Saturday, June 24, 2006

Murdering Prosecutor Iran's representative to UN Human Rights Commission

Saeed Mortazavi, notorius Chief Prosecutor and murderer of many high profile opposition people inside Iran.

The Right Honorable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

Your Excellency,

As you are probably aware, Mr. Saeed Mortazavi, the notorious "judge" involved in torture-killing of Ms. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian citizen, in notorious Evin prison in Tehran is presently in Geneva attending the first inaugural session of UN Human Rights Council.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is not the first time that the Iranian regime is flouting the international public opinion. They did exactly the same in 1988 by sending "ayatollah" Sadegh Khalkhali, better known in the world as "the hanging judge", (Alan's note: who also enjoyed torturing cats because of their loud screams) to Geneva as a top Member of their delegation to the annual session of the UN Commission on Human Rights. The world kept silent then and unless you raise your voice, they will keep silent now.

It was precisely that kind of behavior that brought the disrepute of the former UN Commission on Human Rights. History is repeating itself unless countries like Canada which has one of the best records, in the field of respect for human rights and international behavior in that respect raises it's voice.

As you are very well aware Sir, during the past 27 years of the Tehran Clerical regime's existence, the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, have time and again called upon that regime to change course. They have been continuously defying their Charter obligations and other obligations they have as a ratifying State under many UN and other instruments, in particular, under the terms of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Iran has ratified.

Today, Sir, the eyes of the world are upon Canada to see how your country reacts in the face of such outright provocation.

Please accept Sir the assurances of my highest considerations.

Respectfully Yours,

Professor Manouchehr Ganji
Secretary General
Organization for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for Iran

PM Calls for Arrest of Iran's Chief Prosecutor
June 23, 2006 Canadian Press CTVNews
link to original article

GENEVA -- Canada is condemning the presence of Iran's hardline prosecutor on the Iranian observer delegation to the new UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going one step further.

Harper has demanded Saeed Mortazavi be arrested before he leaves Germany.

On Wednesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay issued a statement "deploring" the addition of Mortazavi to the delegation. He says the move demonstrates the Iranian government's complete contempt for human rights.

MacKay says two Iranian government investigations found Mortazavi ordered the illegal arrest and detention of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi, which led to her torture and death.

He says Mortazavi then falsified documents to cover up his involvement in her case. MacKay says Mortazavi has also been involved in a harsh crackdown on the Iranian press.

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