Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In Los Angeles, the unpopular, now former head of the Iman (Faith) - Iranian Moslem Association of North America -  Organization - Dr. M.S. Namazi-Khah - has just been sentenced to 19-years in prison for theft and fraud on a scale almost in the league of the Hassan Namazi, New York case, also shown below. The similarity of names provides a wry smile.

As a center of Mullah operations in Los Angeles, the Iman center, an Iranian  Islamic set-up operated to spread Sharia Islam in southern California and act as a clearing house for Iranian regime operations in southern California.

Namazikhah would visit Iran regularly and return with large amounts of money, used mostly to corrupt or buy support from both Iranians and Americans and try to convert them to Islam and to potential Dhimmitude (apologists for Islam).

He allegedly began to siphon off large amounts of Iman Center money and from Moslem adherents and was trying to leave the country with a huge amount of money when he was apparently stopped at the airport by the police.

The above sentencing is a breaking story.


Obama, Clinton fundraiser admits $292 million fraud

ByGrant McCool


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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A wealthy businessman who raised money for leading Democratic Party politicians, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, pleaded guilty on Thursday to defrauding three major banks out of $292.2 million in loan transactions.

Hassan Namazee, 60, who once ran a private equity firm, admitted in Manhattan federal court to defrauding Bank of America Corp of more than $142 million, Citigroup Inc of $74.9 million and HSBC Holdings Plc of $74.9 million to pay his debt to Citigroup.

During the plea proceeding, Iranian-born Namazee, who owned several multimillion dollar properties and had interests in various companies and hedge funds, said he had tried to get out of financial difficulty starting in the 1990s.

"It was my intention to repay ... but the hole that I dug was larger and I borrowed more," said the gray-haired, dapper Nemazee, who appeared embarrassed and contrite.

"I am deeply ashamed of my conduct, for the harm that I inflicted on the banks and most especially my family," he told U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein in a somber voice as family members sat in court.

Namazee, a former member of the board of the Iranian American Political Action Committee, was a U.S. citizen whose family left Iran after the revolution there in 1979.

The committee contributes to candidates for public office in the United States regardless of party affiliation and works to support Iranian American candidates and issues important to that community, such as immigration.

Namazee admitted to three charges of bank fraud and one charge of wire fraud. Prosecutors said he had obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from the banks and used fake documents to show supposed ownership of collateral.


Namazee was listed as one of the top "bundlers" of contributions to Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, according to, a website run by the Center for Responsive Politics.

He typically donated more than $100,000 annually to Democratic Party political candidates, including Obama and now-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Namazee faces forfeiture of $292.2 million and restitution of $217.3 million. He agreed to forfeit interests in properties, corporate entities, hedge funds, securities accounts, bank accounts, a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte and a 2007 Cessna aircraft.

The judge allowed Nemazee to remain free on $25 million bail but under house arrest with electronic monitoring in his Manhattan apartment.

His lawyer, Paul Shechtman, successfully argued that his client was not a flight risk, but out of concern that he had property overseas and perhaps tens of millions of dollars to his name, he was ordered to surrender on April 30.

The judge said that would give him time to get his affairs in order before sentencing on June 30.

Prosecutors said the fraud took place from 1998 until Nemazee's arrest in August 2009 as he was about to make a trip overseas.

The office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and the FBI said Namazee had used proceeds from his scheme to make donations to election campaigns of federal, state and local candidates, political action committees and charities.

They said he also bought property in Italy and paid for maintenance on two properties in New York.

The Democratic National Committee declined to comment, but an official said it had been previously announced that the affected donations would go to charity.

The offenses call for a maximum possible prison term of 30 years but the judge said that under federal guidelines following his guilty plea, Namazee faced a sentence of between 15 years, eight months and 19 years, seven months.

U.S. prosecutor Daniel Levy told the court the government had committed considerable resources to tracking down Nemazee's wealth and believed he was still worth millions.

"There is a big hole of money we have just not been able to find," Levy said.

The case is USA v Nemazee, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York No. 09-902.


Unknown said...

Because Dr Namazikhah was seen in a meeting in Iman last night!!!
But it is a fact… when you tell a story with confidence every one may believe that…
May be it is: Lie of 13!!!!

Unknown said...

che bloge portarafdari!!!!!!!!!!
tu in 2 ruz cheghadr comment gozashtan!!!!!!
ehtemalan har ki umade kolli ham khandide!!!!
dame dustan garm!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

دنیای غرب پس از ۷۰-۸۰ سال تجربه در زمینه انقلاب جنسی‌ با بسیار نتایج تلخی‌ روبرو شده است. جوانان ایران این تجربه هارا ندیده میگیرند و انقلاب سکسی (Sexual Revolution) را شروع کرده اند که از نتایج تلخ آن هیچ اطلاعی ناداشته وحتی برای پیشگیری وقوع قسمت بد این نتایج جوابی‌ ندارد -- و به راحتی‌ می‌توان گفت که می‌خواهد چرخ اختراع شده را دوباره اختراع کند.

به قول راش لیمبا؛ اگر ما میخواستیم به جوانان گوش کنیم، توالت هنوز اختراع نشده بود. متاسفانه در صد ساله گذشته، دولتهای خارجی‌ از جوانان که کم تجربه و پر احساس هستند استفاده کردند تا به نتایج خود برساند. اشکالی‌ که به ندرت در جامعه غرب مشاهده شده است. جامعه اشکال را می‌بیند و می‌خواهد تغییر لازمه را بدهد، ولی‌، متاسفانه شورشیان و پیش تازان این جنبش ها کم سال و کم تجربه بوده‌اند و به راحتی‌ تحت تاثیر تبلیغ، پول، قول، و نظرات غرب قرار گرفته اند. با فکر و تجربه پیران، خردمندان جامعه، و گذشتگان میتوانی‌ آینده خوب بسازی!

آینده نگر باش و از تاریخ خود بیاموز.

ایرانی‌، ایرانی‌ بمان.

هندیها و چینیها هیچوقت بدنبال رسوم غرب خود باخته نشدند.

هویت تو هویتی است که پایه تمدن جهان بود. آن را مثل طب ثنتی پنج هزار ساله ات با حضور آنچه نمیدانی چیست از دست مده.

غربی ها، بجز پیشرفت در پزشکی‌ اوژانسی صد سال گذشته، رفته رفته به سوی طب شرق آمده‌اند.


It should not be about Iran, USA, Russia, .. We should help and educate ALL the people.
Its about the human race! not a country or the other ...

We need to take our lives out of the hands of politicians and into the hands of people!

Appears to be another CIA/MOSAD backed Iranian dude who is putting negative stuff out there, against his/her own country man & woman ... what is commonly referred to as TREASON (Khaen) in the west!!!

The Iranian government is a blood sucking government, like all other governments in the world. They have all been sworn to look after their own country!

>>> They can never have the interest of your country at heart!!!!

That is why they got rid of the Shah for the second time! That is why they help put you against your own people. That is why they are making you into another Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, …

The west has these problems, but we never hear about it :

You never hear 13 million kids go to bed hungry in the USA!

To satisfy the world's sanitation and food requirements would cost only US$13 billion- what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year.

or teen drugs:,21428,c_teens,00.shtml

or teen suicide:
Suicides among young people nationwide have increased dramatically in recent years. Each year in the U.S., thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5-to-14-year-olds. ......

and abortion/kids

Not only we make sad movies (facts), but you even go as far as falsifying info against your own people. You see wanting a good society/ nation/ world is a personal responsibility. If you can NOT TRUST anyone inside & OUTside of Iran!, then???

People make the governments and not the other way around!!!

You have to become good if you want a good nation/world!!!

Being good is a personal responcibility!!!

Kourosh THE GREAT, came among Great people!!!


Bob said...

This is fake information, I personally know Dr. Namazikhah. He has no relation with Hasan Namazi and nothing happened to him or IMAN. If you don't know something for fact, don't spread false information.