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Why El Baradei must be forced out of the IAEA.

Bruno Schirra, writing for the German website Die Welt just published a report that the IAEA tried to stop entitled: Atomic Secrets: The man who knew too much. This is the first time the IAEA’s Chief Inspector, Chris Charlier, has spoken out publicly. We have just translated the report.

Here are a few excerpts:

When Baradei went to Tehran in April for consultations, the chief negotiator of the Shiite theocracy, Ali Larijani gave him an ultimatum to fire Chris Charlier. …Mohammad El-Baradei acted swiftly in accepting the demand.

Chris Charlier had made himself highly unpopular in Tehran since 2003. "I am not a politician, I am a technician and as such the only thing which interests me is whether Iran's nuclear program is a civil or military one", Charlier states. "The inspections have to reach an unambiguous conclusion"."I believe they are hiding what they are doing with their nuclear activities. …

Charlier notes the results of inspections and lists the tricks and deceptions of the Tehran rulers, which leads the inspectors in Vienna to a single conclusion: based on pieces of the puzzle gathered by Charlier, "Tehran is obviously making a bomb."

Mohammad El-Baradei promised Ali Larijani, the most trusted person of Iran's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei not only to remove Charlier, the team leader of the inspectors, but also to no longer allow him access to any documents in Vienna, relative to Iran's nuclear program.

Does El Baradei work for Iran or the UN or even the IAEA?

IranMania reported that Mohamed Elbaradei said that there was still plenty of time to find a diplomatic solution to the the Iranian nuclear crisis. Plenty of time? To whose benefit? Other than Iran.

When will El Baradei be forced out of the IAEA? Write your representatives and demand hearings in this now.

El Baradei is not the only one corrupted by the Iranian regime.

Rooz Online reported that while Ahmadinejad claims to be battling corruption in the Iranian regime, his brother has been accused of embezzling $2 Million dollars in contracts with the IRGC. His brother is currently the head of the president’s inspector’s office whose responsibility is to track and investigate government corruption and fraud. Fox guarding the hen-house!

Rooz Online reported that although Iran's Supreme Leader has ordered the "privatization" of the Iranian economy. In reality, Iran's "Private Sector" = The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC).

Here are a few other news items you may have missed.

Michael Rubin, Bitter Lemons International, while critical of the Bush administrations equivocation about its democratization policy, warned that the Islamic Republic's leadership would not likely survive should it push the White House into conflict over Israel or, for that matter, over Washington's allies in the Persian Gulf.

Yahoo News reported on the two-day regional conference on security in Iraq is to open in the Iranian capital Tehran. Talking to the same fox to guard another hen-house!

Yahoo News reported that Shirin Ebadi finally demanded the "unconditional" release of all political prisoners, despite official denials that such a category of detainee exists. Reluctant to take on the regime, for whom she shills, yet wanting to appear active, she has chosen a "soft" subject with which to do this. Not one the regime will worry over too much but puts her in the spotlight.

Safa Haeri, Iran Press Service reported more on Ahmadinejad's statement: "Israel Must Be Removed." The Israel card again. Ahmadi-Nejad, convinced the Jews run America, has been trying to use this as leverage with a spin off benefit of appearfing good to Arab and Islamic nations.

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