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Let me make a broad disclosure: I am not Jewish nor an Israeli BUT I am nevertheless infuriated when in the current state of global affairs and destruction of my American environment by a fervently biased, pro-islam usurper of the Oval Office, who encourages and foments death and destruction by willing Moslems, mostly through the Moslem Brotherhood for his own narcissistic, megalomaniac power grabs and cannot care less for our well-being, I am being dragged into certain perdition.

Obama is the American Ayatollah Khomeini, including using the same Marxist-Islamic mix used to destroy Iran by Khomeini and now by Obama to destroy America!

He is intentionally derelict in his duty  to protect America and American interests as he plans and implements his dream of a Moslem 
caliphate ruling the world with himself  as a prominent part or even pinnacle of the leadership.

Below are links to Israeli articles that should be read to achieve an understanding of what has transpired and is happening to America's only regional ally. Though as far as Obama is concerned with his tunnel vision of self interest, he prefers to meet with comedians like David Letterman, go to Las Vegas and reject a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though he did schedule a meeting with the Egyptian leader, Mohammad Morsi,who is an fervent leader of the Moslem Brotherhood and outspoken enemy of Israel.

He may have to  cancel Morsi, too, to try to lose fewer Jewish votes in November

A spontaneous thought for Bernice Lipkin.

Read the last few days of articles at AntiMullah and see where we can complement each others' efforts on a regular basis

As thousands of loyal visitors to our site already know has a similar DAILY post of multiple links (with an occasional skipped day) and interesting graphics, which THINK-ISRAEL  readers can peruse selectively to get insights into American and often Iranian happenings. 

I wonder if adding an ANTIMULLAH link/button on the THINK- ISRAEL web page, would serve to achieve the reverse of what was done here, and may expand the readership for both sites and continue on a reciprocal basis. 

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As you can see we can be very outspoken and do not pull our punches  nor dilute our opinions. As a non-profit, non-commercial site we can retain such freedoms,


Fatah And Hamas. Islam And Islamist. They're All Under Sharia
Founding National Myths: Fabricating Palestinian Historyby David Bukay
The Rhetoric Of Nonsense: Fabricating Palestinian Historyby Alexander H. Joffe
A Case Of Myth-Taken Identityby Tabitha Korol
Understanding Egypt's Sexual Intercourse Lawby James G. Zumwalt
Dangerous Illusions About Islamismby Robert R. Reilly
Is There Any Valid Space For Jihad In The Modern World?by Babu Suseelan
Sharia's Stealth Invasion
Swing Low Sweet Shariaby Nidra Poller
Studying Antisemitism On Campusby Phyllis Chesler
Dr. Jasser's Panglossian Koranic Glossby Andrew G. Bostom
Muslim Brotherhood
The Brotherhood's Useful Idiotsby Caroline B. Glick
The Muslim Brotherhood In The Arab World And Islamic Communities In Western Europeby Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Osama Bin Laden On The Muslim Brotherhoodby Thomas Joscelyn
The Muslim Brotherhood In America: A Video Courseby Mark Tapson
Middle East Dissolution
The Horror And The Pitaby Spengler
Egypt Gaza Powderkegby Yaakov Lappin
Iran And Obama's Syria Hesitation by John Bolton
Forget Syria - Neutralize Iranby David P. Goldman
Winds Of War?by David Meir-Levi
New Beginning by Al Skudsi Bin Hookah
Jew-Hatred In Norwayby Bruce Bawer
The Last Days Of Jews In The Islamicized Europe by Giulio Meotti
German Cartoon Riots: Clubs, Bottles And Stones"by Soeren Kern
Don't Let America Imitate A Burning European Unionby Bruce Thornton
The Dark Side Of Paradiseby Fjordman
Muslim Voters Change Europeby Soeren Kern
It Is Time For The European Multiculturalism Worm To Turn At Lastby Babs Barron
Some Of Israel's Acute Problems Aside From Iran
'Haaretz' Versus The Jewsby Martin Sherman
How To Write About Israelby Daniel Greenfield
Before We Lose Controlby Guy Bechor
Israel's Peace Diseaseby Daniel Greenfield
Stupidity — On Steroidsby Martin Sherman
The Rule Of Lawby Paul Eidelberg
Israel @ 100 -- A Look Ahead BY Brandon Marlon
Pr-Ti: Plain Rotten To Israel
Can Left-Wing Journalists Really Be Fair? by Fjordman
'Political Correctness' Is Totalitarian Mind Controlby David Kupelian
Whitewash Of Sharia Climbs The Bestseller Listsby Bruce Bawer
More Shameful BBC Propaganda Against Israelby Robin Shepherd
History Section
FDR Used The Jewsby Rafael Medoff
Passengers On A Ship Turned Back From Its Journey: 64 Years Later, Exodus Survivors Meet For Lunchby Sherry Gavanditti
The "Iasi" Pogrom: A Solemn Jewish Anniversaryby Jerrold L. Sobel
The Truth About The Nakbaby Robert Werdine
A Different History Of Displacement And Lossby Matti Friedman
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Bernice Lipkin
Editor, Think-Israel

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