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“It’s more than that. She (Danielle Allen) subscribes to the notion that the congregation of folks on the Internet who adhere to one political philosophy (almost always conservative) is dangerous and should be opposed”.


Danielle Allen's attitude has just been echoed by Islamic Iran’s President, Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd. He said that “ if the proliferation of computers in the country continues as it is now, it will destroy the country (meaning the regime) within THREE years”!

Obviously bloggers, Emails etc., despite the Mullahs having reduced the speed to as close to a crawl as they can, still allows for quick communication nationawide.

The Mullahs snatched the Soviet/(Khomeini) 1979 revolution from the Marxist-Islamist Mojaheddin and Fedayeen Soviet representatives because after strikes and social disobedience had shut down the organized government, the MOSQUES were the only national network (via phone in those days) that remained and gave the power to the Mullahs.

Now, the Internet may end up being the downfall of the Mullahs by providing a national network to help run the country when they lose power. Double edged sword but a notable one.

For instance, when Abas Palizdar, the whistle blower who outed some 51 clerics and senior adminisration officials with a detailed list of their corruption (eleven have been arrested - unavoidably, as their transgression was impossible to deny) - when Palizdar was arrested, there were immediate demonstrations in several cities as a reaction to his arrest.

Sidebar: the Abbas Palizbar who was first arrested (based on a single, private party complaint) turned out to be a wrong one! Same names. After the antimullah demonstrations in a handful of cities protesting the arrest, they released the ‘wrong’ Palizdar, who was accused in retaliation for corruption in the dairy industry.

A couple of days later they “re-arrested” the one they had originally targeted.

We have not had time to check the date and whether it refers to a prior but recent edict that owners of luxury cars would no longer be allowed to buy fuel for their vehicles at the subsidized prices nor receive ration cards.....

The price of gasoline was apparently suddenly upped from the equivalent of well under a $1 per gallon to reportedly four times that.

When people woke up to this change, there were immediately protests in teh streets that once other cities heard about it (Internet) they also held their own demonstrations.

The reason for our lack of clarity till we get a couple of calls back, is that this coincides with Western efforts to impose sanctions to prevent the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel to Islamic Iran.

Which, unable to refine enough inside the country, imports nearly half or it’s gasoline requirement from outside.

Double whammy if it works. Blocks movement for the populace (not for the regime) and incites riots by upset people.

This would potentially more clearly identify/separate military and civilian movement/traffic for our satellites.

Just as the sudden movement to reposition missiles by the Mullahs, has hopefully pinpointed where the missiles now are, even if we were not sure before they were moved.

Since the above was written, new regulations, ration coupon amounts and use and distribution of gasoline and diesel fuel in Iran that were drawn up, have been announced and are being put into force.

Details will be posted when received.

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