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12/22/2008 07:37 PM
German Navy Mission Encounters More than Pirates
By Walter Mayr

"Operation Atlanta" is the name of the EU's first combat mission against pirates. At a naval base in Djibouti, the German frigate Karlsruhe is standing ready to join the fight.

It's 10:17 a.m. on Monday. A herd of weak-kneed cattle is being driven through Djibouti's harbor on its way to boarding ships headed to the slaughterhouses of the Persian Gulf sheikdoms. Suddenly, shots ring out over on Pier 9.,1518,598035,00.html

Feds arrest president of Islamic group for docs linking Fifth Ave. property, Iranian nukes

The president of an Islamic group was arrested after he tried to dump documents linking a Fifth Ave. high-rise to Tehran's nuclear buildup, federal authorities said Friday.

Farshid Jahedi, the president of the Alavi Foundation, was arrested Thursday after the feds tailed him from Manhattan to a public trash can near his home outside the city, where they say they caught him tossing out torn documents. His hometown was not released.

On Wednesday, FBI agents subpoenaed Jahedi for documents pertaining to Iran's secret interest in 650 Fifth Ave., a 36-story granite-and-glass tower that houses the Juicy Couture flagship store.

The feds are seeking a 40% interest in the building because they say it's secretly controlled by Bank Melli Iran, a Tehran-run bank that has been using the building's rent roll to prop up Iran's nuclear arsenal.

The FBI said that after taking a train from Manhattan, Jahedi got into his car and tried to give agents the slip. "After exiting the car, Jahedi walked to a public trash can, while appearing to attempt to determine whether anyone was following him," said the complaint filed by FBI Special Agent George Ennis in Manhattan Federal Court.

The Alavi Foundation lists itself as a nonprofit dedicated to supporting Islamic culture.

When the Nanny State cross-dresses in jackboots.

If you have no initiative, no drive to betterment, you are content be a ward of the state/government pet, with no care or concern for your rights, then you have nothing to worry about.

Mumbai attacks leave NYPD blues
By Raja Murthy

MUMBAI - Lights twinkled in the early winter night above the Queen's Necklace, the stretch of Marine Drive ringing the Arabian Sea bay, as the Oberoi-Trident and the Taj Mahal hotels officially reopened at 7 pm on Sunday evening. The move to reopen was an unmistakable announcement that Mumbai is officially back in business after the November 26 terrorist attack. "We can be hurt, but can't be knocked out," Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group that owns the iconic Taj Mahal, said at the ceremony to reopen the hotel that accommodated the most exclusive glitterati of the 20th century.

This was before seaborne terrorists burst through its glass doors to unleash a maelstrom of mass murder that claimed nearly 200 lives.

Battling using a Billboard

FP: You are producing a Sharia Billboard. Tell us about it.Trento: Jesse Petrilla, founder of United American Committee (UAC) had the very creative idea for a simple, but effective billboard to be strategically placed close to a Muslim population center. He asked me to help with the project and be the spokesperson.

FP: Expand for us a bit on why a billboard is needed and what exactly it is saying.Trento: Billboards are excellent communication tools to direct controversy in a controlled manner, for educational purposes.

The philosophical assumption behind that sign is that most American Muslims absolutely reject efforts to replace the US Constitution with the Qu'ran by Islamist clerics and pseudo- rights organizations like CAIR.

We believe these American Muslims are intimidated by the Islamist thugs, who act more like two-bit gangsters then religious men, so our billboard is there to assist the good Muslims to stand against the bad Muslims.

FP: So what exactly is on the billboard? You removed a noose graphic, yes? How come?

Trento: "Sharia Law Threatens America. That’s what it says and it says it all." (VIEW at link below)

ALL of Osama-Obama's buddies are communists, criminals or terrorists.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

CHANGING OF THE GUARDWorldNetDaily Exclusive

Obama's Labor pick has communist ties
Radical leaders hail Solisas 'outstanding,' 'terrific'

'Merchant of Death' arms dealer Viktor Bout faces court

by Anne Barrowclough

Viktor Bout, the notorious arms dealer, appeared in a Thai court today to fight extradition to the US.

The 41-year-old Russian, said to have been the model for the lead character in the hit movie Lord of War, is wanted by the US for allegedly trying to buy weapons for Colombian rebels.

He was arrested in a sting operation in March after travelling to Bangkok to sell weapons to undercover US agents posing as rebels for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, Mr Bout, who has been indicted by the US on four terrorism related charges, denied the accusations.

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