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Alan comment: WHILE THE OBA-HUSSEIN-KHOMEINI administration of certifiable weirdos plan on how to take over the Internet to prevent communication among our citizens (as part of enslaving us in their Marxist USSA) and use a product endorsement by Blogs as a reason to close them down. All of us are  their perceived enemy, we the American people!

Meanwhile they ignore the  real enemies who are doing to them what they want to do to us. They think we are their enemy because they plan to harm us and expect us to react, so they plan our inarceration

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Massive Cyber Attacks on U.S. & British Military Communications

What ya gonna do when the sats and computers go down? A primer in communications -urgent return to the past for communications back up.

October 7, 2009

Yesterday on October 6, 2009 several acts of war against the U.S. and the U.K. were perpetrated and very few know about it. No it was not bullets, mortars, missiles, or even IEDS in Afghanistan or Iraq.......but the blows were none less telling in the world of 3 C's ........Command, Control, and Communications.

Apparently, the entire National Communications Center capability to communicate went down at Andrews at least for enough of a duration to cause extreme consternation and a designation of RED. As many know, this is a vital Communications Center for the U.S. Military, Intelligence community, and the Commander In Chief. It going down caused numerous problems and no doubt many questions asked.

It may be no wonder to those who follow such events why the President decided to give a visit and a Speech to the main Counter Terror Fusion Hive somewhere in D.C. and its environs nearby of Puzzle Land or Ole Virginny. Oh, some may say, that because of all the attacks upon the Intel community by this President and his comrades, along with Speaker Pelosi in the House, and the recent down dressing of General McChrystal for breaking chain of command to beg for more troops in Afghanistan by Obama adviser General Jones (RET.) may have prompted this visit to work some MAJIC and shore up his relationship with those with actually higher clearance levels. Others might say that because of rumored up to $500,000 bounties offered to those who would turn in any of their high level INTEL / MIL brethren who dare oppose or hold different political views than those of the King Tut to the World, that in fact so much $$$ have been spread in order to Purge the INTEL/ MIL world of Constitutionalists, Christians, and Anti-Communist factions within the U.S. that in fact he has at least some willing friendly minions there. That is all intrigue and info from deep pools. I contend that it was necessary to visit because Communications were hampered somewhat and the deep underground Counter Terror Bunker has not only dedicated communications, and power generation .........but also they might have just been able to tell this President who may have taken down Andrews comm capability, whether it was related to a similar incident that affected MI-6 and GCHQ across the pond in the U.K. which will be discussed shortly, and whether it was related to the upcoming War in the Mideast beginning with Israel vs. Iran. Or, just to add fuel to the Illuminati generated ORDO AB CHAO under some luciferian faction plan. Anyway, someone had better know how to prevent these unprecedented in scope ,attacks on the key U.S. military facilities.

He went to be able to communicate and found out that this world is not revolving around his personal Alinskyesque attempts to overwhelm the U. S. into forming some new AMERO INTERNATIONALE de Lucie and that WAR IS GETTING READY TO COME TO TOWN AS THE U.S. DOLLAR AND BANKING SYSTEM ARE READY TO COLLAPSE . That some nations just might take advantage of that and do perhaps have the will to strike death blows to the United States in spite of her Military capabilities, may have just turned on a light bulb that this ain't play acting to win an election. In this world it is really hard anymore to just "Glow" your way to victory.

The U.K. situation yesterday apparently was a massive deep hack and the resultant cyber-purloining of approx. 2000 pages of the Queen's MI-6 deepest current secrets relating perhaps to operational details of clandestine agenteur, current INTEL operations, and future plans for a variety of target nations around the world. That these "Dirty Knickers" were spread all over the Internet throughout the Eurozone prior to a quick takedown by GCHQ and MI-6 caused great wailing and consternation in the British circles of power. Understandably so as this amounts to war.

Curiously though, yesterday also had a UN group comment that the next World War will be fought in there any linkage of these cyber generated attacks to the fact that certain UN working groups were addressing that very issue or that in nearly every country belabored Elites like Senator Rocky Oil want to take away the Internet from the people because they are losing control of the masses of sheep they have been feeding upon.

So, the questions abound who did these massive attacks in cyberspace. Best guesses are:

1. Red Chinese who already have been caught compromising the entire U.S. Govt, Mil. and Intel computer net works. Of course DHS having a contract with Tsinghua University computer experts in a Metro Columbus, Ohio branch campus office? Why should be addressed quickly.

2. Russians who do have a treaty of defense with Iran and who have the will to launch on CONUS and the U.K. if they support an Israeli attack upon Iran. Both countries have been probed heavily by Russian Bombers and Subs very recently in a new "cold war like" show of force by the Bear. Large numbers of Spetsnaz and GRU sleepers are very active in the U.S. and U.K. Their overall Mil capability is not what it once was, but they did pay off their Club of Paris Debt and with oil going to go to Pluto they will contest just how this "New World Order" is to be structured.

3. Iran herself who has to perhaps work the asymmetrical angles as much as possible with an almost guaranteed pending Israeli attack coming against their nuclear material and warhead development facilities.

4. Israeli Mossad perhaps to create a false flag cyber attack in order to gain guaranteed actual Military and Financial support from the U.S. and U.K.
IE. Pin the false tail on the Iranians and Russians so that the U.S. and the U.K. will go along with the attacks coming on Tehran, Qom. Isfahan, and other Iranian cities.

5. some luciferian Cabal wanting to just fuel ORDO AB CHAO and throw the world into 6th gear on a slippery track of abandon.

Regardless, the point here is that a return to the tried and true nearly indestructible older communications methods of the Cold War 50s for back-up purposes is in order. Industrial strength HF transmitters that can cut through nearly any amount of bad propo, antennas that can receive HF from Alpha Draconis or Adam and Eve through time/space. Analog, tubes, and hard wires that were not susceptible to electro magnetic pulse detonation might just want to be considered to be reactivated. Also, Military and Intel rank and file should be trained once again in all forms signalling and comm including Morse Code, Flag and Pennant codes, older HF radio systems, and any so called antiquated method of signals including smoke signals and the native drum if necessary.

All this hardware with soooooo too many Chinese Chips inside outsourced in De-industrialization of the U.S. by greedy and evil men, can soon mean that you cannot project much power anywhere if the orders to send them into to battle cannot even be given or if the threat of an incoming bogey 110 nautical miles off the east coast CONUS cannot be communicated properly to command who can interdict the threat. Recall also the unscheduled forced landing of Air Force 2 with Daarth Duvhunter aboard who ended up talking to some Chinese at their whim at a Singapore airport. They even described the sequence of the chips that were turned off inside that aircraft. Why did the U.S. let Boeing ever create that manufacturing line inside Red China?

So, what you gonna do? what you gonna do when the Sats get killed and the Computers get Hacked? Well, you had better have back up as at that point it becomes a much more confused and local battlefield and some enemy just take your Command Post with a club or a rock, just as Einstein warned about many years ago. Regenerate complete U.S. manufacture of military micro chips, hire and pay well dedicated U.S. service personnel instead of mercenary contractors and mixed allegiance corporate Illuminati who hire foreign techno zombies with no allegiance to America. Create a true multi-level Communications redundancy and one as simple and tough a KABAR knife. One that could be drenched in an Asian swamp or used at the frozen Chosin again or could be hidden in a Shanghai apartment and easily serviced and used even after EMP strikes or during if you please.

Wake up Good Guys in MIL/ INTEL.........We don't have much time left.


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