world).

I believe an important part of this is listening (and learning from one-another), and in the last two months, American embassies around the world (under my direction with the acquiescence of stoopid dhimmi diplomats) have reached out not just to governments, but directly to people in Muslim-majority countries (where non Moslems have few human rights at all, and this is good).

We have listened only to you Moslems). We have heard you (and continue to ignore civilized people). And like you, we are focused on pursuing concrete actions that will make a difference over time – both in terms of the (victorious Moslem) political and security issues that I have discussed (with my viscious, civilization hating Mohammedan colleagues), and in the areas that you have told us will make the most difference in peoples’ lives (as we pursue Islam‘s take over and domination of those civilized people whom we hate beyond reason, just because they are real and we Moslems can‘t ever hope to compete with them in any way).

These consultations are helping us implement the (Islamo-fascist civilization hating) partnerships that I called for in Cairo – to expand education exchange programs(for Moslems only. They need all the help they can get because the pursuit of Islam really stupefies so many people); to foster entrepreneurship and create jobs (let non-Moslems work so that we can sap their energy and wealth at every opportunity); and to increase collaboration on science and technology (that will benefit us Moslems), while supporting literacy and vocational learning (especially for Moslems).

We are also moving forward in partnering with the OIC and OIC member states (Moslem axis organisation of about fifty-eight civilization hating Islamic Countries) to eradicate polio (with medication created by a freaking Jew), while working closely with the international community (consisting of many dedicated, civilized Jews, Christians non-Moslems) to confront common health challenges like H1N1 – which I know is of particular to concern to many Muslims preparing for the upcoming hajj.

And today, I want to join with the (my fellow) 1.5 billion Muslims around the world – and your families and friends – in welcoming the beginning of Ramadan, and wishing you a blessed month. May God’s (not the real God, but the heathen Arab moon-god, Allah’s) peace be upon you.
As an aside: Obama’s Audacity of Hope" translated into Indonesian - the title went from "The Audacity of Hope" to "Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse".

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