Tuesday, June 13, 2006

REGIMECHANGE IRAN needs your help

The Iranian regime's agents have begun to make hysterical and truly comical accusations about Doctor Zin [the blogger who so diligently runs ], in the comment section of each news piece, specifically yesterday's posts about how the women were treated by the regime's agents and thugs.

Doctor Zin has checked out the I.P. addresses of some of the nastiest commentators who log on as CYRUS and TEHRANI; it appears that they both work out of the same office in Tehran and they are suspected of being employees of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, as is a filtered site in Iran and appears to be only accessible to the regime's own agents and employees. Their "rage of impotence" smacks of those who are clearly delusional....Like mice bailing water out of the sinking Titanic, their wild and long rants hold no water. But.......

This blog is put together daily by a compassionate, dedicated and extremely intelligent human rights activist who wants to get the voices of freedom-loving Iranians (inside and outside Iran) heard by the world at large and who does an excellent job exposing the diabolical operations of the Islamo-fascist Mullahs who have nothing but terrorism, death and destruction on the brain.

Please note that Dr. Zin needs to move his site to a more secure host and has for nearly two years done his work single-handledly to become the "go-to' site for the latest news or events in Iran. He spends about 10 hours a day at work to earn a living and then another eight to ten putting up his site and blog.

Despite his personal dedication he needs to hire some help to maintain his site and keep it up and running and to expand it so that incredible amounts of information available in his archives become indexed and readily available to everyone.

The Mullahs constantly try to discredit him and decry his stated need for funds as a ploy. Not so. He needs about $5,000 a month to keep fighting them, so please visit his site and go to his "contributions" link and help with any amount you can afford. Specially corporate or NGO visitors.

He receives several thousand visitors a day, reading what he posts. If you are one of these - individual or part of an organization - and enjoy and find his efforts useful both for you and for the anti-mullah efforts, PLEASE send him some financial help. Don't just be a user, be a participant.

His going under wold be a huge victory for the Mullahs.

I know how hard it is to keep my own nose to the grindstone and provide my analyses or posts, when too tired from earning a barely adequate living to boot up my computer. I gladly defer my own needs for his.

Thank you,

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