Sunday, September 16, 2007


Alan note: This is an excerpt. For the rest and an interesting self-updating map of civilian bombings and an amazing list of these in the first 10 days of September, CLICK ON THE TITLE/HEADING to go to the original article.

As we remember the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I (the author) am posting my second article in this series on how widespread non-military bombing attacks are in today’s world.See the first part in this series here, and below are some initial observations from the first ten days:

There are bomb threats and scares across America everyday, although rarely any explosions that result in death or injury. (This may be widespread outside America, but if so, there is no reporting of it in English.)

Iraq sees the most frequet and deadly bombings, followed by Afghanistan, but all of South Asia together matches the carnage in Iraq.

The number of bombing attacks in Afghanistan is
rising fast, although the UN reports that as many as 80% of the bombers are actually from Pakistan.

(Alan note: The Taleban are all Pakistanis by origin and NOT Afghans - thus the basis for the 80% statistic).

Thailand sees regular bombings, both in the Muslim south and near the Burmese border, and Algeria has recently seen heavy casualties from several bombings.

That sub-Saharan Africa is blank unfortunately doesn’t mean it is free of bombing. Many countries such as central Africa and the horn face regular bombings, but reports simply aren’t accurate enough to state locations and casualties.

Also, there are other countries in the world where media freedom is non-existent and bombings may be covered up.

Death counts and the number of those injured are typically inaccurate in the first few days.  

I (the author) have updated some numbers upwards as the body count is corrected.


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