Monday, July 31, 2006


Iranian regimes own newspaper confesses Iranian anger over government support of Hezbollah.

Iran Press News reported on the Iranian people’s rage and hatred for Hezbollah was in evidence in the regime-run newspaper Aftab’eh Yazd where readers of the newspaper messages have been published, for example: “Hassan Nassrollah, the coward is hiding out while the people of Lebanon are paying his price.” A must read.

The human rights abuse of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Focus reported that the European Union issued a statement that expressed “serious concern about the deteriorating situation with regard to the freedom of expression and the status of human rights defenders in Iran.”

Iran Press News reported that Akbar Mohammadi imprisoned student who was refused his medical furlough from prison, began a hunger strike on July 23rd. Photo. UPDATE: he died under torture last night (Sunday)!!

Iran Press News reported on the Islamic regime's flogging of a 37-year-old man in Vahdat Square in the city of Gorgan (northern Iran). He received 74 lashes. Photo.

Iran Press News reported that in 2005 eight adolescents under 18 were executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press News reported that the regime’s authorities at the Rajaiishahr prison have begun summoning and threatening political prisoners, trumping up charges against them in order to stymie their hunger strikes.

UN reaches "informal agreement" on Iran nuclear resolution.

The Washington Post reported that key U.N. Security Council members agreed informally on Thursday on a resolution demanding Iran suspend nuclear enrichment and reprocessing work and threatening to consider sanctions if it refuses.

Kenneth R. Timmerman, argued that while some have suggested that the latest round of fighting between Israel and Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon is the beginning of World War III, he suggested this is more like the Spanish Civil War.

Iran Press News reported that China and the countries of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, finalized a new round of talks regarding the consolidation of an agreement on free trade, with the goal and guarantee of long-term oil output to maximum capability.

Iran Press News published photos of the Hezbollah flag being distributed in the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Cox & Forkum published another cartoon: High Stakes

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