Sunday, July 04, 2010


ALAN NOTE: If you find what you read below difficult ot believe or imagine, KNOW THIS:

Because of the national Obama financial disaster, States are finding it impossible to provide services like California's Medical (Medic-aid) and as of July  1st, 2010 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued an order that 240,000 State Employees will henceforth be paid MINIMUM WAGE! Lucky ones will be paid $435 a week, while Doctors and  Lawyers will receive NO PAY AT ALL!

As a housewife commented to a highly credentialed State employee: " come and clean my house, I pay my maid better than that!"

Obama's policies are creating a massive underclass...

June's unemployment numbers came out today and it stands at 9.5%. At the first blush, this looks like an improvement over May's 9.7% number.

However, the reason the percentage has improved, is due to 652,000 people that have dropped off, and are no longer seeking employment.

Add to this the job LOSS of 125,000 in June, then you realize that the actual unemployment is probably at around 17%.

Just wait till the Census workers are laid off in July and August, the unemployment numbers will see double digits.
And these dismal numbers are after a trillion dollar stimulus program ??! And Biden and his
boss where in Wisconsin yesterday, telling the people that the economy is improving ?!
He keeps giving the same speech....No action, just talk. talk talk...And you are a "smartass" if you think you are overburdened with excessive taxes.
Why are the Libs/Progressives that advise Obama, so stubborn in the economic policies they espouse ? Their idea of Social Justice is to make everyone poor, creating a permanent underclass, hence Obamaville...

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