Monday, June 02, 2008


By Samnak Aghai

In the latest round of armed battles between the armed wing of the Kurdistan’s Pajak ‎party and the Islamic government Passdaran Revolutionary Guards, the forces of the group ‎attacked the Command Headquarters of the Air Force in Tehran killing three officers and ‎wounding others, according to a number of reports circulating in Iran.

Boroojelat news ‎agency wrote that this was the first time that an armed wing of a Kurdish party had ‎engaged in military operations in the capital of the country.‎

Armed clashes between the military division of the weapons carrying Pajak party with ‎the Passdaran during last week in areas around five Kurdish towns in the West of Iran left ‎tens dead and injured.

According to Kurdish sources, in addition to this, there were also ‎clashes between the armed Komeleh group and the Passdaran guards which also left a ‎number of dead and injured people.

Reports indicate that the clashes between Pajak and ‎Passdaran still actively continued around the mountains of Western Iran.‎

Government news sources have announced 8 Passdaran deaths and 6 Pajak deaths in the ‎recent round of clashes.

The PR office of Pajak also announced that its forces had been in ‎armed clashes with the Passdaran and claimed to have killed at least 50 government ‎guards (Passdaran) during last week in its retaliatory attacks.

It also published the names ‎of seven of its members who had been killed in the battles.

The recent round of armed clashes between Pajak and the Passdaran began in the early ‎days of last week following Pajak’s military operations in villages around Sardasht. ‎

According to reports, the conflict began when an explosive trap set up by Pajak went off ‎killing four Passdaran guards and wounding one.

The Passdaran responded by ‎dispatching a large number of its forces to the scene but a second explosion killed another ‎seven guards and wounding others. None of the sides have announced accurate figures on ‎the number of wounded in these armed clashes.‎

Following the Sardasht incident, at 10 pm local time on Tuesday a more violent battle ‎took place around Kamyaran as a result of which a number of forces on both sides ‎suffered death and injuries.

Government sources have not published any news on this ‎incident while Pajak has claimed that during this round five Passdaran vehicles carrying ‎Passdaran guards were attacked and set on fire, killing and wounding their occupants. ‎

Around the town of Kermanshah in Western Iran too similar clashes took place between ‎Pajak and the Passdaran in which at least 13 guards were killed as their vehicle was ‎travelling towards the border accompanied by a military vehicle. For of them were local ‎inhabitants.‎

Yet another clash is reported to have taken place around Khoi which also lead a number ‎of dead and injured on both sides. Pajak claimed in its statement that “36 Passdaran ‎guards were killed during the 2 day operations and a total of over 50 guards during the ‎whole week.”

In retaliation to the attacks, the Passdaran on Tuesday shelled the villages near the border ‎with its artillery, which continues as this report was filled in.‎

What is alarming is that the reports of armed clashes with government forces were not ‎confined to those announced by Pajak.

Kurdish news sources also claimed that another ‎Kurdish armed group Komeleh also engaged the Passdaran in battles. According to their ‎reports, three members of the Komeleh engaged in armed encounters with government ‎forces in separate incidents.

No details were available. Another report confirmed the ‎Komeleh-Passdaran clashes on Tuesday in the villages around the town of Baneh as the ‎group attacked a Passdaran base leaving one guard dead.

Government news sources have ‎not reported on this report, clash or the casualties, except for one or two references while ‎Kurdish sources make detailed daily announcements on them.‎

The clashes have created havoc for the residents of the villages on the border and the ‎battles have reached levels that the retaliatory attacks by both sides are threatening the ‎innocent and unarmed residents in the region.

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