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So as not to be outdone by the Clinton Administration, The Obama seems bent upon creating a Waco-type incident that will allow him to bring down his opposition and firmly establish his Marxist regime and his increasingly anti-human policies. In fact the most recent 2010 Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll showed that only 39% of voters would vote for Obama again. But, as if our votes or lack thereof don't really matter to him, Obama keeps on smiling. It's what all dictators who know they have their boots (or jack-boots) on the throats of the people do and have always done.

However, something else is brewing in the Obama bag-o-tricks. Something that seems almost destined to be used by the tyrant as a sword against all of us--either just before or just after his henchmen (the Obama National Civilian Security Corps--remember them?) have disarmed We-the-People. And something is not right in Monroe County, TN. Something is not right at all.

For those of you who have followed patriot LTC Walter Fitzpatrick's unceasing work to expose Obama's ineligibility to hold the US presidency--or for Obama to at least prove that he IS eligible--the following will come as no surprise. For others, however, it will. But, if you haven't heard about the most recent happenings, both groups need to be prepared to be shocked by what is occurring in Tennessee. It appears to be nothing less than the Obama-selected Ground Zero for his declaration of all-out war against US citizens. Note: Illegal aliens, drug cartels and other criminals need not be concerned.

As LTC Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff (who went to Monroe County with the expressed purpose of supporting Fitzpatrick) are currently under court order to say nothing about either incident, a friend and colleague of LTC Fitzpatrick--Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington--has agreed to an update interview about the strange schemes going on in Monroe County, TN. Note: As is usual and to be expected, the ObamaMedia (including MSM, print and cable news) is deliberately and with apparent malice falsifying most if not all of the information surrounding these two incidents and the two men involved.

The Interview

Sher: Thanks for taking your time for this interview, Sgt. Harrington. When we talked the other day, you described what many of us have thought and written about for awhile now. But, prior to the recent bizarre goings on in Tennessee were never able to effectively offer proof. Now, however, it seems that Monroe County, TN may have been--at least temporarily--picked by the Obama regime to be Ground Zero in his attack against all US citizens who voice opposition to Obama. LTC Walter Fitzpatrick originally went to the Monroe County, TN Courthouse in order to file a complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama. It was then that he discovered the illegal operation they had going there, with regards to the Grand Jury. Would you give us a brief background on Walt's efforts?

Tim: Well, as you know, Tennessee and in this county, citizens are allowed to bring information direct to the grand jury under Tennessee law if they have evidence and or knowledge that a crime has been committed. Lt. Com. Fitzpatrick (ret) brought to this grand jury his criminal complaint of "treason" and filled the legal documents and submitted them to the clerk (Martha Cook) for a hearing in front of the Monroe grand jury.

This included his original statement and complaint that was delivered towards the end of August of 2009. Lt. Com. Fitzpatrick's first encounter with Gary Pettway and Asst. District Attorney, Stutz was on or about September 3rd of 2009. This was to be the first time he was to meet with the grand jury. At this point he was obstructed by Stutz and made to rewrite his statement twice before being allowed to go into the grand jury (the Asst. Prosecutor has no authority to demand he change any thing) When he was allowed to go into the grand jury there were only three (3) member and the foreman, This is not makes up the grand jury.

With these things we knew to be wrong, we started looking into the grand jury and the county Judiciary. We knew the obstruction was purposeful but needed to know why. We found out that Gary Pettway had been in place in the grand jury as foreman for at this point over twenty-seven years! Not only had he been the jury foreman for twenty seven years, but he is the grand jury foreman for two (2) standing grand jury's as they pick two (2) for one year terms!

This is completely contradictory to Tennessee Law and the Rules of Procedure under rule six (6) of the Tennessee Rules of Procedure. With the knowledge of these events and with the effort put forth by Mr. Fitzpatrick to go to Judge Reed Dixon and ask for his interaction and help. Judge Dixon refused to do so and said it would be a conflict of interest; not because he is the sessions judge in this jurisdiction but because he and Asst. District Attorney Stutz were friend and former law partners. By the way. Mr. Stutz is also the former Mayor and he and Pettway serve or have served on county boards together. This started Mr. Fitzpatrick going to all other state and federal authorities to look for help. All state and federal authority's said was they have no jurisdiction over the other.

All this is documented and timelines that you now have. This also started the face to face meeting with the Chief of Police, asking for help to make a citizenfs arrest and to make this criminal court public. This also went with no response and all that was left to do, under the laws and protections of the state of Tennessee, was a citizenfs arrest. All parties knew this was to happen and it was announced on the 1st of April and announced in the clerks office on video prior to the event.

People seem to think this is a "Birther Issue." It is not. The Treason complaint is self explanatory and is a Constitutional issue. The issues in the courts and law enforcement in Monroe County reflect an ongoing criminal enterprise; now being endorsed and covered up by the U.S. government agencies.

Note: People who have been notified of the problems in Monroe County: J. Allan Watson ( Monroe County mayor) Martha M. Cook (Circuit Court Clerk) Judge Ross, Sheriff, Police and Police chief, FBI, TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigations) DOJ ( Department of Justice) Tennessee Atty. General, Meetings at the State house with Representatives, Congressman Dunkin from the 2nd District.

No one would act on the truth about Monroe County and the ongoing criminality in the Judiciary or the Police organizations. Now, the Federal Government helps suppress the information with arrest and media coverage. Why? My guess the criminal complaint. It is not a Civil action, it must be brought forward and now you have corruption that cannot come out. Now that Mr. Fitzpatrick has gone to his hearing the same judge (Reed Dixon) in sessions court, who is involved in this mess, has decided Mr. Fitzpatrick did commit the crime of inciting a riot and has now given it to the Monroe County Grand Jury who this month is still run by Gary Pettway???? Welcome to Mayberry with the federal government intervention.

Sher: Although they are each former military, both LTC Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff have been painted by the ObamaMedia as being lunatics, extremists and evil militia members. It now appears that anyone who insists that the US Constitution be upheld and followed will be illegally arrested by this current regime.

Actually, I understand that Darren Huff is a member and Chaplain of the Georgia militia which is sanctioned by both the Governor and the State of Georgia. I also understand that Huff was not pulled over by police--or was it the FBI--for any traffic offense but, because he had an Oath Keepers placard on the side of his car. Are both of these assumptions on my part correct? Please fill us in on what really happened.

Tim: You are correct. He was pulled over for supposedly making a rolling stop at the stop sign. This was not the case as he was well aware of the officers behind him. The video shows the five (5) vehicles that were behind Mr. Huff. Mr. Huff was visited the night before April 19, 2010 by the FBI at his home in Georgia. He was asked what his intentions were at this time as to the court date in Monroe county the next morning of April 20, 2010.

He told the truth. He and others were going to Monroe county in support and show of support of Lt. Com. Fitzpatrick after his arrest that took place on the 1st of April. He was asked if he would be going with his side arm and he assured the agent he intended to do so as it was perfectly legal under Georgia and Tennessee law. We have learned that at that point through FBI information given to media he was deemed a threat the night of the 19th.

So, also we have learned through FBI information given to media that he was watched the night of the 19th of April and reported they watched him leave his home the morning of the 20th of April at or around 6:15 am. The stop took place getting off the Highway in Tennessee. Now in this stop he was asked and disarmed from his pistol and it was retained by those officers. He was asked if they could search his truck and he refused citing his 4th amendment rights. He did give full disclosure that there was a rifle in his truck with over 300 hundred rounds under lock and key. They then bought dogs around the truck and found nothing.

This is where people can start connecting the dots. The officers then gave Mr. Huff written warnings and gave his weapon back and let him continue on to Monroe and the court house. In Monroe county there were over 200 law enforcement. There were State, Local, SWAT, and Federally armed Law enforcement waiting for a supposed armed take over of a town and court house for a man that was going for bond review on (4) Misdemeanor from the Citizens arrest on the 1st of April.

If you review the Affidavit of the arrest warrant of the FBI displayed on the JAG Hunter you will see it is dated for the twenty sixth (26) of April. If the FBI deemed him a threat on April 19, 2010 and stopped him with weapons as a supposed threat in Monroe on the 20th of the month and then let him continue on, the arrest warrant only makes sense if, in fact, they were hoping and putting the Monroe Citizenry at risk for an event or to create a event that could be used to back the Government and media warnings. The problem is there was never any intention to my knowledge to ever have anything but a peaceful and supportive gathering on behalf of Mr. Fitzpatrick at his hearing after the criminal events by the county authority's on the first.

If in fact there was confrontation and folks got hurt, all other facts and coverage would go away. What has been uncovered in the Judiciary and the town is the fact that they [hoped] could bolster the stand the government has taken on right wing extremists and add to that the continued story of the uprising of Militias connected to Tea Party events. This was neither. I do not believe for one minute the Oath keepers stickers on the trucks made any difference.

They had plenty of time to stop a supposed threat. What was planned was more sinister. Mr. Huff was finally arrested and charged with crossing state lines with the intent of creating a riot and crossing state lines to create civil un-rest with a weapon under the Commerce laws.

When Mr. Huff was arrested in Tennessee he was visiting other county police and sheriffs asking for help and intervention in Monroe by them. Upon his release, by the FBI, his vehicle was impounded and was the FBI--who paid the fees of the impound so he could drive through Tennessee back to Georgia to get home.

Sher: After Huff was pulled over, they took his registered and legal to carry .45 caliber pistol from him and asked whether or not they could search his vehicle. Darren held to his 4th Amendment rights and said No. When asked if he had any more weapons in the vehicle he openly advised them that he had an AK 47 with ammo. He also advised them that he was on his way to the Monroe County courthouse--on his own--to support LTC Fitzgerald. The authorities let him go. Doesn't this seem to any thinking human being that the Tennessee authorities were letting him go in the hopes that he would go crazy and shoot up the place so that The Obama & Co would have an excuse to come down heavily upon all those who dare to stand up to him and for the US Constitution? Was this supposed to be Obama's Waco?

Tim: I believe it could have been but, for the graces. The excuse was never given nor did the intention to create it by the citizens ever exist. This is the problem they have now. The FBI dates and times make no sense. The interviews on 19 April 2010, the stop on 20 April 20 and the giving back of weapons (if in fact there was a threat) put the potential of innocent citizens at risk. The only explanation is they were looking to make a statement, use it to the governmentfs purposes to uphold the accusation being made daily about people who feel this country is headed in the wrong direction. Stop the only CRIMINAL of TREASON complaint against Obama and hide the governments involvement with this county.

If in fact they let this happen they would be vindicated in their demonizing of the majority of the American public. And all the truths of Monroe county--and the reason Fitzpatrick was in that courtroom--would all go away. Fitzpatrick has been linked to Militia and Right-wing Extremist groups by media as recent as today. See the Las Vegas Sun article Whats common about sense?, add MSNBC and others and you get the picture. Even in this article from Nevada they name no connections and do not even put the name of the columnist.

Tea party folks and all other organizations need to take heed. This is coming to an event near you. The emperor has no clothes.

Sher: Thanks so much, Tim. I think we can agree that the United States of America is in a more desperate situation surrounding its survival than at any other time in history. And its destruction is coming from within and the highest levels of power in our country.

Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz:

Darren Huff arrested for supporting LTC Fitzpatrick:

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