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For three days in December 2007, Kenya slid into chaos as ballot counters steadily took what appeared to be a presidential election victory for the challenger and delivered it to the incumbent.

As tensions mounted, Kenneth Flottman sat in Nairobi and grew increasingly frustrated. He had in his hands the results of an exit poll, paid for by the United States government, that supported the initial returns favoring the challenger, Raila Odinga.

Mr. Flottman, East Africa director for the International Republican Institute, the pro-democracy group that administered the poll, said he had believed that the results would promptly be made public, as a check against election fraud by either side. But then his supervisors said the poll numbers would be kept secret. (snip)

An examination by The New York Times found that the official explanation for withholding the poll — that it was technically flawed — had been disputed by at least four people involved in the institute’s Kenya operations.

The examination, including interviews and a review of e-mail messages and internal memorandums, raises questions about the intentions and priorities of American observers as Kenyans desperately sought credible information about the vote.

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Raila Odinga is Obama’s Moslem/Communist cousin and the one who burned Christians alive in their churches. I wondered why the US government would bother with an exit poll.
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AND these graphic photos of Odinga’s rioting

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,
I believe that it's not possible for Obama and company to do to the US what Khomeini did to Iran as long as your compatriots retain the right to bear arms.
Let me put it this way, if the Iranian patriots had the right to bear arms, the d@mned commie's and mo-slimes would not have been able to steal our country from us. Of course you recall that the commie's and the mo-slimes got their weapons illegally from the Soviet Union.