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Oba-Hussein hates competition - has huge plans to limit it - including our freedom of speech (among other Constitutional freedoms he is removing)

First came the upset victory by Scott Brown, a Republican, in the special Senate election in Massachusetts, widely deemed a populist uprising and symbolized by the mile-weary pickup truck that became a feature of Mr. Brown’s campaign.

Only two days later, the Supreme Court, in a more sweeping ruling than many expected, undid the bipartisan campaign finance reform of 2002, freeing corporations, labor unions and other organizations to spend unlimited sums at election time.

President Obama, taking up his own newfound populist theme, said the decision favored “powerful interests” that threaten to "drown out the voices of every day Americans.” 

(For "Americans" read drown out huge donations from our Moslem enemies like Iran, Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia who want us to continue to buy their oil instead of developing our own VAST reserves of oil and natural gas and Marxists and Israel haters like East European, multi-billionaire Soros, who stands to make BILLIONS when the dollar crashes and has an agenda to destroy America through his hand picked agent Oba-Hussein.)

HOWEVER it's OK IF....

Two years ago, Hatem El-Hady was the chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen. Today, El-Hady has redirected his fundraising efforts for his newest cause - Barack Obama for President.

El-Hady has his own dedicated page on Barack Obama's official website, chronicling his fundraising on behalf of the Democratic Party presidential candidate (his Obama profile established on February 19, 2008 - two years to the day after Kindhearts was raided by the feds).

Not only that, but he has none other than Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, listed as one of his friends (one of her 224 listed friends).

But his leadership of Kindhearts is not the only thing that has brought him scrutiny by federal law enforcement officials. Last summer, El-Hady was questioned by the FBI concerning his knowledge of possible conspirators in a UK-based terror plot.

Oba-Hussein, now feels bent out of shape that others can contribute to election campaigns not just his Marxist-Islamists like Soros, Saudi Arabia, Iran and UNKNOWNs by the thousands.

About two weeks after denying loans to companies like Exxon and other American firms for the purposes of drilling guess what Oba-Hussein did? That's right- lent $2 Billion to Brazilian Oil  Exploration Company - Petrobas, headed by one of his cronies. The U.S. is going to lend billions of dollars to Brazil's state-owned oil company, the 8th largest company in the entire world

Now here's the real clincher...the Chinese government is under contract to purchase all the oil that this oil field will produce, which is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. The oil that comes from this operation is for the sole purpose and use of China and NOT THE USA! .

We have absolutely no gain from this transaction whatsoever!

Wait, it gets more interesting!

Guess who is the largest individual stockholder of this Brazilian Oil Company and who would benefit most from this? It is American BILLIONAIRE, George Soros, who was one of President Obama's most generous financial supporters during his campaign.

Can’t say that Soros doesn’t get his money’s worth.
Soros pays Obama/Reid/Pelosi to shut down US oil production (Soros’ competition) and get low cost mega-loans (stimulus money?) to drill for Brazilian oil, to sell to China.

If you are able to connect the dots and follow the money, you are probably as upset as I am. Not a word of this transaction was broadcast on any of the other news networks!

Oba-Hussein's campaign happily accepted donations in a test of their honesty by ONE person, using the SAME credit card each time in the name of Saddam Hussein, Castro and Pol Pot!

Republicans countered that Democrats also have their moneyed backers — in Hollywood as well as in the drug companies that support Mr. Obama’s imperiled health-care reform bill.

The ruling is expected to unleash a flood of money into this year's congressional elections. After it was announced, Obama immediately attacked the Supreme Court and instructed his advisers to work with Congress on legislation that would restore some of the limits the court lifted - on his competition!

Either way, the two surprises highlighted a widening divide in American politics, exemplified by the Tea Party brigades who helped engineer Mr. Brown’s victory and also by liberals who have been voicing their disillusionment with the first year of the Obama presidency.

In the meantime he is taking "strong action" to overcome the Supreme Court and remove any ability for anyone to protest. And strengthen our enemies, including terrorists.

1. He has nationalized School Loans

In his constant Marxist-Nazi-Fascist intention to control the Youth of our country, he has taken student loans away from banks and put it in those of his administration.

So what?

So any students asking for a loan will have to pass the Oba-Hussein supporter test. Opposition students will not receive a loan and previous loans might well be revoked. They will have to lick his toes to get a higher education.

OBA-HUSSEIN ADMINISTRATION APPEALS USA COURT  ACQUITAL OF AMERICAN BLACKWATER CHARGES! (But he drops charges against Black Panthers and tries terrorists with full Miranda and Constitutional rights of Americans instead of as enemy combatants and avoids calling the Fort Hood attack by major Nidal Hassan as terror! The DOD report fails to even mention his Islamic ties or "religion".)

Once again Obama and Co. are turning the screws on what is supposed to be their own people. It seems that our government will do just about anything to please the Islamic world, but turn they on Blackwater, and sit silently as the Christians in Iraq are being driven out in droves. Whatever happened to taking a stand for your own people?

Biden vows the US will appeal AGAINST Blackwater in the Iraq case

(US Vice-President Joe Biden says the US government will appeal against a court ruling dismissing manslaughter charges in the Blackwater shootings case).

Some Internet Comments:

Despicable. Bending over backwards to protect our enemies and persecute patriots risking their lives for our country, whether it be this case or the case of the Navy SEALS because a jihadist who murdered our guys CLAIMED to have received a fat lip while in custody.

How can they appeal the dismissal of the case? Surly prejudice applies? Therefore bringing double jeopardy into play I would have thought.

ALSO from Guantanamo:

Hassan Zumiri, who was part of an al-Qaeda affiliated terror cell in Montreal, has been repatriated to his native Algeria where he will be set free  on arrival.


The Swiss Islamist Tariq Ramadan was about to take up a position at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in 2004 when the U.S. government prevented him from entering the country on the grounds that he had funded two Hamas-related groups. For five years, his exclusion has been debated and tried. Finally, it was reversed today. The Associated Press explains:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has signed orders enabling the re-entry of professors Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University in England and Adam Habib of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa once they obtain required admittance documents, department spokesman Darby Holladay said.

Clinton "has chosen to exercise her exemption authority for the benefit of Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib," Holladay said. "We'll let that action speak for itself." In a prepared statement, Holladay noted the change in U.S. posture since both professors, who are frequently invited to the United States to lecture, were denied admittance after making statements counter to U.S. foreign policy. Both the president and the secretary of state have made it clear that the U.S. government is pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest and mutual respect.".

Comments: (1) I always expected this outcome, that Ramadan would be allowed in, because so many forces were aligned in his favor. That the exclusion lasted over five years was impressive.

(2) Note that this change was ordered from the very top, specifically invoking Obama.

(3) Note also the sleaziness of the State Department spokesman, ascribing Ramadan's exclusion to his "making statements counter to U.S. foreign policy." No, the reason was explicitly his having provided funds to a terrorist-related organization. Why the gratuitous lie, State Department?

(4) The Obama administration puts this case into the context of "pursuing a new relationship with Muslim communities based on mutual interest and mutual respect." But it's always been a terrorism case, with no connection to issues of Islam. What "amateurs" and Hypocrites.

(5) Note the term "mutual respect," the hackneyed phrase repeatedly applied to the U.S. government and Muslims – so much so that I have devoted a whole blog to Obama's use of these words.

(6) So, fellow Americans, how many of you feel safer with the prospect of Tariq Ramadan present in person to talk to our Islamists?

JURY DUTY call for Obama (rejected)

New York's Schumer is presenting a bill to the tame/lame power hungry Congress to have a national registration of voters by the  Federal Government (no longer by a voter) based  on DMV and similiar databases such as  state voter rolls, state driver's license rolls and state tax filing rolls somewhere.

Once registered as a "voter" you can move to other States and vote anywhere you happen to claim residency without re-registering or any formality.

In Boston in the last elections, a Democrat operative was handing out photocopies of Absentee ballots in the street and asking people to write in their names and send these in for the Democrat  candidate Coakley.

During the previous elections some Democrat operatives obtained names of registered voters and went to various voter precincts at as many as 10 locations) and voted as them (remember ID is NOT required) using a different name each time. The voter names they used had been clarified as non-voters (some dead) but still on the voter rolls.

Now put this into focus!

A California Iranian came to the Superior Court from which he had received a Jury Duty summons and asked why he had received it since he was not a citizen. He was told that he had a drivers' permit from the DMV and their lists were sent to the courts for their jury pool. Motor Voter rules in California.

And since the DMV did not ask for citizenship status to isue driver licenses, they were not sorted by immigration status.

The Federal "imposed" voter registration would equally use those databases and others like tax returns (non-citizens file taxes) and the "national" voter list would be so cumbersome and inaccurate that it  could not be checked out.

BUT IT COULD AND WILL BE EASILY BE MISUSED by Democrats who are the ones desiring this fungible Federal Voter roll, since they are in charge and would have the easiest access to it and deny it to Republicans and Independent candidates and organizations.

They intend to stay in power any way they can including illegally. They have already proved this with ACORN and other thuggery.

The thuggery includes the Million Person Civil Security Force (equally well armed, equipped and funded as our Armed Forces (shades of the Islamic Iran para-military Revolutoniary Guard) and swear allegiance to the PRESIDENCY not the Constitution

Add to this the new FEDERAL National Police Force being planned and legislation in progress to implement it! They will have the right to move into any State and makes federal arrests without any of the restrictions of agencies like the FBI or Homeland Security and override the local police authorities.

Add this the mix.

UNABLE to pass legislation to remove guns  from US citizens through American legislative process Obama is using the United Nations to pass a worldwide law banning hand guns! By signing onto this international law, he effectively disarms America.

To implement this strategy, he has given Interpol (International Police) diplomatic immunity, so they can enter your home with an international warrant, arrest you and take you away to Europe to international courts.

(And to add insult to injury, Obama has ceded sovereignty for our US Military who can in a similar fashion be tried in the Hague - Holland - by international courts AND equally be arrested by Interpol officers within the USA!)

Barney Frank wants to shut down Fannie May and Freddy Mac  AND DESTROY EVIDENCE of his thuggery and misuse not only of power for financial gain but CAUSING the current financial CRISIS the Democrats are trying to blame on President Bush!

Congressmen Frank and Schumer with President Clinton's administration in support were architects of today's ills and blocked all Republican efforts to regulate them and prevent the abuses they caused to the extent of bankrupting our country.

Videos of Frank denying anything was wrong with these two organizations can be found on AntiMullah (do a search) and voting records show who was instrumetnal in blocking efforts to regulate them - Barney Frank and his Democrat allies in Congress.

Obama's approval rating today according to Gallup's tracking poll has hit a new low of 47%.

Rasmussen's model, which was vindicated yet again, along with Public Policy Polling, in Massachusetts last week, shows 55% of voters disapprove of Obama's job performance and 44% approve (43% strongly disapprove and 24% strongly approve).


In addition to other power grab methods and transfer of power to the Executive branch through the unread fictitiously named  "healthcare" bill  and retention of power by thuggery, Oba-Hussein has taken control of the census which allocates future representative seats for the States and federal budget allocations!

Other than the lack of bloodshed so far, Oba-Hussein-Khomeini walks tall in the footsteps of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Voting Oba-Hussein's majority out of power in November 2010 will be made that much more difficult by all these low life, anti-constitutional, thuggish, probably illegal actions and tame/lame Congress legislation.


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