Saturday, January 08, 2011


Instead of listening to good sense, Obama is now putting UNLIMITED federal credit (our tax money and our children's debt)  at the disposal of  groups like FannieMae and FreddyMac and the mortgage banking system, which caused the disaster in the first place!

What more proof do we need to show he is DESTROYING America on purpose. Or is a total raving LUNATIC pretending to be a President because so many ignorant voters were not much saner - nor experienced with Soviet tactics still promoted by Saul Alinsky and Howard  Pivens to destroy our nation.

And paid for and orchestrated by the Puppeteers (like George Soros, Saudi Arabia and Islamic Iran) who pull treacherous Obama's strings to dance to their tune and fulfill his  shared hate of our freedoms, capitalism, culture and Christian roots.

All targets for them to weaken and finally ravage.

Is Jared Loughner's attack on Congresswoman Giffords in Arixona "first blood" of what we can expect as Obama's policies and actions stress us beyond tolerance - THUS successfully implementing the Soviet tactics and strategy of destabilizing a country - this time America?

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