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ULTIMATE LIST of Preparedness, Alternative, Outdoors, Gardening, too much to LIST

Food & Water
WaterWater Treatment FAQ For Emergency Water Supply and Storage Filtering & Purifying Water A Rainbarrel*Trapping, Hunting and FishingTrapping Birds Are Good To Eat Large Animals FAQ Tips*Wild FoodsEdible Plants and Flowers List of Plants Identification - Beginner Mushrooms*LivestockTracker Outdoors Primer on Backyard Meat Rabbit Raising Practices States Department of Agriculturehttp://www.usda.govVirtual Livestock Library Animal Links*ChickensRaising Chickens Related Resources*GardeningNational Gardening Seeds Seeds Berries Can Be Easy To Grow Herbs in the Home Garden Composting Guide EPA Composting Garden Pests and Five Organic Controls’s Insecticides Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America Management and Identification*CheesemakingIntroduction to Cheesemaking Basics of Making Cheese Making Recipes Cheese*BeekeepingBeekeeping: The Beekeeper’s Home Page Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive*Maple SyrupThe Syrup and How It Is Made American Maple Syrup Producers Manual*Alcoholic BeveragesThe Brew Hut - Brewing for the Beginner Your Own Magazine Joy of Home Winemaking To Make Moonshine Cooker: How To Build A Still*Food PreservationPreserving Food Safely Basics for Preserving Food To Make Vinegar Basics Food Root Cellar Home Page A Fully Functional Cold Storage Pit/Mound Food Drying Do I?... Cure & Smoke Meat and Poultry*RecipesEpicurious Online*NutritionNutrition Data*MRE’sMRE 101 Internet Grocer Life Food Depot Own Meals*Miscellaneous StorageStorage Life of Dry Foods 52 Week List Storage Planner SheltersSurvival-Shelters Bag Shelters Wilderness Survival: How To Build a Shelter Shelters Term Shelters Indian Tepee Quest - Snow Shelters to Build an Igloo Building*Log CabinsThe Outlands - Build Your Own Log Cabin a Log Cabin*Timber Frame HomesBuilding a Timber Frame Home: A Consumer’s Guide“Five Building Tricks for Super Strong Framing”“Make Your Own Lumber With a Chainsaw Mill”*Straw Bale ConstructionStraw Bale Construction Last Straw Tips & Resources*Earth-Sheltered DesignEarth-Sheltered Houses Sheltered Design Sheltered Resources on the Web*Geodesic DomesDesert Domes Domes Dome Institute*Home Repair/MaintenanceHome Maintenance and Repair*Blast Shelters and Safe RoomsShelters & Construction Shelters Blast Shelter Safe Rooms AidTraditional MedicineFirst Aid Tutorial World Online - First-Aid Guide CPR Red Cross - Health and Safety Services First Aid Bite - First Aid for Minor Emergencies Snakebite Emergency Webpage’s Guide*Alternative Medicine and HomeopathyAlternative Medicine an Herbal First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Educational Services*Wilderness/Survival MedicineWilderness Field Protocols Medical FAQ - Staying Healthy in the Wilderness*Stress ManagementStress Management Tools - How to Master Stress Management in Disasters*Exercise & FitnessExercise and Physical Fitness Page RadiosBeginners Guide to Ham Radio Code Operating Aids*CB RadioAn Introduction to the World of Radio Communications Rules for CB Radio Tips and Tricks Emergency Associated Communications Teams*Shortwave RadioShortwave Radio Information for Beginners When and Where to Listen*Survival and Distress CommunicationSurvival Communications FAQ Alert System Distress Signals Signals CraftsSewingSewingWeb.com*KnittingCraft Yarn Councilhttp://www.craftyarncouncil.comLearnToKnit.com*QuiltingQuilting at About.com*Knots & NetmakingBRMRB Knot Primer Knotting Dictionary of Kannet Netmaking*Basket MakingBasketmakers.org*CandlemakingThe Essential Survival Guide to Candlemaking Candle Cauldron*SoapmakingThe Complete Guide to Soapmaking’s Homemade Soap Page*PotteryPottery the ART Arch Climbing Kiln Pottery Kilns Monthly - Build a $75 Electric Wheel*Leathermaking & Hide TanningLeather Working Knowledgebase Links*MasonryBetter Homes and Gardens - Masonry and Masonry*WoodworkingWoodworking Tips and Techniques and Lumber Calculators at WOODWEB*MetalworkingAnvilfire.com and Metalworking Resources*Flamecutting & Arc WeldingIntroduction to Flamecutting to Arc Welding Repair and MaintenanceElectronics/Electrical EquipmentBasicElectronics.com Tutorials Basic Electronics Soldering & Desoldering FAQ* - Appliances*Sump PumpsHomeTips Home Repair: Sump Pumps*Small EnginesDo It Yourself: Small Engines,00.htmlBriggs & Stratton - Lawn Mower Repair - Generator Repair Engine Advisor on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Gasoline Engines and Rotary Lawn Mowers talk Forums - Small Engine Repair*GeneratorsAC Generators“Installing a Backup Generator”*Automotive Maintenance and RepairAutoshop 101 Maintenance and Repair Tutorial EnergyGeneralThe Wonderful World of Renewable Energy“For a Truly Independent Energy System, Your Choices are Solar, Wind, and Water” Renewable Energy Lab Energy News Information System for Renewable Energy Environmental Design + Construction Power Magazine*Off-The-GridUsers Guide to Off-Grid Energy Solutions Living and Homesteading Yahoo! Group and Joyce Chase Allender and Debbi Lord Glaser*solar.html*SolarHow Solar Cells Work“Solar Energy: It’s Nothing New and It’s Here to Stay” Solar “How To…” Worksheet Guide Photovoltaics Home Page Into The Sun Energy To Make A Solar Power Generator for Less Than $300 Heater Your Own Solar Water Heating Panel a Solar Temperature Logger & Solar Heated Water Controller Cooking Archive Dehydrator Solar Energy Society Solar Energy Society Paso Salinity Gradient Solar Pond*Wind PowerWindmill Worldhttp://www.windmillworld.comDanish Wind Association of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Wind Monthly News Magazine Built Windpower Wind Energy Association*Water Power“Micro Hydro Power in the Nineties” Web Portal Hydro Web Site Community Woodland Own Water-Power Plant*Water PumpsPump Options Holo Pump Rope Pump*BiomassAlternative Fuels Data Center Biodiesel Board Economy Clearinghouse! Groups: Biofuel Making Your Own Ethanol Fuel Virtual Village Bio-Diesel Pages Bioenergy Association*WoodstovesHearthNet Burning Wood Economical? Stoves StovesThe Russian Stove’s Waste Oil Heater“I Heat My House By Burning Corn”*Fuel CellsHow Stuff Works - Fuel Cells the History of Fuel Cells Cell Technology Showcase“Residential Fuel Cells: Hope or Hype?” A Simple Fuel CellBuild Your Own Fuel Cells, by Phillip Hurley. You can find information on this at the e-book’s official Website, located here:*GeothermalOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Geothermal Technology Programs Heating/Cooling Systems Air Conditioning Homeshooling Support on the Internet to Z Home’s Cool . . . A Light at the End of the Tunnel Resource Guide Home Education Network Education Magazine School Legal Defense Association LivingGeneralAll Things Frugal Frugal Life U. Homemaker Village Dollar Stretcher Frugal Living Corner*AutomotiveUsedWreckingYards.com Blue Book*Brides/WeddingsFrugalBride.com*CookingOnce a Month Cooking*EducationFree Education on the Internet*GiftsMake Stuff*ShoppingThe Frugal Shopper*TravelCheapfares.com*Yard SalesYardsalequeen.com Sale Search SurvivalGeneral SitesAlpha Disaster Contingencies Files: Survivalism Information Library*Tactics and TrainingThe Patriot War College! Schools and Courses Delta Fighting*WeaponsChoosing a Survival Weapon Guns Network Portal Proof ME Body Armor Articles*Wilderness and Urban SurvivalWilderness Survival to Survive Ranger Digest Global Positioning Resource Library Firestarting Techniques on Emergency Fire Starting Survival Primer*TEOTWAWKISecrets of Survival Earthquake Prediction and Preparedness Boards Changes Survival Guide Preparedness FAQ for Domestic Terrorism War Survival Skills a Nuclear Attack*ConspiracyFirearms and Freedom - Conspiracy, Survivalism and New World Order Groups*ForumsAussurvivalist Today’s Forum Backwoods Home Magazine Readers’ Forum Constitution Corner!Groups: misc_survivalism_moderated!Groups: backwoodshome Skills Group*GroupsIntentional Communities National Militia Directory Groups*Magazines & PublishersCountryside Earth News Power Magazine Magazine Way Survival Magazine of Fortune magazine Press*OrganizationsLive Free International Preparedness Network American Civil Defense Association
Water PurificationBest Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc.*Gardening SuppliesGardener’s Supply Company Alive!’s Seed & Nursery Co. Valley Farm Supply, Inc.*Canning SuppliesKitchen Etc.*Food DehydratorsHealthgoods Hill Grain*LivestockAgSelect.com Livestock Equipment Co. Boy Ag*RabbitsBass Equipment Company*ChickensMurray McMurray Hatchery Poultry & Game Bird Supply*CheesemakingGlengarry Cheesemaking and Dairy Supply, England Cheesemaking Supply*Beekeepingbee-commerce.com Lake Ltd.*Maple SugaringDufresne’s Sugar House Harvest, LLC.*Beer & Wine Making SuppliesBeer & Wine Hobby Homebrewing Supplies Wine and Ale Supply, LLC*Trapping SuppliesMurray’s Lures & Trapping Supplies’s Scents and Supplies*Hunting & Fishing EquipmentBass Pro Shops’s & M Hunting Supplies and Marine’s Guide*MRE’s, Freeze Dried and Dehydrated FoodsThe Emergency Preparedness Center Internet Grocer Life Food Depot Own Meals, Inc.*Log Cabin Kits & PlansAppalachian Log Homes, Inc. Log Homes Log Cabins*Geodesic DomesGnomeDome Company Karma Domes Planet Productions*Home Repair and MaintenanceDo it Best Commerce Company, LLC Incorporated*Blast SheltersDisaster Facilities Inc. Shelter Systems*First Aid Kits & SuppliesCPR Savers & First Aid Supply*Survival Kits and ProductsThe Emergency Preparedness Center*Radio Equipment and PartsAudio Etcetera Shack Parts Company*Sewing SuppliesJo-Ann Stores, Inc True*Knitting SuppliesDarn It Yarn*QuiltingConnectingThreads.com*BasketmakingThe Country Seat, Inc. Basketryhttp://jb-designs.comBasket Accessories, LLC*CandlemakingBobby’s Craft Boutique Inc. Star Candle Supply, Inc.http://www.lonestarcandlesupply.comPeak Candle Making Supplies*SoapmakingBramble Berry®, Inc’s Bouquet, Inc. Supplies Plus, Inc.*Pottery/Ceramic SuppliesClay-Kiln.com Clay Company*Leather Crafting SupplieseLeatherSupply Leather Company*Woodworking SuppliesRockler Woodworking and Hardware’s Supply*Metalworking SuppliesJ&L Industrial Supply Technologies*Flame Cutting & Arc Welding SuppliesRam Welding Supply*Electronic Parts/Testing EquipmentElectronic Surplus Inc. Electronics, Inc. Electronics Solver Parts & Surplus, Inc. Equipment Connection*GeneratorsAmerican Honda Power Equipment Division Generators Tool and Equipment*Automotive Parts & SuppliesBuy Auto Parts*SolarBig Frog Mountain Corporation Solar, Inc. Goods Corporation ENERGY, Inc.*Wind PowerABS Alaskan, Inc. Alternative Energy Store Arizona Wind & Sun, Inc*Hydro PowerCanyon Hydro Systems & Design Snyder Electric Coast Power*Water PumpsBoss Pump & Well*Biodiesel/BiomassBiodiesel Warehouse VI Biofuels Inc.*WoodstovesCreative Energy Technologies Stove Builders’s Woodstoves Stoves & Spas Education At Home, Inc. - Education for a Lifetime Things Meadow Teaching Company Knife Center Sharp’s Alley Guns International*Wilderness Survival Kits & GearThe Camo Store Preparedness Gear Supply’s Surplus & Survival Craft Int, Emergency Preparedness Products*GPSGetAGPS.com*Nuclear Survival SuppliesNuke Pillshttp://www.nukepills.comDownright Service Inc. America


Wweeks said...

Hi Alan,

Would you please consider adding my site on survival food for your list?

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Cam Stewart said...

My family purchased a whole 12-month supply of freeze-dried food storage from Daily Bread representative Steve Matheson. He came into our home and gave us a free demonstration on how to prepare the food - by simply adding water. If you’d like to invest in a great product for you and your family, contact Steve Matheson @

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

For those of you looking for Log Home survival techniques please take a look at this site.

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Jayne Tingay said...

I love this blog