Thursday, December 11, 2008


The arrogance of this man is unbelievable, the ignorance of the people that just want to "let this go" is even more unbelievable. The constitution demands he prove his "qualifications" for the highest office of the land. The "crazy" people are the ones that just want to "let this go" and give Obama a free pass without even showing what hospital he was born in or his parentage.



Anonymous said...

If Obama is a USA citizen, why did he make a special trip to Hawaii to have the only copy of his actual birth certificate sealed? We have seen his "certificate of birth", and most of us know the difference. If he is a USA citizen, he should publish his birth certificate, not have it permanently sealed from public access.

hiddenfaces7 said...

This is the new version of "The Untouchables"! Everytime there is a hint of trouble there is a cover up team dispatched immediately, very suspicious! So much for transparency of this administration!

Sound Doc said...

We need a B.C., go to school, get Government help, or a job, Why should the leader of the Country be exempt? He stated that the Constitution is seriously flawed. In what way? By demanding proof of his citizenship?
Get Him out!