Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dear Mr. Benett,

I just received your e-mail sent to my supporter, Netty. My name is Orly Taitz.

I am an attorney, who is challenging Barack Obama in several states and came very close to removing him from the ballot in the state of GA during primary, I will renew my challenge in the general election there and I brought challenges in other states. In MS and IN the legal challenges include Secretaries of States. I am placing you on notice of flagrant forgery in Barack Obama’s birth certificate, selective service certificate and his fraudulent use of CT Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him according to e-verify.

As a Secretary of state you are in charge of assuring lawful elections, free of fraud. If, while possessing this knowledge of fraud and forgery , you allow Mr. Obama on the ballot, you are at the very minimum violating your fiduciary duty as a Secretary of State in failing to assure lawful elections, at the maximum you are criminally complicit.

If someone in the city hall would be complicit with a forger, who claimed that your house is actually his house, would you be satisfied in having the same corrupt bureaucrat sending you a note, saying that he has a deed somewhere saying that your house belongs to the forger?

Would you just move out of your house and give the keys to the criminal? Of course not. You would consider that to be a complete idiocy.

You would demand the crook at the city hall to show the original deed, and if he does not provide an original deed, you would sue him together with the forger in RICO, as it would be racketeering and collusion between the forger and a paid governmental employee.

The same thing is going on here. We have a criminal, Barack Hussein Obama, unlawfully occupying the White House and attempting to get on the ballot and extend his tenure for 4 more years, while using a forged birth certificate, forged selective service certificate and a stolen Social Security number.

Two detectives from Maricopa County sheriffs department flew to HI, appeared in the Health Department, demanded to see the original birth certificate and were denied access.

Coupled with evidence of forgery in the alleged copy, this provides for a probable cause to believe that what they have, is the same computer generated forgery, not a genuine birth certificate, created in 1961. Every Secretary of State has fraud investigators.

I am sure you have one as well. In light of all of the above it is your fiduciary duty to send a fraud investigator and a forensic document expert to the Health Department of HI and demand access to the alleged original document for expert examination.

If you do not do that in light of all the evidence, you are violating your fiduciary duty at best or complicit at worst.

I trust that you will not breach your fiduciary duty and will send a fraud investigator and a forensic document expert to HI.

Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ

SOME  COMMENTS (May 24th) :

1. Bennett sold out. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see he got nothing. He played (or sold out) to the left and the media’s hand.

2. Dr. Taitz, Esq.,
After reviewing an uproarious response I have conclude the following:
You have no problems in communicating a point.
You hold people responsible & accountable.
Your facts, logic, strategic, and debating excellent.
You maybe the only Lawyer I respect presently!
Your commitment to the US Constitution and our legal system shines brightly from your courage!
As a Democrat you have my respect, but as an American I must say a job well done & God Bless you!

3. This needs to be sent to every Secretary of State. We need to hold them all accountable.

4. Mr Bennet did not cave in. He has done as several judges or other law officials have done to spare themselves and their families of the threat of death that Obama and the democrast as well as republicans are bringing upon we the people.

5. This situation with Obama is an abomination on the intentions and words of the Founding Fathers. There is something very mysterious about what and who are Obama’s enablers. 

On one side of the stage I see the Chicago and Hawaii scenarios. 

These are local communists following long practiced plots for ‘change’. 

On the other side of the stage I see the internationalists such as Soros and others who are going for Bush1′s new world order. I believe both sides of the stage are working together. 

This is a very powerful/influential cabal which includes prominent politicians from all states for self service/promotion. A very tough nut to crack so to speak. 

It is a marvel that a lady from another such national historical example is needed to show the citizens of the USA the consequences and cause of the folly of ‘change’.

6, So, does SOS Bennett seriously take the following sentence as “proof”?:

“”…..I verify that the INFORMATION in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you attached with your request matches the original record in our files.”"

Why are they playing with words??

not how it was entered. It cannot be compared side by side!!

This should be shared and sent to every Secretary of State. The cave in was announced  before Bennet even OPENED the Email he was sent from Hawaii! It no longer mattered WHAT  it said. He was not going to stand firm in the face of threats to his family.

Even Bill and Hillary Clinton folded when their friends were killed to prevent them running against Obama in 2007/08.

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