Friday, October 23, 2009


By Kin CheungB.

Hussein Obama’s approval numbers in the latest Gallup poll have dropped precipitously to the point where they are in very grave territory and, furthermore, reflect very incriminatingly on a president whose policies are enormously unpopular. The Gallup Daily tracking poll has found that Obama’s second-to-third-quarter drop in his ratings is the WORST EVER for a sitting president in his first year in office and, to boot, also one of the worst, quarter-to-quarter drops for ANY president ever! Tell that to the minority of Americans who still support this increasingly naked emperor, huh?!

For the third quarter (July 20 to October 19), Obama’s approval was a paltry 53%. This mortifying number is well below the average approval rating of his first two quarter’s rating of his first year, both of which average over 60%.

According to Gallup, this careening fall in Obama’s numbers can be attributed mostly to his ill-fated and reckless push for "healthcare reform" (read: ideological push for Obamacare, which seeks to turn the world’s best healthcare system into a third-world system reminiscent of England and Canada) along with, naturally, the US’ worsening unemployment rate of nearly 10%, which is, of course, something Obama specifically denied would even come close to happening as long as his deficit-causing bailout was passed!

To put this in yet some more context and perspective, only three other presidents (two of which were Democrats), Truman, Ford and Clinton, suffered worse point drops in any quarter of their presidencies.

This disastrous drop in Obama’s approval ratings in such a short time is particularly damning and telling when we consider the fact that the liberal MSM is still 110% in his corner and has been slanting all their coverage to help him out with his very unpopular policies! However, a plurality of the American people clearly deserve kudos for seeing through the bad policies of this very unpopular president who also is becoming an emperor without clothing very quickly.

To put into incontrovertible comparison just how awful this disapproval against Obama is, even GW Bush’s ratings at this time in his presidency—surely, you remember "Dubya," said by all the "wise" liberals to be the "worst" president in US history, mainly because he largely did what was right for the US without caring so much about opinion pollswere tons better than Obama.

In fact, according to the same Gallup poll, "Dubya" had a whopping 72% of Americans who approved of his performance at the same point in his presidency while only a laughably mediocre 53% approve of Obama!

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