Sunday, November 30, 2008


Barack Obama's liberal base is furious over his decision to pick centrist members for his cabinet and for bringing the Clintons back to the White House.

Obama has angered the far left by retaining Robert Gates as defense secretary, and retired General Jim Jones as national security advisor. And with Hillary Clinton set to take the helm of the State Department, hope and change has taken a back seat to 'stay the course'.

Gates was the architect of the troop surge, which paved the road for what now can be called a decisive victory in the Iraq war. With that in mind, it is highly unlikely that Obama will withdraw our military within the original time frame that he outlined during the campaign.

It is also improbable that the defense budget will be slashed anytime soon, as the attention of the war on terror will now turn toward Afghanistan. This will stick in the craw of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, as well as Obama's puppet master George Soros.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Obama has developed a chronic facial tic brought on by the stress of the presidential campaign. The Secret Service has also had to increase security due to more threats on his life than any other president-elect in history has received.

The spasmodic anomaly has supposedly left his wife Michelle very distraught.

The pressure that Obama has been under is only bound to increase with the economic downturn set to get worse before it gets better, and world tensions will take their toll as well.

One can only hope that the "messiah" doesn't develop Tourette Syndrome before Inauguration Day. That could prove interesting.

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