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"What is surprising is that Melanie Phillips actually seems to think that they are correct - that Obama is a stealth Marxist whose appointments are sham fronts meant to allow him to impose a secret left-wing agenda.

She writes: “Just like me they believe Obama is practicing stealth politics with a degree of sophistication and success with which ‘even Lenin would be impressed.’…Obama knows that he must be subtle and reassure even the most conservative of his opponents if he is to achieve his radical goals.”

I respectivefully disagree with much of what you have written.

What Trevor Loudon wrote, and Phillips reported on, what how the marxist Left that did so much to support the political rise of, and then the presidential campaign of Sen. Obama, see all this as the result of their influence, and they comment on the “stealth” component of Obama’s strategies.

Now whether Obama had a “stealth” campaign strategy is known only to himself and a handful of insiders, but he has managed to hide almost all of his past from the American public, using a few slimey mouthpieces to say what is (that there is a birth certificate, the Frank Marshall Davis (CPUSA) had no influence on him, that he hardly knew Bill Ayers (WUO), etc)) and refused to provide what is missing (his birth certificate, his legal writings, his school records, etc).

This is called “a coverup” and one has to ask “why”? He won the election, so no quarrel with it and I don’t care about the foreign-birth issue, but let’s face it, “Obama, we hardly know you” and from what I have seen of those who guided you through life, I’m scared for our country.

Obama was raised and operated in a marxist-rich environment, which also included liberals, socialists, and some pretty psychopathic individuals.

Ron (pajamasmedia), I believe you were either a “red-diaper” or “pink diaper” baby, and know what that concept includes.

Obama was at least a “pink diaper” baby and those around him ranged from liberal to hardcore Communist, and that included many in his presidential campaign.

While Obama’s choices so far for his cabinet have been rational, it is due to the fact that none of his top people had any real world experience in the military or even in government.

He had to get people with experience from somewhere and he went to the Clinton Administration for them, plus a few Bush leftovers. (Bush kept Clinton appointees, esp. at the CIA and State, and paid a heavy price for it).

It is the second tier leftists that worry me and many othe people. Malley is one. His father was a Soviet operative and it had to color his view of the Middle East.

Rice has some very anti-Israel views that are not those of a moderate.

Anything with Daschle spells trouble, as well as conflict of interest due to his wife’s position with Boeing (past and possibly, present).

Podesta - his ties to George Soros put him way over on the far-left.

The influence of the heavily marxist AFL-CIO on labor issues and the Secretary of Labor is one of the untold stories of this election.

More on this topic will be published in the future.

Eric Holder at Justice. One of the biggest mistakes that Obama could make regarding the security of America and the sanctity of the Dept. of Justice.

After watching the Clintons and Reno destroy anti-mafia work re LIUNA, we are now offered another “weak sister” re the Marc Rich pardon and those of convicted terrorists from the WUO/M19thCO and FALN, not to mention the Elian Gonzalez debacle, etc.

Events have forced Obama to turn towards what many mistakeningly call “the center”.

While some appointments are centrists or even slightly conservative, Obama’s policy statements about defense and terror will set up a very violent clash over just what these policies entail, and how dangerous some of them will be for America.

However, we must remember that “center” is relative. Anyone to the right of Joe Stalin was “towards the center.”

That would include Brezhnev (and his Doctrine), Andropov, Putin/Medvedev, Castro, Ortega and Hugo Chavez.

Thanks, but no thanks.

We must look behind the cover of the book to see just what is written there besides the book reviewer’s comments.

So far, the Obama appointments don’t look like a “best seller.” I hope for America that it is not a “remainder”. A “book” without content is just that, a “book” without content, no matter what is on the cover.

Hope I’m wrong, but the security of America is at stake and I don’t want a bunch of leftists, especially anti-US anti-free enterprise people, and/or weak-on defense people, running the country from behind the curtain of darkness that Obama has wrapped around himself for years.

Max Friedman

Alan note: well said, Mr. Friedman!

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Unknown said...

WHO said that Frank Marshall Davis had "no influence" on him? Obama's book clearly states the influence Davis had on him.