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In an allegation that pushes the dispute over Barack Obama's presidential eligibility to a new level, an affidavit prepared to accompany a criminal complaint over the "Certificate of Live Birth" released April 27 suggests there was a plan to mislead the American public, and it went as high as the Oval Office.

"What I believe you are looking at is a classic example of an attempt at plausible deniability," wrote Doug Vogt, who has filed a criminal complaint that charges Obama's birth record is forged.

Vogt, who describes himself as an expert in documents, typesetting, imaging, scanners and document imaging programs and has owned Archive Index Systems since 1993, referenced the widely broadcast White House event when officials, including then-White House Counsel Robert Bauer and Obama's communications director Daniel Pfeiffer, released the purported Hawaiian "Certificate of Live Birth."

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"Everything that came out of the mouths of both these men and the president's was carefully orchestrated and scripted. It also implies that the president's contingency plan was that in case the forgery was detected, that one or both of them would take the blame," Vogt concluded.

He said in the affidavit, a copy of which was obtained by WND, "The preponderance of evidence leads me to conclude that the Certificate of Live Birth the White House presented at the 8:48 a.m. news conference (on April 27) and not mentioned on television an hour later is a forgery."

He continued, "A strong legal argument can be made that per U.S. Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028(a)(2 and 4) Mr. Pfeiffer and Mr. Robert Bauer could have made themselves principles in the forgery.

There is also the possibility that the director of the Department of Health in Hawaii knows much more about this forgery than she is telling.

If it is later proven in federal court that this Certificate of Live Birth issued by the Department of Health is a forgery, then any and all personnel involved with the forgery, would also be principles in the forgery.

Read the full analysis of the White House presentation.

"I am sure that there is someone at the Department of Health who searched their document imaging system to find the certificates that became the elements used to assemble the final Obama fraudulent Certificate. An FBI investigation in Hawaii will be necessary to get to the whole truth of this scandal," he said.

Obama is tied in to the plot, Vogt contends, through his speech shortly after the Hawaii document was released, in which he referenced "the old history of the Short Form certification" and then said, "We've posted the Certification that is given by the State of Hawaii on the Internet for everybody to see."

The president didn't reference the newly released "Certificate of Live Birth" unveiled at the news conference, Vogt writes, in his address that day.

What the White House released:

"Let me ask you a simple question," Vogt writes, "let's say you live in New York, and you were born in California and you want two copies of your Certificate of Live Birth, not because you need it for a passport application or any other legal reason, but just because you want to show it to some friends. So you pay your high priced lawyer to fly on a moment's notice to California and back again with your Certificate.

This whole process has cost you thousands. Are you going to want to see it and take possession of at least one of the Certificates? The obvious answer is YES. Next, read the answer given by Mr. Pfeiffer and Robert Bauer from the 8:48 a.m. news conference":

Question: And this is going to sound …. I mean, you can just anticipate what people are going to …. remain unconvinced. They're going to say that this is just a photocopy of a piece of paper, you could have typed anything in there. Will the actual certificate be on display or viewable at any …. (laughter.)

Will the president be holding it?

MR. PFEIFFER: He will not, and I will not leave it here for him to do so. But it will …. the State Department of Health in Hawaii will obviously attest that that is a …. what they have on file. As Bob said, it's in a book in Hawaii.

MR. BAUER: And you'll see the letter from the director of the Health Department that states that she oversaw the copy and is attesting to ….

"Plausible deniability refers to the denial of blame in loose and informal chains of command where upper leadership quarantine the blame to the lower management, and the lower management are often inaccessible, meaning confirming responsibility for the action is nearly impossible," Vogt said. "In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable and unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such act or any connection to the agents used to carry out such acts. This method was used in the Nixon administration during the Watergate scandal to protect the president – it did not work then."

Case of fraud advances

Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., the author of "Where's The Birth Certificate," said Vogt "continues to advance the case that the Obama birth certificate was fraudulently contrived in an attempt to deflect the news cycle from the issues I raised in 'Where's the Birth Certificate?' – a book that was set to crush Obama on the eligibility issue, unless Obama responded."

Plans to make the Obama document public were being made just as Corsi's book reached No. 1 on Amazon, weeks ahead of the book's release.

"Unfortunately, rather than tell the truth, the White House rushed to get a forged document into the waiting hands of a compliant and loving mainstream media," Corsi said. "Rather than establish a chain of evidence that would establish the PDF file released on the White House website as legitimate, the Obama administration and the Hawaii DOH continued their dance, pretending it was impossible to release a long-form birth certificate."

Corsi said Vogt's analysis "shows not only that the Hawaii DOH remains complicit with the Obama White House in advancing the fraud that Obama was born in Hawaii, but also shows the cover-up is continuing."

"The public must now demand to see the 'best evidence' of the Obama birth certificate – namely, the document itself," he said.

Vogt's affidavit describes several specific concerns, including alleged anomalies in the image released to the public, Obama's dispatching of an attorney to travel to Hawaii for such a document and the careful language that was used to describe its acquistion.

What "waiver"?

Vogt cited Bauer's statement that, "Early last week the decision was made to review the legal basis for seeking a waiver from the long-standing prohibition in the state Department of Health on releasing the long-form birth certificate. And so we undertook a legal analysis and determined a waiver request could be made, that we had the grounds upon which to make that request."

The affidavit describes how Obama's private attorney, Judy Corley of the law firm of Perkins Coie, was dispatched to travel to Hawaii to retrieve the document.

Continued Bauer, "The department, as I understood it, after reviewing the law and reviewing the grounds asserted in the request, came to the conclusion that a waiver could be appropriately granted. We were advised that the long-form birth certificate could be copied and made available to us as early as Monday, April 25th – the day before yesterday. And we made arrangements for counsel to travel to Honolulu to pick it up and it was returned to the White House yesterday afternoon."

But Vogt notes Hawaii law requires, "Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the Department of Health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate."

"The law clearly states 'shall,' that does not mean maybe or 'out of the goodness of their hearts.' It means the Health Department must issue a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth not the Certification if requested. The Hawaiian law has a list of who can receive the Certificate and they include over 20 individuals, as well as government agencies."

He wrote that Loretta Fuddy, the chief of the health department, had announced an "exception" to departmental policy, even though other long-form certificates had been made available to others only weeks before Obama's request.

Which document?

Several forms of the birth document were distributed, including copied images handed out to reporters, the online image and an image taken by a selected reporter who was allowed to see the White House copy.

Vogt says the evidence indicates the "original" copy at the White House may have been a descendant of the online image, not the other way around.

He says the image distributed to media has the previously reported registrar's rubber stamp anomaly, with "TXE" instead of "THE." The reporter's image is from Savannah Guthrie of NBC, who was allowed to see one of the White House copies that "arrived from Hawaii".
"She claims she touched it and felt the raised seal, or what looks like a seal. This was important to Robert Bauer and company because the copy they showed the news people did not show any embossed seal.

So the White House handlers felt it necessary to have at least one reporter, they could trust, see and feel the Certificate. She was also permitted to take a photo of the Certificate, which we will assume was done by her camera phone, because the quality was not very good," Vogt explained.

The top image is from the Guthrie image, the bottom of from what was given to reporters. Both appear to have the "TXE" error.

Bottom image is from another document just a few weeks earlier that does not have the "TXE" error embedded.

Vogt notes several discrepancies, including an "italicized E" under the "A" in Alvin in the image given to reporters that appears not to be present in Guthrie's image. He concedes, however, it could be explained by the low-resolution of the latter image.

He notes that the PDF image that was uploaded from the White House, which reportedly was scanned from a hard copy, reveals it was created April 27 on a Mac computer.

"On the PDF file the italics "E" under the "A" in Alvin also shows up clearly. … That would mean that [the image given reporters and the PDF file] have a common origin.

"The most logical conclusion is that [the image given to reporters and the image from Guthrie] were produced from the same file, namely the PDF file. … The only way to know for sure would be to have the White House place both certificates next to each other and photograph or scan them."

Exactly the same

Further, he said, "What is interesting about these three images of the registrar's seal and the date stamp just to the left of it, is that all are in the exact same position to the hundredths of an inch and I mean both horizontally and vertically to the above form.

So you have two certificates [the copies the White House says came from Hawaii] with two hand applied rubber stamps on the bottom and a hand placed embossed seal applied by a machine and all three are in the exact same position.

It is impossible to put two forms next to each other and hand stamp them as shown and get all in exactly the same position, along with being placed almost perfectly straight on the two forms.

This could only be done with a graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Keep in mind the clerk or registrar has no reason or preference requirement to place these stamps in exactly the same position."

Vogt said, "The preponderance of evidence leads me to conclude that the Certificate of Live Birth, the White House presented at the 8:48 a.m. news conference and not mentioned on television an hour later, is a forgery."

Corsi said it's mostly likely that "there is no long-form birth certificate in the Hawaii DOH vault, or if there is one, it is a mere print-out of the PDF file."

"Very likely the PDF file is the 'best evidence' of the document, especially if all the paper documents of the Obama long-form birth certificate derive from that electronic file," Corsi said.

"Soon the American public will have compelling expert testimony that the Obama birth certificate was electronically manufactured and electronically modified – using as templates various authentic birth certificates, including the Nordyke twins' birth certificates," he said. "This crude forgery will not survive genuine forensic expert examination – but the White House will continue lying – and showing the one copy with the 'seal' only to a trusted press photographer that the White House knew would not ask any critical questions."


Vogt also pointed to the chain of custody for the physical documents that the White House said it got from the state of Hawaii, brought to Washington Obama's attorney and then handed over to the White House. But unknown is who created the online image that many experts believe shows evidence of manipulation.

Corsi points out that the government's own guidelines for accepting the authenticity of an electronic document features a long list of conditions.

The Government Printing Office "will inform users about a publication's integrity and chain of custody through the designation of at least 2 different levels of authentication, 'authentic' and 'official.'

GPO defines 'authentic' as content that is verified by GPO to be complete and unaltered when compared to the version received by GPO. 'Official' content is content that is approved by, contributed by, or harvested from an official source in accordance with accepted program specifications," the government outlines.

Such provenance has yet to be offered regarding the White House document, he explains.

When the White House released Obama's document in April, officials with the Hawaii Department of Health and the office of Gov. Neal Abercrombie declined to respond to WND requests for a simple confirmation that the image released in Washington was an accurate representation of the information in the state's files.

The previous reports on Vogt's criminal complaint:

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Listen to the idiot Obots still trying to defend their little Communist God from all those honest Americans who are trying as hard as they can to save our Country and protect our Freedom.

 "TXE" is not "THE" and this is from a rubber stamp! Hawaii would not keep and continue to use a rubber stamp that the stamp manufacturer cast with "THE" misspelled "TXE"!

Nobody can misspell a word on a rubber stamp accidentally as they ink and then stamp it.

The document that the "TXE" appears on had to have been redacted by a computer program.

The fact nobody caught this obvious typo shows just how childish and inept these people really are. The "TXE" mistake shows without a doubt the image has been altered and is not a actual copy of any actual document.

If one part has been redacted one has to at least wonder what else is not real. Be leery of all these Obots that fill these blogs with disinformation. Some are paid to do so. Some have several people posting under one name as they post 24-7. This group is organized and well funded. Believe not one word they type - our Freedom is at stake.

Now lets simplify this discussion and make it simple enough for any 5th grader, even one from a democRAT family.

If your daddy was a Kenyan Brit, you can never be fit for the office of POTUS

No Birth Certificate, or Certificate of Live Birth needed. Just A2. S1. p5. of our Great Old Constitution. If your father was not an American Citizen at the time of your birth you are not a A2. S1. p5. Natural Born American Citizen.

All the rest is simply smoke and mirrors trying to distract you from this simple truth.

All spin and no truth! Wake Up America. Foreigners can not be President. Certainly not British Subjects. Google (John Jay, George Washington, Natural Born.)

(By the way John Jay was our 1st Supreme Court Chief Justice). Rember - The Truth Will Set You Free! America needs a big dose of the Truth - Right About NOW!


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In this particular radio interview
a gentleman called in who had some expertise in documents and said that he was able to remove the title of the document and underneath it was something like derek.jpg (right around the 27 minute mark.) One of Obama's WH adviser's is a Derek Douglas. That name has an unusual spelling.